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Seamless Hair Extensions: Why Should You Get It And How To Care For One?

Seamless Hair Extensions: Why Should You Get It And How To Care For One?

Fashion Blog Thu Jul 15 2021

Seamless hair extensions have been on the trend for quite a while. They are made with the finest Remy hair attached to a thin silicon layer that can lay your head. This kind of hair extension is gaining popularity because of the glamour and comfort that they offer. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about seamless hair extensions.

Who Should Choose A Seamless Hair Extension?

You can choose seamless hair extensions if you have very fine hair for a normal hair volume. Thick-based hair extensions can sometimes be noticeable, embarrassingly so, and that's why seamless hair extensions should be your choice as these are very lightweight and almost unnoticeable. Moreover, these extensions lie flat upon the head, making way for a super smooth and sleek look.

These extensions are also perfect for people who want less volume at the base of the hair. Thus it can be great for you if you possess highlighted hair and avoid any unnatural appearance.

Why Should You Get Seamless Hair Extensions?

As already stated, seamless hair extensions offer a wide variety of benefits like comfort and good looks. Below, there are some of the reasons that may compel you to get one for yourself:


If you are one of those people who prioritize comfort, seamless hair extension is a great fit. There less feeling of baggage on your head as the extension fits neatly on your scalp. 


Most of the users wear hair extensions in an attempt to enhance their appearance and not to embarrass themselves by letting people know that they are wearing one. Hiding your fake hair can be a problem with regular extensions because there are going to be noticeable bumps and lumps which can be felt while touching the head. 

However, the thin silicon is barely noticeable, which means that it's great for camouflaging your hair extension to the extent that you are no longer afraid of being caught wearing them. It is great for people with fine hair.

Classic Vs. Seamless Hair Extension

Both classic and seamless hair extensions are quite similar, but they have differences because of the different ways of manufacture. The extension you should go for depends on your personal preference, and both have their pros and cons. 

Seamless hair extensions are manufactured with a weft made of silicon that attaches to your head, while regular ones are made of hair stitched to a piece of fabric. Generally speaking, seamless hair extensions are more comfortable and less noticeable.

Caring For Hair Extension

You should treat your extensions with affection, as you would do with any other type of clip-in hair extension.

1 - Develop A Care Routine

Getting into a solid regimen with your Hair extensions from the beginning can help them last longer. Because they're made of genuine human hair, they should be cleaned, groomed, and styled just like your own hair. Nevertheless, the more you shampoo and heat style: curl or straighten your lovely extensions, the less their life will be. 

Therefore strive to maintain cleaning and product usage to a minimum. Remember that while your original hair gets its natural moisture from the sebum on the scalp, fake hair doesn't possess one. As a result, getting them moisturized is essential for maintaining, keeping it lustrous and in excellent shape.

2 - Use Proper Products

It's critical to condition the hair extensions carefully after washing them. Because sulfates and alcohols rob the tresses of their essential oils, making it rougher and more breakable, That's why you should use hair care products that are free from harmful ingredients like sulfates and alcohols. 

3 - Follow The Right Washing Technique

Apply a moisturizing alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair conditioner before and after washing for an extra boost of moisture. You may even forgo the shampoo wash and just use a conditioner to wash your hair. 

When washing, be gentle with the hair extensions and avoid rubbing them violently while rinsing. Always finish by rinsing the extension using cool water to seal in moisture. After you've finished, gently squeeze any extra water from your hair extensions and resist rubbing them dry harshly using a towel.

Because the clamps are sewn directly on the extension base, pay close attention while handling your seamless extensions. To avoid damaging your kit, do not pull or push the clips. 

4 - Brush To Minimize Shedding

Just like your natural mane, extensions will shed sometimes. Hair extensions seem prone to shedding in general, so that you may expect minimal shedding during their existence. Even though seamless sets have a thinner silicon base, they don't shed any worse than the regular hair extension. Keep in mind that when extensions become frizzy, they are much more prone to shed.

To minimize shedding, damage and breakage, brush the extensions carefully between each use. You may use a brush that is particularly created to be utilized with hair extensions. The brush, which features gilded nylon bristles, is ideal as they slide smoothly through tresses and eliminate knots.

5 - Don't Go Overboard With Products

Keep in mind that the higher number of products one uses, the more they will have to wash their extensions, so using a small number of hair care products is the ideal way to prevent shedding and maintain it. Moreover, since your seamless hair extensions naturally have a lovely and healthy-looking finish, you should not require many treatments or products to enjoy them.

6 - Style Your Extension In The Right Way

Before you style your extension, always use a heat protectant solution and only use a low thermal temperature of 120°C or 250°F, because anything higher than that risks harming the hair. Although your natural hair can withstand a high temperature, this is because it is continually regenerated from the head and grows at a steady rate. Extension, on the contrary, does not get the same nourishment. 

Extreme temperatures and elevated heat can wreak havoc on your extensions in the long term, as well as weaken the silicone connection with the tresses. Generally, heat is unlikely to harm the silicon base of the wig except for when it is too high.


Seamless hair extensions can be a great accessory to get a glamorous and chic-looking hairstyle without compromising comfort. The thin silicon makes this hair extension extremely practical for regular use. To make the extensions last longer, you should follow a proper care routine.

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