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How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyles for Women

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyles for Women

Fashion Blog Thu Dec 26 2019

When picking a hairdo, you may desire to consider the shape of your face or other pronounced features when deciding how to wear your hair on an everyday basis. Either way, choosing a hairstyle can be a lot of enjoyable when you consider what would look finest on your distinct yourself!

Identify Your Hair Type and Texture


The Different Hair Types

Merely observe your hair Is it directly, wavy, or curly? If you are not certain, take a more detailed take a look at the various hair types and identify which describes your hair best.


Type 1: Straight Hair

This hair type will stay straight without any curling and will remain flat from the roots to the tips. Straight hair is typically soft, smooth, and shiny. Generally, females with straight hair will also have fine hair


People with straight hair likewise produce high natural oil material, which makes the hairs more powerful and less vulnerable to damage. Nevertheless, this will make them hard to curl. Amongst all the hair types, straight hair has the most luster and resilience.



Type 2: Wavy Hair

Wavy hair falls between straight and curly. In this type, you can discover a small curl near the tip of the hair


The fantastic feature of wavy hair is it's perfect for styling through its rough texture and thick diameter. Styling it will depend on its texture. If it's great hair, styling will be quite easy, but if it's thick, it can get tough.

Type 3: Curly Hair

The first thing you're going to discover with curly hair is the "S" pattern on the curls. It has more volume compared to the straight and wavy hair types.



Type 4: Kinky Hair

This hair type can quickly be related to its unique "Z" pattern. It has the greatest density amongst the four types and features extremely tight curls. From afar, kinky hair looks rough and coarse, but it is actually soft and vulnerable. It can easily break if it does not receive proper care.


Hair Texture

There have been misconceptions when it pertains to the texture of one's hair. You may have heard someplace that dry, dull, and frizzy are hair textures. They are not. They only describe the current condition your hair remains in.


Your hair texture is something you had right when you were born. It specifies your hair's area and can be divided into three classifications:


Fine Hair

People with great hair will have hairs that only have 2 hair layers - the cortex and cuticle. It is fragile and becomes oily quickly. It is hard to style as using a lot of items will cause damage and damage.


Medium Hair

The hair strands still have two layers, however might also have the 3rd one, the medulla. Most of us have medium hair, which is thicker and stronger than fine hair. It is perfect for styling, appears fuller, and is less susceptible to breaking and damage.


Thick or Coarse Hair

Each hair will now have all 3 hair layers - the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. People with thick hair strands will have hair that looks thicker.


Discover the very best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


How To Determine Your Face Shape

Here's a fast method to determine your face shape: Look in the mirror, use an eyebrow or lip pencil to trace around your face. Pay attention to your hairline, jawline, width, and length of your face, as these are the determining elements of your face shape.


Lots of females think that their faces are simply round. However round is only one of the 6 most typical face shapes:


6 various face shapes


Now let's speak about the features of each face shape and how to pick the right hairdos accordingly.


Oval Shape

The vertical center line of your face is approximately fifty percent longer than the horizontal center line. Because an oval face is considered aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, you can pretty much get away with any haircut.


Round Shape

Having layers or shorter pieces in your hair will give your hair more structure. You desire to bring in layers below the chin area to include more length so your face looks more oval. Using hair extensions is an excellent choice to include length if your hair is brief.


Rectangular shape Shape

You 'd have a popular chin with a broad forehead. Forehead and jawline have to do with the same width. You deal with is more angular with sharp lines. To distract eyes from the sharp angles, you can constantly do a bang that's shorter in the center and round out on the sides. It's also a good idea to keep your hair long to soften the corners of your jaw.


Oblong Shape

The chin is narrower than that of an oval face. Add layers to your haircut to downplay the narrowness of your face. Having your hair at your chin will draw attention to the total shape and make your face appearance longer.


Heart Shape

Your face is wider at the top with a larger forehead. You had have greater cheekbones and, a smaller chin that's pointy at the bottom. Keep your hair length at your chin or listed below to draw more attention to your jaw. Doing so will remove width from the forehead and include it to the jawline so that your face looks more oval. You can try a side-swept fringe to distract eyes from the general wideness of your forehead.


Heart Shape

Keep your hair length at your chin or listed below to draw more attention to your jaw. Doing so will take off width from the forehead and add it to the jawline so that your face looks more oval.


Diamond Shape

A diamond shape kinds from the top of your forehead to the corners of your eyes down to your chin. Typically, you 'd have a pronounced chin and angular jawline. The forehead is frequently smaller sized with cheekbones pointed upwards. To make your face look more oval, you can constantly do a bob with some soft wispy pieces to sidetrack eyes from the sharp lines of your jaw.


Choosing the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone


When you consider altering your hair color, you will recognize right away how mind-blowing it can be with all the color options readily available. One thing is for sure, it will considerably change how you look. The concern is, will it be for the better?


You may not know it, however your skin's undertone will likewise play a significant function in finding out which hair color is best for you. To understand yours, look first at the top area of your hands near your wrist. If you're seeing purple or blue veins, this suggests that you have a cool skin undertone. If the veins are green, this implies you have a warm skin undertone. If you're seeing both, you are most likely neutral.


Now that you have determined your skin undertone, you can now choose which hair color fits you basing on your skin tone.


Light Skin

If you have light skin with a cool undertone, you're going to see red, blue, or pink undertones in your skin. With this thought about, you want your hair color to assist minimize the soreness in your body.


Gold and warm hair colors look terrific on light skin with a cool undertone. So, choose shades of neutral brunettes and golden blondes to counter your pinkish or reddish complexion.


If you have light skin with a warm undertone, you're going to see tips of orange or yellow around your skin. The very best hair color for you need to make your skin look healthy. To attain this, go for colors that are cool and have an ashy or red color, like golden copper, rich brown, and strawberry blonde.


Medium Skin

If you have brown skin with a warm undertone, warm brown colors are perfect for you. These will consist of honey, amber, golden brown, cinnamon, and mahogany.


If you have brown skin with a cool undertone, the best hair colors for you are cocoa, dark mocha, and brown-black.


Dark Skin

Attaining the right contrast in between your skin and hair color is essential. If you have dark skin, you do not want to precisely match the color of your skin to your hair. This will make your distinct features vanish.


If your skin is golden and warm, you want to choose shades of copper and mahogany to draw out the heat of your skin. If you have a cool complexion, put emphasis on your pinkish/ bluish undertones with icy or cool red and dark browns and rich black colors.


Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths


The great feature of our hair is no matter how short or long it is, it can be styled and can make all of us glammed up for the occasion. Keep reading to learn how you can achieve the ideal look despite what your hair length is.


Brief Hair

Having short hair doesn't mean you can't look girly any longer. It's time we debunk the concept that brief hair is boring and can't be styled up. Here are some excellent styles of brief hair.



The Pixie Cut

Showing off the pixie cut can either make you look bold and fierce or young and playful. This design is comfortable and almost weightless. You'll feel really light, like something heavy has been lifted from you.


The Bob

The timeless bob cut has actually been around for many years and it's here to remain for a long period of time. Females who sport this hairdo are often perceived as somebody vibrant and brave.


The Straight Crop

The straight crop cut is a hairdo that more ladies are starting to enjoy. Despite the fact that it's truly short, ladies who rock this hairstyle appear hot and elegant.


Brief Curls

Brief curls are a favorite of lots of. It's easy to achieve and it does not require much maintenance. It's comfortable and you can actually combine it with anything-- hair cuffs, hair ties, hair bands, and even caps!


Shoulder Length Hair

Having shoulder length hair is ideal for ladies who have a lot of things to deal with, leaving little to no time to design their hair. If you have this hair length, you will discover it much easier and faster to keep your hair arranged and stylish. Here are some excellent styles for your hair:



The "Messy" Hair

Almost all females have actually tried going out with the "untidy" hair. It resembles you simply got up from your bed and didn't even trouble to fix your hair. But, the truth is, females really exerted some effort to attain this want to provide the impression that even without bothering their hair, they still look excellent.


The Lob Cut

The lob cut is having long hair in front and will slowly reduce as it reaches the back. It's also a classic design but still considered fashionable previously.



With Bangs

A lot of females decide to have bangs more for the function it offers instead of the appearance. Having bangs is ideal for females who have large foreheads. So prior to you decide to have bangs, make certain it appropriates for your face shape.


Long Hair

The main benefit of having long hair is it can be changed into any hairstyle. If you have long hair, your options are unlimited and you can flaunt any hairdo you desire each day (that is if you have the time to do so)!



The French Twist

This hairdo is rather common, and you can see females utilizing this updo nearly all over-- be it in an office, the supermarket, at the cafe, and so on.


How to attain this hairdo: You can follow this video here, which plainly shows and describes how you can do a french twist in a matter of minutes.



The French Braid

A French braid is a type of braid that will include three little areas of hair, interwoven from the top and down to the tip of the hair while gradually including more hair to the sections.



The Top Knot

The top knot bun is a famous go-to design among women. This is because any hair type can attain this style. It doesn't matter if you have straight or curly hair, you can connect your hair in a bun if you seem like it!


Consider Your Favorite Features


Specific haircuts can highlight, emphasize, and improve your favorite facial features to make them stick out more and help you reveal them off to the world.


For example, to make your eyes stand apart, think about a haircut that consists of bangs that skim the tops of your eyebrows to draw more attention to your eyes.


... And Your Least Favorite Features


Everyone has facial features that they don't like about themselves. The right hairstyle for you can mask the appearance of these functions.


For example, you can choose a longer cut with more volume if you do not like the appearance of your ears. You can also try a cut with extreme layers to cover up the shape of your neck if you're unhappy with it. While you should never ever try to conceal behind your hair, an excellent haircut for you can help downplay and sidetrack from functions you don't love.


Explore Your Hair


Prior to you get your hair cut, spend a long time with your present hairstyle and explore it.


Get to know how your part naturally falls and try out different ways to style your hair. If you're considering a shorter cut, you can also fold up your hair and pin and clip it to see how a short haircut would look with your face shape and hair texture. Try out your hair to be familiar with it better can assist you pick a haircut that works well for you.


There's a lot of different things to think about when it comes to selecting a hairstyle that's right for you. Using the pointers in this post to do some major thinking about choosing the right haircut for you before you get a brand-new cut can assist increase your satisfaction with your haircut in the long run.



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