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Lace Frontal Wigs - Can They Last 6 Months?

Lace Frontal Wigs - Can They Last 6 Months?

Fashion Blog Mon Jan 24 2022

Wigs and extensions are becoming a thing these days as they help us give that look and vibe that we want without cutting or damaging our hair. Amongst the widely used artificial hair is the lace frontal. But how long does lace frontal last? Can they last six months?

There is no doubt that the lace frontal wigs allow women, especially those who suffer from physical and medical conditions like hair loss, genetically lousy hairline, and alopecia, to look more confidently beautiful. However, when choosing the lace frontal, you must also consider its durability, and before we go any further, let us first learn the basics of lace frontal wigs. 

What are Lace Frontal Wigs? 

Lace frontal wigs serve as the final piece to be installed when putting in a wig. It completes the vibe or looks you want to achieve by creating a well-defined hairline with artificial baby hair.  

Ideally, the lace frontal wig must be composed of 3 human hair bundles, which will cover all the hairline areas from one ear to another. As to its length, the perfect lace frontal wigs are around 13 x 2 inches to 13 x 6 inches.  

However, some people mistake the lace frontal wigs with lace closures. Don’t make this mistake as they are two different things. To determine whether one is a lace frontal, you must check its size. The one with a bigger size is the lace frontal wig. It is bigger than lace closure because it covers the hairline from your left ear to your right ear. 

On the other hand, lace closures have smaller sizes because they only cover a particular part at the front of the wig. Another thing that you will notice is how they are supposed to be installed. The lace frontal wigs must be glued, while the lace closures must be stitched. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t sew the lace frontal wigs. These wigs can easily be sewn by expert hairstylists or hairdressers. Before you get to that part, though, make sure that you will only buy the best lace frontal wigs available in the market. 

How to Find the Best Lace Frontal Wigs? 

Finding the best lace frontal wigs is easy but a little bit tricky. So, when you go shopping and find a couple of lace frontal wigs, please do not pick them up and buy them immediately. Instead, check what they are made of and their care label. 

Here’s what you should consider when buying lace frontal wigs: 

Human Hair

When you buy a lace frontal wig, only buy the wigs that are 100% made up of human hair bundles. There is nothing wrong with buying those made up of synthetic hair, though. However, wigs and extensions made up of human hair offer more benefits than synthetic hair. 

You can also dye the wig easier as it is composed of human hair. It is also easier to maintain the texture and the glossiness of the hair as it replicates precisely how and what our hair is made of. Lace front wigs with baby hair are also a plus! The baby hair gives the frontal lace wig a more realistic look.  

High-Quality Lace 

Wigs without quality lace are not a good investment. So, when you buy either a lace frontal wig, extensions, or full wig, always look at its lace. Check if it is a high-quality skin-colored lace knotted to the human hair. The lace color must be close to your scalp’s color to make it more convincing that it’s a natural human hair lace front wig.  

Most women prefer light brown front wigs and transparent lace frontal wigs. These type of wigs looks invisible and undetectable by our naked eye.  

How Long Will Frontal Lace Wigs Lasts?  

Just like our human hair, any wig, including the lace frontal wigs, need extra care for it to last. But that doesn’t mean that you need to remove the lace frontal wigs every after use. It is not advisable as it may wear out the lace, too. You may need to leave the lace attached to your hair or scalp for not more than six weeks.   

Six weeks is the ideal number that we are looking at right now. It is not advisable to have the wigs stick in your hair for more than two months as the glue may damage your hair or scalp. The same goes with frequently removing and reusing the lace frontal wigs. The more regularly you use the lace frontal wig, the more chances you get damaged hair or irritated scalp. 

Why do You Need to Remove the Lace Frontal Wigs on Or Before 6 Weeks? 

There are several reasons why you should not let your lace frontal wigs last more than six months. Here are some of the reasons why you should remove them. 

Maintain its volume and texture.  

Apart from the glue or adhesive that will damage your hair or irritate your scalp, the lace frontal wigs will look soggy and dropping. It will lose its volume and texture, too. Thus, you should remove the lace frontal wig on or before six weeks to maintain the hair and the lace’s strength.  

This is one way to extend the lifespan of the lace frontal wig.  

Let your scalp breathe

Another reason you need to remove the lace frontal wig is your scalp. Like our skin, our scalp also needs some fresh air to keep it healthy. Also, we need to maintain our hair’s health. So, giving our scalp enough air to breathe gives it the power to generate healthy and strong hair.  

How to Maintain Frontal Lace Wigs? 

Maintaining the lace frontal wigs is just like taking good care of your hair, except that you need to be extra careful. You need to be very gentle when you comb your lace frontal wig.  

You must bear in mind the wig is composed of a net and human hair. Thus, combing it or brushing it excessively can damage the delicate lace frontal wig, and that is the last thing that we want to happen.  


Wigs and hair extensions are also investments. Thus, you must buy the best lace frontal wig moving forward. Whether you purchase the lace frontal wig online or in the department store doesn't matter. What is important is the quality of the wig that you will buy. 

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