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Need A Wig But Are Out Of A Fancy Budget? Here’s How To Make A Cheap Wig Look Good

Need A Wig But Are Out Of A Fancy Budget? Here’s How To Make A Cheap Wig Look Good

Fashion Blog Fri May 07 2021

The world’s living for the latest trends, and now and then, the excitement for having crazy hairstyles is on an all-time rise. As fascinating as it seems, getting a human hair wig can be very expensive and is not a feasible investment for a few wears.

So rather, it's better to put your brains on how to make a cheap wig look good. You’d find enormous options spread across the market, sold by different brands or small businesses. These wigs are super affordable, and you won’t feel like you’ve spent a lot.

But remember, these look very much identifiable. At times the partition won’t be right, the color won’t be apt, the strands would look super bad, and the list of issues goes on. You would want to make sure that the wig should be fitting so that it isn't visible as something artificial. 

For such situations, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few suggestions on how to make a cheap wig look good and comfortable to wear. 

Work On The Parting

9 out of 10 times when the wig is easily identifiable, it is because of the poor partition lining. The lining is hardly even drawn, and it honestly makes it look like someone has put a hair cap on your head. There is a trick that can help you achieve the outcomes that look nearly 90 percent similar to what you want. 

Take a brush and apply a generous amount of concealer to it, and then slowly dab it on the line, merging it with the synthetic hair. But make sure that the concealer you use matches your skin tone, or else it will look very different and inappropriate. After the partition, don’t comb the wig hair straight from the top. 

Go For Two Rooted Tones

The world knows by far that nobody’s hair goes with the same color throughout. Even if a small difference, it is known and visible. So go forward and buy wigs that are darker from the top and go lighter below. These wigs look way more natural than single-toned ones, even if it’s synthetic. 

Also, make sure that it isn’t just straightaway painted with two shades but rather has a gradient effect from the root to the bottom. Search the type of shades you are willing to go for and look at the possible options you believe will look good on your face and body type. 

Trim It From The Bottom

Let’s be honest, the synthetic wigs from the market are horribly cut and given a shape that doesn’t look natural at all. So you can rather go for trimming it at your home. It’s free of cost, and you’ll also be able to give the wig the shape you’ve been looking for.

With a raw trim, the wig will look nearly 70 percent more natural than what it looks. Your question on how to make a cheap wig look good gets its response straight from this haircut. After that, placing it on your head, you’ll be able to see the apt look you’ve wanted to try out. 

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Detangle It

Artificial hair is way worse than natural hair, and you can easily see that it gets tangled quite often. A cheap wig is also an investment, so always look for options on how to make a cheap wig look good. Take a comb, wet it, and then slowly start detangling it from top to bottom. 

Don’t use the comb harshly or vigorously since that will make the wig look weird and untidy. Rather go for this soft movement, it might take a few more minutes, but the wig will last long. This trick will also help you maintain the shape of the hair. 

Steam Style & Never Use A Straightener Or Curler

If you buy a synthetic wig, make sure that you buy the style and pattern you like because using a hair styling tool on them would be impossible. The synthetic strands will start burning, and that’s it; the wig won’t be of use anymore. However, you can use a handheld steamer for styling. 

Use a brush softly with the steamer, and do not confuse it with the above step. Go for a wet comb for detangling, and for tidying it, take a brush either on its own or with a steamer. This way, you’ll have the wig with your style choice and wouldn’t even have to compromise on cash. 

Place It Right Above Your Head Line Partition

The line partition of the wig should be placed right above your original partition. You can’t mix it up since the wig won’t even fit well. Hence, first set your base hair, divide the line according to the wig, and then start with the application. Also, try merging it with the front hair of your baseline.

With the front natural strands matched according to the partition of your wig, it will give a more realistic look. Also, it will be able to fix well since your natural hair will be set with the wig more easily. 


The next time you’re short on cash and thinking that how to make a cheap wig look good, we hope that this guide will help you. Just one more suggestion, buy it from a hair products supplier for a better quality synthetic wig. Also, keep replacing it every 3-4 months since it starts getting bad. 

Wigs might be tough to deal with, and you’ll also be thinking that the cheap ones won’t give you the outcome of your choice, but that’s not even the thing! There are hundreds of wigs present, and even there are different qualities in the synthetic types.  

Who said you couldn't find a good quality synthetic wig at an affordable price? From short to long, tons of wigs can fit your criteria of finding the perfect one. Just go for the cheap wig you feel would be good for you, follow the above steps, and you’re absolutely good to go! 

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