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How to Have a Thin Hair that Rocks

How to Have a Thin Hair that Rocks

Fashion Blog Fri Aug 19 2022

For us girls, we wear our hair like our crown. We take pride in our hair, its hairstyle, volume, and texture. But what if you have thin hair? Will you still feel the same? Will you be confident to walk down the street where people can see your scalp? If so, you need to read this article to restore your lost confidence!

Thin hair may look helplessly flat and can't hold a style, but with the best hair stylist and haircut, you can rock every look with your thin hair. 

What is Thin Hair?

Thin hair is mostly mistaken as "fine hair," but these two terms are completely different. Fine hair refers to your hair strand's width. If your hair's strand is smaller than a regular thread, hair stylists consider it fine hair. This means that the quantity of hair in your head doesn't matter.

On the other hand, thin hair refers to the number of hair strands in your head. It doesn't matter whether the texture of your hair is thick or thin. Thin hair, in general, is sometimes associated with certain conditions. For most, some medical conditions, poor diet, stress, and old age contribute to a person's thinning hair.

For most, thin hair is an issue that needs to be addressed. Some are willing to travel to Turkey for a hair implant, while others work with their hairstylist and pay extra to fix their thin hair.

Both are good moves to have the hair done, but if you want to spend less and still look good with your thin hair, you may check the hairstyles compiled explicitly for people with thin hair.

3 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

The best thing about having thin hair is that it is flexible enough for you to work on specific styles. You can even add volume to it if you want to. So, if you wish to look chick and hot with a pixie cut or look laid back with a regular straight hair cut, these are all possible with thin hair. 

However, in some instances, you may need extra help from your hairstylist. They may need to apply a little hair mousse to plump it or spray it with dry volume spray or texturizing spray to add some personality to your hair. But first, you need to have the best haircut. Here is the list of the best thin hair hairstyles that you can choose from. 

Graduated Bob

A graduated bob haircut works well with most face shapes and hair textures. Unlike the traditional bob haircut, the graduated bob gives you a fresher look without compromising the style. Plus, the graduated bob haircut will give your hair a full look from the upper part to the bottom edge of your hair. 

Pixie Cut

Of course, a pixie cut is on the list! Who will leave this beautiful classic haircut from the best hairstyles for thin hair? I bet no one. 

The pixie cut hairstyle gives the illusion that your fine hair has a great texture and volume. The good thing about pixie cut hairstyles is that they have various cuts you can choose from. You can choose a boyish look, asymmetrical vintage, or a little bit daring faux hawks. 

Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, and Charlize Theron are amongst the celebrities who dared to wear a pixie cut hairstyle representing that minority who believes that your womanhood does not depend on how long or short your hair is. 

Blunt Cut

Another hairstyle that will make you look good is the blunt cut that can hide the split ends. Unlike the other haircuts where the hair is cut into different layers, a blunt cut is pretty straightforward and is the same length. 

However, there's a catch. If you choose this type of haircut, make sure that it should be at mid-length only. Do not cut the hair too short, nor choose a blunt cut for your long hair, especially if you have thick hair. Do this to maintain the hair's softer and fuller look. 

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How to Take Good Care of Your Thin Hair

Use a good conditioner

Hair fall is one of the most common situations you must address, whether you have thick or thin hair. Sometimes medication and underlying illnesses cause hair fall, while another reason you have hair fall is weak hair.

You must have a conditioner handy to address the hair fall issues. Conditioners can help strengthen your hair as most conditioners are made to prevent hair thinning. 

Keep it strong

Using a good conditioner surely helps your hair's strength. But do you know that your shampoo can also affect your hair? Strong shampoos can cause dry scalp, dry hair strands, and hair breakage. Thus, you shouldn't shampoo your hair every day.

If you want to prevent breakage and hair fall and strengthen your hair strands, shampoo hair twice a week only. 

Avoid using a hair iron and blow drying your hair

The heat from the hair iron may be too much for your hair. It can also damage it, especially if your hair is taking too much heat from the blow dryer that you use to dry your hair to iron it for styling. If there's a way to minimize the usage of these products, kindly do so as these products contribute to hair breakage problems.

However, if you can't avoid using these products, try buying a heat protectant and apply it before you start hair-drying and ironing your thin hair. It may cause you some extra money, but it is a good investment since it helps prevent hair damage. 

Have a hair mask treatment

Treating your thin hair with a hair mask is like treating yourself to spas. A hair mask treatment helps repair your damaged hair strands. It also helps your damaged thin hair to look strong and healthy. But, do not use a hair mask on your hair every day, as too much usage of this treatment may also affect your hair's health. 

Use the hair mask treatment once a week only. Make sure to apply it only from the middle part of your hair down to its tips to repair your thin hair's damaged strands and restore its shine. 


Having thin hair might seem an issue to most of us since it doesn't usually go with the look and the vibe that we want to achieve. Most of the time, thin hair appears to be flat and dull. But with the right haircut and hairstyle, it will surely level up your look.

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