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The differences between Swiss Lace Closure and HD Lace Closure

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 28 2020

We all know about closures and frontals by now. But what many of us don’t really know is the difference between a Swiss lace closure and the HD lace closure. Let’s dive into this topic to know more about these two products.

First, let’s talk about the Swiss lace closure


What is the Swiss lace closure? The Swiss lace is the most undetectable material and it has many colors to suit to your skin tone. When it is adhered properly to your skin, it gives an invisible hairline, as though the hair is growing out of your scalp. The Swiss lace closure is elaborately processed through many different stages. It was carefully processed each strand of hair to create a beautiful, and non-rough as well as becoming the trendy product.


Moreover, thanks to friendly and smart design, the lace closure always make its owners feel comfortable even wearing in hot weather. The feature is known as the highlighted advantage of the Swiss lace closure. So, many people want to own closure. Besides that, Swiss lace has a similar color with people’s scalp, so people can not recognize that you are wearing a wig.

Secondly, here is all about the HD lace closure that we need to know


HD Lace systems feature a high definition hairline unless otherwise requested. Knots can be bleached in the part or all over for a more natural appearance. For short brush-back hairstyles with darker hair we often recommend a re-coloring process in the front, where we ventilate blond hair into the base and then color that hair to your chosen hair color. This avoids the need for knot bleaching in the front and provides a very realistic hairline area, so the hair appears to be naturally growing out of your head even under close scrutiny.


Lace bases can accommodate any hair length, style, wave/curl, and cap size, and up to a medium density. However, hair longer than 10 inches may require lighter densities to avoid excess shedding. Please see the chart below for details.


Lace works well for people who need to place the system behind their growing front hairline and blend the two, or use the system to create a natural-looking front hairline in lieu of a growing one.

Here is some characters of the HD lace closure. The lifespan of a HD silk lace is 1-2 months. The dectectablility to touch is low. The ventilation type is knotted. It don’t have the size limitation. We can use liquid adhesive to stick the lace.


Base material of HD Lace Closure is fine lace. High definition front hairline is needed. The dectectablility to touch is low. The ventilation type is knotted. It don’t have the size limitation. We can use liquid adhesive to stick the lace.


Here we will list 3 main differences between the Swiss lace closure and the HD lace closure.


The foundation: Silk base closures generally do not require any bleaching of the knots. Because of the silk material on the back on the closure, the knots are not visible and mimic the scalp without needing many alterations.


The color: The lace of hair bundle deals with closure can come in different shades, which is very helpful in making sure that what you are getting works best for your scalp color. It cannot be reiterated enough about the importance of making your sew in look as natural as possible. With that, though the lace of closures can come in different colors, they are still very much transparent so you will see whatever it lays on.


The construction: The construction of silk closures make the hair unit look more natural and more like your scalp. The silk material underneath is the ideal method for using a closure as the finishing piece of your hair install. However, this type of closure tends to be a little thicker, which can pose a challenge for getting a super flat install. 


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