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How To Best Style Your Wig?

How To Best Style Your Wig?

Fashion Blog Fri Dec 11 2020

Wigs have transformed the beauty industry and have taken hairstyling to a whole new height. You can easily style your wigs, color and curl or straighten them, and much more, without even damaging your hair. Heat styling can damage your wigs. However, there are more natural ways in which you can successfully style your wig. You will now have to make sure it stays in place. Because let’s face it, everyone fears the wig coming off and the embarrassment that follows. So today, we are going to talk about how to curl your wig and also how to secure them to give you that perfect look.

Ways On How To Curl Your Wig Without Damage

Before we start, it’s essential to understand that these are ways to curl your synthetic wig.  

Using Curling Iron

Firstly, before you start the procedure, there is a common step, i.e., to clean, dry, and detangle your wig. Now for this procedure, you will have to first part the section which you wish to curl. Use a hair clip to secure the rest of the hair. In the curling iron, you have to adjust the heat setting to the coldest. Wet the hair and then curl the hair, from top to bottom, around the tool.

When the rod and hair start to get slightly hot, tilt the rod and unfold the hair in your hands. If you wish to have a tighter coil, you can unravel the hair and then secure the rolls with pins until it cools down. You can run your fingers through the hair if you want more defined curls. 

With Rollers

As mentioned earlier, the wig needs to be cleaned and dried and detangled to start the procedure. With rollers, there can be inside rolls and outside rolls. You have to divide the hair into sections and work with a small portion of the hair. You can start by taking a small strand of hair and placing a roller at the tip. Now you will have to start wrapping the hair around the roller, from bottom to top.

To secure the curl, use a clip to attach the hair end to the roller. You will have to repeat this with all the sections of the hair. Once completed, you will have to blow curled up hair with a hairdryer at its coldest setting. You should not hold it for more than 30 seconds on each roller. If you do not want the dryer, you can leave it overnight to get more defined and firm curls. And then you gently unroll the hair and do not forcefully pull out the rollers.

Using Hot Water

Another way of how to curl your wig naturally without using direct heat is by using hot water. You will have to boil water in a vessel. After it's boiling, you will have to take it out and let it cool down to 78 - 82 degrees Celsius. Like the roller method, you will have to wrap a rod around the sections of hair. 

You will have to use either wooden dowel rods or perm rods to curl. And if you do not have these, you can use any other heat-safe tool like a wooden spoon. Before using perm rods, do not forget to wet the wig with normal water before you start curling. After all the sections are securely secured, you can dip the wig into hot water for 5-10 mins. 

To get firmer curls, you will have to leave the wig to dry for 3-4 hours with a rod in the hair. Alternatively, to dry, you can use a hairdryer. After it’s dry, you can pull out the rods gently and get the perfect springy curl. 

How To Secure The Wig? 

Some people do not use anything additional to secure the wig. But we understand if you want extra security to make sure the wig is in its place. We are going to mention the top 6 ways on how to secure your wig. 

Wig Grip Band

Known to be one of the most favored methods, wig grips are meant for women both with and without hair. These are made up of double-sided velvet that has been designed to latch on to the hair or skin on one side and the wig on the other. They also have adjustable straps by which you can adjust the size of the grip. 

Wig Tape

Similar to the Wig grip band, the wig tape has a double-sided tape that can stick to the skin/hair on one side and the wig on the other. We should warn you if you plan to add wig tape above your natural hair, it can cause significant damage to your existing hair. Therefore, we suggest you move to the next method if this worries you. 

Wig Glue

Wig glue, just like wig tape, is to be used by only women without hair. But if you are someone with sensitive skin, we would recommend you to avoid this. It is a roll-on adhesive that can be used to stick the wig to your skin. 

Bobby Pins

When it comes to how to secure your wig, Bobby Pins are a must. The method is relatively self-explanatory. Bobby pins have been used for ages to attach the wig to your hair. You must remember to use the same colored pin as your wig color; else, it will show up. 

Wig Caps

Like the wig grip band, wig caps are also designed for women both with and without hair. These caps lay under the wig and can latch onto the inner layers. There are 3 types of caps: 

  • - Wig Grip Caps - for short-haired women
  • - Mesh Wig Caps - for long-haired women.
  • - Nylon Wig Caps - for sensitive skin


Wigs are now women’s favorite secret. Celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Lady Gaga, Rihanna swear by these fascinating hair accessories. Usually, people do not prefer styling their hair as it is tiresome and hectic to sit in one place for hours.

And we have mentioned just a few simple and easy to use step on how to curl your wig and secure your wig to have a perfect hairstyle just like your favorite celebrity. When you are confident that your wig is looking flawless and secure, that’s when you feel confident too.

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