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How To Find A Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors

Fashion Blog Wed May 20 2020

There are many women who want to buy a new bulk hair or sew-in weave hair, we have to take a lot of time identifying the great suppliers, so I am including these following steps for you to find a good hair supplier.

Here is some tips to find good wholesale hair supplier!


Step 1: Do an online search for hair vendors and contact them


There are lots of ways you can search for hair vendors entirely for free. A search on Alibaba is one of the most preferred way to find a good wholesale hair vendor. The retailer stocks everything you want regarding hair. Type in your search keyword, for instance, “cuticle aligned hair”. Nowadays, with the development of industry, you can contact them the hair extensions are the hair supplier and the hair vendors. From the search results, about 50% of the vendors in Alibaba.com from the list aren’t credible. To weed them out, contact each vendor on phone or email. In the case of email, you can use a random Gmail account to avoid spam emails.


Step 2: Ask open-ended hair suppliers for hair vendors


Try keeping the questions simple since most wholesalers are from Asian countries. Ask if they specialize in hair manufacturer or just deal in hair supply. Ramdomly, manufacturers have a high-quality assurance compared to dealers. Ask for the origin of the hair and put into consideration the company that tells you upfront the region from which it operates. Try to avoid “yes” and “no” questions.


Step 3: Do a Request for hair samples


Ask questions about the samples, for instance, how long it will take for you to get them. Samples packages allow you to test the hair for real. After all, you don’t want to buy large bundles only to discover the quality is not up to standard. Ensure it withstands the test for the type of hair you want. If a supplier can answer all these tests, then you’ve got yourself a reliable vendor.


Here is the Must-have Qualifications for a Wholesale Hair Supply Company


1) The company should be factory-based or a trading company with very strong supply chain management. A factory eliminates the need for mid-agencies, hence lower prices. Plus, it has a bigger stock, drop-ships no minimum order, and boasts better quality assurance program.


2) It should have good security and return policy in place.


3) The company should have an official and legal certificate


Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Wholesale Hair Vendors (FAQs)


Q: How to find a reliable wholesale hair supplier on AliExpress?

A: To find reliable wholesale hair suppliers on AliExpress, you can check following issues:


·        Check the store ratings

·        Check the store reviews, analyse the feedback from customers and check the review pictures

·        Choose the one who have better ratings over 4.0 stars to start some samples


Q: Who are the best suppliers to purchase wholesale hair from?

A: The first is to understand your business strategy, set up your goals then you locate your target suppliers. I've included many supplies in this post, check one of them to see if works for you.


Bear in mind to start from some samples before bulk purchase.

Q: Is there any reputable wholesale hair suppliers in the US?

A: Yes, you can check some of our list, such as:

Dynasty Goddess

Private Label Extensions

Wholesale plug, Inc.

Hair & Compounds Inc.

Miracle Mink Hair Wholesale


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