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Increase The Lifespan Of Your Weave Hair Extensions

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Weave Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Mon Jun 29 2020

Let’s face it. Increase a lifespan of our weave hair is always our first concern. Have you ever thought why your weave hair does not last long enough? If the answer is yes then you possibly are not taking care of it in the right way. You must have thought about how you can inscrease the lifespan of your weave hair. In this article, we will have time to discussing about some tips to make our hair weave become more and more shiny and looks great.

Step 1: Avoid Cutting Your Weave hair

Avoiding weaving your hair is essential, because this will keep your hair in its original thickness. Instead of cutting your hair that can cause more shedding hair in the future, try to use the flip over method. This will keep your tracks in one piece and a lot of spacing and shedding of the hair will be avoided. When installing the weave on your braids when you come to the end of a section you flip your track over and start to sew on the next braid.


Step 2: Wash Your Weave Hair After Your Purchase

After purchasing your new weave hair extensions, of course you will want to use your hair weave immediately, anyway, we think that this would be perfect if you wash it before using it. Be sure to wash your weave hair with cool water from root to tip, without scrubbing them or using a circular motion. Rinse, and add your conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb, and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and allow your bundles to air dry completely. Doing so will remove chemicals that are used to manufacture the weave and the dirt from the packaging.


Step 3: Brush And Detangling Regularly

Make sure you are brushing and detangling your extensions on a regular basis, especially if you have extensions that are shoulder length or longer. When brushing be sure to brush from tip to root, avoiding snags, and gently detangling your hair. Do not rush or roughly brush your extensions, because this will induce shedding.


Wide-tooth combs and detangling brushes are suggested and are most successfully used. Do: Brush them prior to washing and sleeping. Remove tangles gently, avoiding pulling and tugging. Do Not: Brush your extensions while wet, due to hair being it's weakest.


Step 4: Air Dry Your Weave hair

Air drying your extensions are best to double the lifespan of your extensions. By doing so, you avoid unnecessary heat. Gently pat the hair dry and allow the rest to happen in due time.


Step 5: Deep Condition Your Weave hair

The best way to maintain the moisture and luster of your weave is by making sure they are properly conditioned. If you opt to use heating tools frequently, be sure to deep condition your hair weave once monthly. If you've colored or bleached your extensions, deep condition your weave twice monthly.


Before you get a sew-in, make sure to deep condition the weave. Begin by washing it in warm water. Apply a deep conditioner to the weave from roots to ends. And then place the hair inside a plastic cap or bag. After 10-20 minutes, rinse off any excess conditioner and air dry. Be sure to deep condition your weave every week or two. It will keep that just-got-my-hair-done look lasting a long, long time.

To deep condition sewn-in weave, you again want to wash the weave and braids with warm water. If there is product build-up on the braids, use a clarifying shampoo. Apply the deep conditioner and place a plastic cap over your head with all the weave inside. If you have a hooded dryer, use that otherwise, the body heat trapped by the plastic cap will be sufficient. Rinse and air dry. Be sure to deep condition your weave every week or two. It will keep that just-got-my-hair-done look lasting a long, long time.


Step 6: Choose Extensions That Fit Your Lifestyle

Choose a length, color, and texture that is not a hindrance to your daily life. Be sure to purchase something that is discomforting, distracting, and tangles easily will only make you want to remove the hair and not wear it anymore, which ultimately shortens the lifespan of your weave hair extension. The best thing you could do to double the lifespan of your weave is to treat them as if it was your real hair. Always remember, if I won't do it my real hair, I will not do it to my hair weave. With a little extra TLC, you can be sure your weave hair extensions last longer then you could imagine.


Step 7: Reduce Washing Your Weave hair

Since your weave hair is not attached to your scalp, you do not need to wash them as you would your real hair. Wash your weave hair on an as-needed basis. Washing your weave too often causes them to become dull and dry due to all of the stripping of oils. Try co-washing if possible or a 'water-wash', if the shampoo is pivotal, make sure you are using a sulfate-free shampoo.


Step 9: Do Not Use A Lot Of Products

It is true that using lots of chemical products can harm your hair’s longevity. Using too much hair product can make our weave hair dry and loose its vitality. Therefore, avoid to use a lot of products can make our weave hair last longer.


After all, we can ensure that by following these steps above, the durability of your weave hair will be lengthened. Try some of these steps above, or all of them, the result will make you feel great. 

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