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How To Remove Gum From Hair Without Cutting?

Fashion Blog Tue Sep 14 2021

Do you habit of throwing chewing gum around the house? There is a high chance that it can accidentally get stuck in someone’s hair. In this guide, we will share information on how to remove gum from hair without causing any damage to the hair strands. Various people think that the best way to get rid of the chewing gum from the hair is to cut it off. However, you can remove the gum by following simple steps. You must be aware that tugging on the hair to remove the gum can make it stretch further. Thus, follow the best ways used to remove the gum from hair.

Best Ways To Remove Gum From Your Hair

Once you follow any of these home remedies, there won’t be any need to make an appointment with a hairstylist. Moreover, you can use these ingredients to remove the gum of the eyebrows as well. Here are the effective solutions you can try at home:

1 - Cooking Oils

Vegetable oils are effective in removing gum from the hair strands. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, when chewing gets stuck in the eyebrows, you should apply olive oil or coconut oil to remove it within a few minutes.

Here is how to remove gum from hair using cooking oils:

  • - Find the spot where the chewing got stuck in the hair or eyebrows.
  • - Take ½ teaspoon of your preferred vegetable oil. Apply it in that spot using the fingers.
  • - You need to wait a few minutes until the chewing gum starts absorbing the oil and losing control of the hair strands.
  • - Try to remove the chewing gum after 5 minutes from the application. It should be easy to remove if the oil was applied properly on the spot.
  • - After the chewing gum is completely removed, rinse and comb the hair strands.

2 - Ice

If you thought ice is best used to get relief from burns, try to remove the chewing gum from the hair. Some people don’t want to apply oil on the hair since they don’t want to shampoo. You can use ice to remove chewing gum without any need to shampoo later. However, vegetable oil is more effective when you need to remove a bigger piece of chewing gum.

Here are the steps to remove chewing gum using ice:

  • - Firstly, create an ice pack if there is no ice ready in the refrigerator. It should take 2-4 hours.
  • - Apply the solid ice directly onto the chewing gum.
  • - Ensure that the chewing gum freezes and becomes easily removable.
  • - You should be able to remove the gum within 2 minutes unless it is bigger.

3 - Vinegar

According to research on the decomposition of polymers, the chemical bonds present in chewing gum can be easily broken by glycerine, vinegar, and water.

Here are the steps to remove the gum effectively using vinegar:

  • - Soak the affected parts of hair strands using vinegar.
  • - You need to wait for 4-7 minutes until the chewing gum loosens its hold due to the vinegar.
  • - Take a wide-toothed brush or comb. Gently comb the hair strands while ensuring the chewing is easily removed without any struggle.
  • - You should be apple to remove the chewing gum effectively within a few minutes.

4 - Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is popularly known for its taste and health benefits. However, it is one of the products present in our home which can help us remove the chewing gum effectively. Since creamy-style peanut butter contains essential oils, it can loosen the grip of gum in your hair.

Here is how to remove gum from hair using peanut butter:

  • - Take peanut butter and completely cover the affected parts of the hair strands. If you don’t want to apply it directly using the fingers, alternatively, use a softer toothbrush.
  • - You have to wait for 4-5 minutes until the gum feels less sticky after applying peanut butter.
  • - Use a comb to remove the gum. It should be easy to remove the gum since the oils present in the peanut butter must have softened it.
  • - After removing the gum, immediately wash the hair using shampoo because the hair strands should not smell like a condiment.

5 - Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not only effective in keeping the teeth clean but also in helping us in different situations. It is known to heal our skin in case of burns. Moreover, it can help you remove chewing gum without cutting hair.

Here are steps to remove chewing gum using toothpaste:

  • - Take a cotton ball and put some toothpaste on it. Alternatively, you can use an old toothbrush instead of cotton.
  • - Dab, the cotton ball on the affected hair strands ensuring the chewing gum gets covered completely.
  • - You should wait for 4-5 minutes until the chewing gum becomes less sticky.
  • - Take a wide-toothed comb or hairbrush to remove the chewing gum from the strands easily.
  • - Wash your hair using shampoo because the toothpaste might damage the hair strands.

6 - Mayonnaise

We are aware that mayonnaise is a bit messy solution. However, if you have got this product in the refrigerator, it can remove the gum from the hair. Since the mayonnaise usually contains essential oils, it can make the gum less sticky.

Here is how to remove gum from hair using mayonnaise:

  • - Take some mayonnaise and cover the parts of the hair strands or eyebrows where the chewing gum got stuck.
  • - You need to wait for 5 minutes until the gum absorbs the mayonnaise and loosens its grip on the hair.
  • - Use a comb to remove the gum easily. Then, wash the hair using shampoo because you don’t want the hair to look messy.

Avoid These Mistakes When You Get Gum Stuck In The Hair

Tugging The Piece Of Gum

Don’t use your fingers to start tugging the piece of chewing gum stuck in the hair strands. The chewing can stretch further on unaffected hair parts, making it more difficult to remove effectively.

Don’t Try To Isolate The Hair Strands Forcefully

You need to gently comb the hair after applying any cooking oil on the parts of the hair. When you try to remove the gum forcefully, it can result in hair breakage.

Wash The Hair After Using The Home Remedies

Products like toothpaste and peanut butter won’t be good for the hair. Toothpaste can cause hair breakage when left for more than 15 minutes on the hair strands. Thus, use a good shampoo to wash the hair immediately after the chewing gum is removed.


We hope you now understand how to remove gum from hair without causing any damage. You need to make sure that all the steps are followed properly to remove the gum effectively. Additionally, ensure to wash the hair properly after using these home remedies.

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