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How to Prevent Gray Hair from Growing At Young Age?

How to Prevent Gray Hair from Growing At Young Age?

Fashion Blog Wed Sep 08 2021

Graying hair is known as a sign of aging. However, nowadays, the hair starts turning gray at a young age. If you are dealing with prematurely graying hair, find how to prevent gray hair by bringing simple changes in the diet and lifestyle. In this article, you will find out why the hair starts turning gray and how it can be prevented. Let’s find out the reasons which increase the chances of graying hair.

Why Does Hair Go Gray?

The hair can start graying at any age. However, most people find their first gray hair after the age of 30. As we age, the hair follicles on our scalp make the hair gray when new hair starts developing. Hair consists of the root (attached to the scalp) and a shaft (part of the hair visible above the scalp).

Hair follicles surround the roots of our hair under the skin. These follicles include the pigment cells, which are responsible for making melanin to provide color to our hair strands. The pigment cells, which are present in hair follicles, start to reduce with age. Thus, the hair follicles also start to reduce with time.

Since the reduced pigment cells can’t provide the same melanin, our hair starts turning gray. Moreover, people can find a different hair color other than gray. For instance, some people find their hair has started turning silvery or completely white.

Various people look for ways to turn the hair back to its natural color. However, once the hair strands have turned gray or white, you can only color to get the desired color. Thus, it is important to know how to prevent gray hair.

Embrace Your Gray Hair

Various people celebrate the fact that they have matured to get their first gray. Moreover, gray hair looks good on certain people. You can take the example of George Clooney, Richard Gere, and Helen Mirren, who has turned gray gracefully and gathered so much love of the people for their look.

Lady Gaga is among the popular ladies who have made gray hair look stylish. Additionally, gray hair makes you look knowledgeable and someone who is filled with wisdom. Throughout the 18th century, turning hair white was a trend in Europe.

At some point or another, everyone has to deal with it. Some people choose to cover their gray hair by dyeing it, while others flaunt it. Let’s find out the other reasons behind hair color turning gray.

Why Does Hair Go Gray Prematurely?

Before we find out how to prevent gray hair, let’s discuss other causes of gray hair.

1 - Genetics

Your hair might start turning gray around the same age your parents noticed their first gray hair. Genetics plays an important role in our lives, and we face similar health problems which our parents or grandparents faced. Moreover, ethnicity is also a determining factor since we find Asian and African American people go gray later compared to Caucasians.

2 - Your Diet

Our diet is extremely important in determining the graying of hair since the lack of certain vitamins and minerals can hurt melanin production. You should ensure that the diet includes all the important nutrients and proteins in the right amount. Make a diet chart, calculate the calorie intake, and follow it regularly.

3 - Stress

According to research, when people start taking stress at a young age, it depletes the pigment cells. Thus, reduced cells result in less melanin, which makes the hair color start turning gray. It is important to reduce stress levels, especially if you are young. Once the hair starts falling out due to stress, the new hair is usually gray.

4 - Hair Dye

Although people dye their hair to cover the few grays, the chemicals present in the dye usually damage the hair follicles and the cells. Thus, the chances of natural hair color becoming gray increases. Moreover, the hair loses strengthen and becomes dull.

5 - Health Issue

You should contact a doctor if the hair started turning gray before the age of 30. There is a high chance you have some health issue that is causing gray hair.

How To Prevent Gray Hair?

It is impossible to stop graying hair after a certain age. However, if you are dealing with prematurely graying hair, follow the few rules to prevent the problem from increasing further.

1 - Eat A Well-Rounded Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in preventing gray hair. When you eat food enriched with antioxidants, the oxidative stress level decreases.

You should include antioxidant foods like fresh fruit, green tea, and olive oil in the diet. Ensure that your diet includes all the important vitamins and minerals. People, who have a vitamin deficiency, are more likely to notice premature graying hair.

In case you can’t include all the vitamins, at least eat foods that contain vitamin D-3 and Vitamin B-12. Meats, eggs, and seafood are enriched with Vitamin B-12. Cheese, milk, and salmon are good sources of Vitamin D. Thus; you can include some of these foods in the diet.

2 - Avoid Chemical Hair Dyes

Since the dyes can reduce the melanin levels, you should avoid using them. If you have too much gray hair, which needs to be hidden, choose natural dyes to color your hair.

3 - Don’t Take The Stress

One should do yoga and meditation regularly to reduce their stress levels. Doing daily exercise will make them become active and improve their overall health.

4 - Stop Smoking

People who smoke are more likely to find gray hair than those who don’t. Most teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure, and they usually find gray hair before the age of 25. According to research, smokers are 2.5 times more likely to get gray hair.

5 - Eat Food Enriched With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You should include fish and seeds in the diet. Since Omega 3 enables the pigment-producing melanocytes, the chances of hair turning gray reduce significantly.


We hope you understand that the reasons behind premature graying hair and also how to prevent gray hair. You need to ensure that the diet contains all the important vitamins and nutrients which can prevent the reduction of melanin levels. Moreover, contact a doctor if your hair has started turning gray at a young age.

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