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How To Choose Your Accurate Wig Size?

How To Choose Your Accurate Wig Size?

Fashion Blog Sat Dec 19 2020

A hairstyle is something that completes one’s look. Nowadays, many feel insecure because of the reduced volume of hair and baldness. Different varieties of wigs that are available in the market serve as an effective solution to such problems. Though the wigs provide a realistic look and handy, people find themselves puzzled in choosing one. How to measure head for a wig? Generally, this is the question that comes to everyone’s mind when deciding to go for a wig—measuring your head for a wig, not at all a heavy task. Let’s see how we can choose our perfect wig size.

How To Measure Head For Wig?

Only a right-sized wig can offer comfort, confidence, perfection, and an elegant look. If the wig is too big, there are chances of slipping off. On the other hand, if the wig is too small and tight, it will not cover your hairline adequately and may expose the scalp. So, finding out the right size is what matters about purchasing a good wig.

If you want to customize your wig or to order a premade wig, you should be aware of the measurements of your head. The question of how to measure head for a wig? It can be solved in simple steps. We only need to measure the head in six different ways to know our wig size. All we need for this process is a measuring tape, a mirror, paper, and a pen to record the measurements. 

Before taking the measurement, ensure that your hair is made as flat as possible. You can either tightly pull back all your hair and secure it or can make multiple braids and have a wig cap over it. If you take the measurements on puffy or frizzy hair, the measurements won’t be accurate.

Measurement 1: Circumference

The circumference is the way around your hairline. Using the tape measure by placing the end of the tape at your hairline. Then circle the tape around your head till it meets the middle. Make sure that your tape is not over your ear.

Measurement 2: Front To Nape

Further, this is the measurement from front to back. Place the end of your measuring tape at your hairline and measure down to the middle of your head.

Measurement 3: Ear To Ear Across The Forehead

Place one end of your measuring tape right by one of your ears and bring it all the way across your hairline till you get to the other ear.

Measurement 4: Ear To Ear Over Top

This step begins and ends in the same way as we did in the previous one, with a slight difference in the middle. Just like what you did on the previous step, place the end of the tape right over one of your ears and then bring it across the top of your head and stop right over the other ear.

Measurement 5: Temple To Temple Round Back

Temple is the portion at the edges of your eyebrows. Place the end of your measuring tape on one of your temples and then bring it across on the other side ending at the other temple.

Measurement 6: Nape Of Neck

The nape of neck measurement measures the width of your hair at the nape of your neck. Place the end of the tape at the edge of your hairline and measure to the other end of the hairline.

Take a record of all the measurements, and these measurements will help you purchase the perfect wig. You can either customize your wig by giving your measurements to the wig manufacture. In the case of purchasing a pre-made wig, the manufacture will provide you a size chart showing the different sizes of wigs they have. You can compare your measurements with those given in the size chart giving by them and go for the right one. So the question of how to measure head for a wig? Will no longer trouble you.

All About Wig Caps

Types Of Wig Caps

One who uses a wig should undoubtedly be known about wig caps and their uses. A wig cap is a skinny cap like base worn under the wig. It is available in different colors, models, and different materials. One can choose wig caps according to their skin color and type. There are nylon wig caps, mesh wig caps, cotton wig caps, etc., available in the market.

There are wig caps available in different models, including necessary wig caps, lace front wig caps, monofilament wig caps, hand-tied wig caps, etc. There are wig caps that come with adjustable straps, which helps you adjust the size. One can choose the type of wig cap considering their skin type, color, the volume of their original hair, budget, durability, and comfort. 

Advantages Of Wig Caps

For those with sensitive skin types, these wig caps act as a protective layer and prevent itching. This cap also protects your original hair and prevents damaging your original hair. Wearing a wig cap before wearing a wig will help to manage your natural hair and flattens it, which will add a more natural look to your wig.

The most highlighted and useful part of wearing a wig cap before wearing your wig is that it will provide an extra solidity to your wig, preventing it from slipping away. The chance of slipping away from the wig is higher when you wear a wig without a wig cap. It also shields the wig from sweat, increasing the wig’s durability. 

How To Measure Head For Wig Cap?

Just like choosing the correct wig size, choosing the correct wig cap size is also essential. The method to choose the correct wig cap size is similar to that of choosing wig size. The six measurements and the conditions discussed earlier are applicable for purchasing a perfect wig cap. 


We had discussed everything about choosing your accurate wig size. Now onwards, the question of How to measure head for a wig? Will never bother you at all. You can confidently purchase wigs according to your taste and enhance your style. 

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