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How To Keep Shoulder Length Wavy Hair More Defined And Unique?

How To Keep Shoulder Length Wavy Hair More Defined And Unique?

Fashion Blog Wed Jan 06 2021

Wavy hair is the favorite of many females. What makes wavy hair more attractive is its feature. Wavy hair is that type of hair that is neither too straight nor too curly; it has an S-shaped appearance. Many people naturally possess unique wavy hair; some people make their straight hair or curly hair wavy. Usually, this can be done with the help of a stylist or specific styling equipment. Wavy hair, whether it is long or shoulder-length wavy hair, it adds a volumized look to your hairstyle.

Tips For Wavy Hair

Whether you have long wavy hair or shoulder-length wavy hair, it is essential to give proper care. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will help in maintaining the texture of your hair. There are conditioners and shampoos made for wavy hair, which will help in safekeeping the wave and makes it bouncy.

If you have frizzy wavy hair, you need to pay more attention to your hair. Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated; also, remember to trim the dry ends of your hair. There are several safe, chemical-free serums, oils, and other hair products available in the market, which help to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. 

Try not to overuse heat styling equipment. High temperature and heat from such equipment will damage your hair and make it frizzy. Using fingers instead of comb helps in defining the curls.

Heatless Wavy Hair

Scarf Method

 At first, comb and detangle your hair. Divide your hair into two equal sections. Then take a scarf and clip it over your head. Split the hair on the first section ( i.e., on the one side of your head)  into two sections and twist the first section around the scarf and the second section into the twist and twist it together around the scarf. When the twist is complete, secure it with a hairband. Repeat the same process with the other section of the hair.

To keep the twist secure, you can twist the twist around itself and secure it with a hairband. Keep it over the night and remove the scarf gently in the morning.  You will get beautiful wavy hair.

Wavy Curls Using A Headband

Get a stretchy headband and wear it over your hair. Divide your hair into two halves down the center. Then twist or wrap the first section around the back of your headband and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the process with the other section. 

Keep this overnight and remove the headband from the bobby pins the next morning. You will get messy wavy hair in the morning. You can use hair spray to make your waves last more.

Wavy Hairs Using Rollers

Detangle your hair and divide it into small sections. Use a roller to roll up your hair from the bottom. Secure the roller on the top of your hair with the help of a hair clip. Repeat the process for all the sections of hair.

You can keep it overnight or can use a hair spray before and after rolling the hair to get wavy hair within one to two hours.

Braid Your Hair 

Comb and detangle your hair. Divide your hair into two equal sections down the center. Braid the two sections and secure them with headbands.

Keep it overnight and unbraid it in the morning. You can use your fingers to set your hair instead of a comb.

These methods work effectively for both long hairs and shoulder-length hairs.

Top Bob And Lob Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles refer to short hairstyles that lengths above the shoulder. Short wavy bob hairstyles are trending nowadays. There are different types of wavy bob hairstyles including, the angled bob hairstyle, the choppy bob hairstyle, wavy bob with fringe, asymmetrical bob hairstyle, etc.

  • - Angled Bob Hairstyle: This haircut gives an angled appearance with shorter hair length from the back and long wavy hair in the front.  
  • - Choppy Bob Hairstyle: It is a layered bob hairstyle. The layers add a messy, volumized look to your hair.
  • - Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle: As the name suggests, this is a short, uneven hairstyle where the hair on one side is longer than the other. This style looks super cool on different hair colors.

Lob Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Lob hairstyle is another version of bob hairstyles where the hair's length will be at the shoulder level or a bit below the shoulder level.  Just like in the bob hairstyle, there are different varieties in lob hairstyle too. 

  • - Lob With Bangs: Bangs makes your shoulder length wavy hair more fashionable and trendy. The bangs add a cute different look to your face.
  • - Layered Lob Hairstyle: Layered lob hairstyle is of different types such as the center-parted layered lob, side-parted layered lob, etc. This layered hairstyle makes your shoulder length wavy hair more defined. 
  • - Inverted Lob Hairstyle: This type of haircut is shorter at the back and gets longer in the front. It suits all face shapes.

Styles For Long Wavy Hair

  • - Layered Long Waves: Different types of layered hairstyles such as angled layers, medium layers, classic layers, etc., give a magnificent look to your hair. It can be made more beautiful by adding bangs.
  • - Layered V- Shape Hairstyle: As the name suggests, this hairstyle gives a V-shaped look from the back. The layers add more thickness to the hair.
  • - Side- Swept Bang Hairstyle: This hairstyle leaves a side bang in the hair, which gives a fine style to your long wavy hair.


Wavy hair is that type of hair that can be styled easily in different ways. The article includes certain vital aspects regarding wavy hair. It mentions some easy techniques to get wavy hair without using heat equipment. 

Wavy hair looks more stunning when colored. Colors can be chosen according to skin tone, which will result in brightening up your face and perfecting your wavy hair. The article also includes some trendy wavy hairstyles, which can add more elegance to short, long, and shoulder-length wavy hair.

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