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Some Hot Questions and Answers Weaves

Some Hot Questions and Answers Weaves

Fashion Blog Thu Dec 26 2019

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Hey Ladies are you stressing over what to do with your weave? Are you wondering how long should I keep it in? Well today we will discuss a few questions and answers. Wearing a weave can sometimes get a bit complicated specifically if you are new to wearing them. You must educate yourself on what to do and how to do it. The biggest misconception women have about wearing a weave or extensions is that the hair will take care of itself. You have to keep you hair up and the weave hair up!

1. What age should a parent start letting their kid dye their hair?

Numerous women concerned this problem greatly.Some people said it is none of my -or anyone else's business. Due to the fact that too early to color the hair extensions would harm your remy virgin hair.In my viewpoint, it depends on the kid and why they want their hair dyed.


2. Do you like your hair being played with?

I discovered this question in a forum by a woman who is already 40 years of ages, she stated she liked her hair being played with, however some good friends around her thought it's not appropriate to her age, specifically for some hair color and hair styles, for instance, indian hair weaves, kinky curly.They stated If it was a 25 year old stunning lady with a gorgeous body she might play with whatever she desired.


3. Best shampoo and conditioner?

Hair shampoo is chosen according to your scalp condition, whether it is oily, dandruff or delicate. Shampoo is to clean your scalp only. If first wash does not foam well, wash away and wash again the 2nd time. Do not shampoo your hair bundles with closure ends however simply utilizing the foam to wash it. Conditioner is a need to as you have long hair. Select a conditioner that will detangle the ends as you are combing through with your fingers. Conditioners can be moisturiser, rinse or reconstructor, refer to the brand. Rinse will be good for your condition.


4. Whats triggering my hair loss an how to fix it?


1. Humidity makes hair dry and brittle, leading to hairfall


2. Colouring the hair harms the hair strands causing damage


3. Contamination is also a hidden killer of healthy hair


4. Tangled hair is the most typical reason for hair fall


5. While shampooing cleans your 100 human hair, routine conditioning is required for appropriate moisturization. Routine use of conditioner post hair shampoo also fixes the problem of entangling which is the significant reason for hair fall.



1. Modification how you design your hair.


2. Don't clean your hair typically.


3. Cut your hair shorter, so you don't NEED to put it up!


In a word, do the best thing in right age, no matter make up or dye hair, try your best to secure your hair as you can to control the loss of hair, besides, use the very best suitable hair shampoo and conditioner, then wear your preferred haircut.Do not try too tough to look great, the most uncomplicated coiffure can make you look beautiful!

How long does it require to get a weave set up?

1-2 hours for bonded weaves. 2-4 hours for stitch in weaves. (This need to include cutting and styling).


Are weaves just for African American hair textures?

No weaves and extensions are for all hair textures, Straight, Curly, and Silky, Wavy etc


. I do not have a relaxer; can I still get a weave?

Yes, you do not need to have a perm/ relaxer to get a weave.


I simply had a relaxer/perm can I still get a weave?

You can still get a weave but you ought to wait 1-2 weeks after you get your relaxer if you mean to get a stitch in. If you desire a bonded weave there is no wait time.


Should I clean my hair prior to my consultation?

You can and it will save time on the total procedure it is just necessary if your stylist requires you to (Ask your stylist if she will charge additional for this service). If you do clean please do not utilize excess oil on your scalp prior to your appointment. You should likewise deep condition your hair prior to your visit.


How many packs of hair do I require?

You will require 1 pack of hair for a partial weave, and 2 packs of hair for a full weave. For a fuller look and normally when utilizing Virgin hair lots of ladies will require 3 packs of hair which equals 12 ounces of hair.


For how long does my hair need to be to get a weave?

Your hair needs to be a minimum of 3 inches wish for a sew-in weave. The length of your hair does not matter if you are getting a bonded weave.


Can I shampoo my weave?

Yes, you may hair shampoo your sew in weave every two weeks, or as needed. You can not shampoo a bonded weave.


Should I oil or moisturize my hair and scalp under my weave?

Completely! I advise Dr. Miracles Spot Serum or his Grow oil as a hair moister and scalp conditioner. You can utilize any oil you should use an oil bottle with a nozzle on it so you can get in between the tracks.


Can I transition from a relaxer to natural hair with a weave?

Yes, as you do not need to have a relaxer to have a weave. Weaves are one of the very best transitioning designs out due to the fact that you are offering your hair a break!


The length of time can I leave my weave in?

6 to 8 weeks is advised if you are trying to grow your natural hair. The max is 4 months, if you have a complete weave, the weave might still look excellent, but your hair underneath is the main issue. Usually women with silky straight or wavy hair textures can just leave their weaves in for no longer than 8 weeks. Women with tighter curls and thicker hair can go the max of 4 months. Matting, tangling, and fearing (which causes hair loss) may be an outcome if you leave your weave in too long.

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