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How to have a good hair with the natural ingredients?

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 14 2020

Here, we will tell you about the top 4 of natural ingredients that you should not miss out!

There is no need to go to hair salons with the expensive intensive recovery or spending too much money on the expensive shampoos and conditional products. The treatment you only need to do is taking a good care of your hair by some natural ingredients. By this, your hair will become healthier and shinier!

First natural ingredients, it is honey bee.

The benefits of honey bee for our health is well known by a lot of people. But the fact that they are also the magic ingredients is still surprising so many people. Now, let’s dive into this topic to see more of the advantages of honey bee.

Taking care of our hair with honey can make our hair keep its own humidity, so that our hair always looks shiny, and smoothy. In the composition of honey bee, there are also the antioxydant ingredients. It makes our hair always in the good shapes, prevent our hair loss situation.

Besides, if you are the girl who have the thin hair, then the honey will be the good solution for you. In the honey, there exists many nutrients that helps your hair grow faster and thicker. Even that it has a very good antiseptic effect, supporting the treatment of dandruff, fungus, and itching effectively.

Second ingredient, it is avocado.

In the composition of an avocado, there are a very big protein and aminos axit, it helps to moisturize the hair. At the same time, in the avocado, there are also some vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B, they are very well known in the taking care of our hair. If you have a dry hair, then don’t miss this solution. It is very helpful to your hair.

The only thing that you need to do is just blend out a half of an avocado with the olive oil, or an egg or honey to perm with your hair. Your hair will become fluffier and glossier.

By using this avocado mask frequently, you will eliminate the dandruff of hair of our hair.

Third ingredient, it is vinegar:

It is very easy to clean our hair by vinegar. One of the big problems that many people are facing is the flat hair situation. If shampooing frequently you can not only improve your hair condition, but you can also cure the dandruff and scalp effectively.

When using vinegar, you can avoid from the flating hair situation. If you shampooing your hair frequently but still facing this situation, then you can use 2 teaspoons of vinegar with water, using this combination to do a massage to your head. After a few minutes, you can feel very relaxing.

By using vinegar to clean your hair, pH of your scalp will be balanced, the natural oil on your scalp with be protected. Moreover, the vinegar can also help to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is also very useful!

Forth ingredient, they are eggs:

We can rehibilitate your hair by yolk eggs. Fatty acids in eggs have the ability to regenerate, repair damaged hair. In particular, the protein in the egg will help reduce hair breakage, shedding as well as making the hair always in the smoothest state.

Moreover, the Vitamin A, E, B, D that exists in the yolk of the eggs are the nutritions that your hair need to grow. For example, Vitamin A has the ability to balance the moisture and natural secretion of hair, Vitamin E will make your hair soft and protect your hair from the effects of the sun, B vitamins treat itching, fungus, and dandruff effectively.

If you need to recover your damaged, just perm your hair with the white-egg, if you need to moisturize your dry hair, then applying yolk to your hair. It is very helpful.

Now you can see, with just some natural ingredients, very easy to find. We we can take a good care of our hair!

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