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Is It Possible To Create Your Wigs?

Is It Possible To Create Your Wigs?

Fashion Blog Mon Feb 22 2021

I understand that purchasing a decent wig from the market can be a little expensive. So, many of you might have thought about making a wig at home. But you might not know what tools and accessories are required to create one. You will also have several doubts, and sometimes you may not find the best ideas to make a wig. If you have decided to try making a wig, then you have landed on the right page. I will give you a detailed lesson on how to make your own wigs at home. The main thing you should recognize is, you need a lot of patience to work this out. If you think making a wig is simple, then you are wrong. It needs detailing and concentration to make a perfect wig.

Tools And Accessories Required For Making A Wig

Do not worry about finding the things needed. You only need a few items which are not difficult to find. The list of items needed to make a wig is as follows:

  • - A cloth measuring tape
  • - Wig Block/Mannequin head
  • - Cotton lace cap/thin net cap
  • - Cotton ribbon
  • - Drawing Mats
  • - Needle and thread
  • - Weave hair bundles and closure/frontal hair

Steps On How To Make Your Own Wig

Know The Dimension Of Your Head

Take a measuring tape and start evaluating the size of your head around the hairline. Place the tape from your neck to the top of your forehead. Get a piece of paper or a book and a pen before taking the measurements. Note down the measurement you got. Make sure to take the measurements correctly above your ears. Do not tighten the tape too much while measuring. 

The next step is to measure the length of your head. Use the same cloth tape to measure down the center to the front of your head. Also, measure the crown area from the top to nape. As said earlier, do not tighten the tape too much on your head since you will not get the correct measurements. Make sure the tape lies flat on your head while measuring. 

You will need the measurements of the distance between each ear. Hold the measuring tape from one side of your ear to the other. The measuring tape should rest on the ears where the handle of your specs fall.  

Create A Foundation Of The Wig

Get a wig block; mark your measurement on it. Find a thin cotton lace cap or a net. It should fit your head correctly. Place the cap over the wig block. Using small needles, line a cotton ribbon around the hairline of the wig block. Pin it tightly and then put on the cotton lace cap over the head. 

 You can spray some water over the cap so that it will not fall off. Now stitch the net cap and the ribbon together. Take away the cap from the wig block and try it on your head to check if it fits appropriately. If you find it loose, then stitch and make it perfect to fit your head.

Prepare Hair For The Wig

You can either choose natural hair or synthetic. If you plan to use the wig every day, then I will suggest taking the natural hair. You can easily purchase it in the market for a few dollars. Picking natural hair for making a wig is wise as it will look natural on your head. At the same time, it will not produce as much heat as synthetic hair.  

Next, you need to brush the hair neatly to remove any tangles. Place the hair between drawing mats to help in keeping the hair straight.

Create The Wig

Check the gaps in the net cap you have used. If it has smaller gaps, use a small needle to sew the hair strands. If it has larger holes, then take a bigger needle. If you need a wig with more volume, then always pick the net cap with larger holes. Now it is time to pull the hair strands in the loop and make a knot. 

Take the hair strands and make a loop by folding the end of the thin section. The loop should be hooked onto the needle now. Push the needle through the gaps of the net cap. Grab the base of the hair to pull it back through the gap. Now you can see a new loop is formed by wrapping around the edge. You can knot the strands tightly twice or once to stay fixed. 

Start fixing the strands from the neck part first, then slowly going up. A double knot is suitable on the sides. On the crown area, you can use the single knots. Once you have finished fixing the hair to the net cap, take partitions to style the hair suitably. Now turn the wig inside out to sew the hair strands on the inside edge over the ribbon. 

Take a thread and a needle to stitch the areas of the forehead, ears, neck, and temple. It needs to be done for the hair to fall naturally over the sides. Make the partition according to your style. Now the wig is ready to try on. Put on the wig and check if any gaps are visible. Adjust if needed. 


Making a wig is not an easy task. After reading the instructions carefully, get all the required tools and accessories first. All the items are readily available in the market to buy. Dedicate some time to make the wig of your choice. You can always trim and cut the wig in any style you want. Many of you might have already checked videos or read articles about how to make your wigs at home. 

But still, there can be much confusion, especially in the sewing part. I am sure that this article has given you enough information on creating a wig. So are you ready? Go ahead and make a stylish wig that can emphasize your beauty. 

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