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How should we care for our deep curly weave hair?

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 14 2020

It is so exciting to purchase our own beautiful curly weave hair. The great feeling comes when we try it on for the first time. It matchs our hair, it also brings us a completely new look that we had expected to have. But when it comes to the maintenance, we might struggle with a lot of problems, especially with a beautiful deep curly weave hair. If you are in this situation, let's jump into the topic to know more about the essential ways to care for our deep curly weave hair.

  1. 1. Wash them carefully under cool water

With your wavy weave hair, we should not tangle it up when we wash it, by this doing this, it might cause the hair loss of our weave. Instead, we should rinse the water gently and pass your fingers through the hair or use a comb to detangle it in the top-down direction. This will make your hair cleaner and also still keep the first styling shape of your deep wave weave. The next thing that you need to remember is when washing our weave hair, just wash it under the cool water. Because the water temperatures affect our hair quality, when wash with hot water, your weave hair will be drier and it can lose its strength in the long run. 

2. Choosing the right shampoo for your wavy weave hair

The specialized shampoos for curling hair have a very high conditioning nutrient content. When we compare this shampoo to other types of shampoo, we can clearly see the difference. This might be not the most important thing but it is necessary to keep your wavy weave hair more stunning and beautiful. Moreover, use the low-detergent shampoo and conditioner can help maintain your weave hair color. What do we do right now for making this easier? We can use the exact shampoo and conditioner that we use everyday for our real hair. Because our weave hair and real hair have the same texture and style, so they need the same shampoo and conditioner. 

3. Dying, heating or bleaching our wavy weave hair

You can easily curl your deep wave Vietnamese hair with any curling iron. This may be necessary as over time the curls will loosen a bit. Be careful when using curling irons, do it gently for not damaging your hair. If you can not do it yourself at home, we suggest you to go to the hair salon, get some advices from our hairstylist, they will help you dye, bleach or heat safely and professionally.

Different to the other types of weave hair, a deep wave weave hair need more of your attention. But it is well worth it, your effort will be paid off when you see your weave hair - after a long time using - still looks stunning and beautiful like when you put it on for the first time. A durability will be lengthened and a bundle of a deep wave weave hair will surely bring you an absolutely energetic and glamorous appearance to your hairstyle!

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