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Tried And Tested Remedies For Thicker And Fuller Hair Naturally

Tried And Tested Remedies For Thicker And Fuller Hair Naturally

Fashion Blog Sat Oct 31 2020

Though we blame pollution for hair fall, it is not entirely true. It is just one of the causes, and the other reasons are imbalanced diet, stress, and medical health issues. You can strengthen your hair using natural remedies and grow it thicker and fuller using the below tips. There are tons of remedies available on the internet on how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally, but none of them claim to be tried and tested. The below methods are all well-tried remedies with promising results.

Hair Masks

Hair masks act as supplements to your hair that supply required nutrition from outside. They effectively provide nourishment to every strand till the end where natural nutrients cannot reach.

Onion Juice

One medium-sized onion or few small onions

Grind the onion after cutting the root and stalk, extract the pure onion juice. You can add little to no water while grinding as the effect of the juice is directly proportional to its concentration. If you cannot grind, you can also fine grate it. All you need is juice. Sieve the juice using a strainer or put the mixture into a cloth and extract the juice. 

Using a cotton ball, rub the juice on the scalp, making sure you do not leave any portion of the scalp. You only need to apply it to the scalp, and no need to spread over to the hair strands. Hair follicles cannot push through the dead skin, dirt, or anything else clogging it. The Sulphur present in the onion juice clears up the pores and helps the hair to grow.

It also helps in activating the hair follicles from within and promotes hair growth. You see a reduction in hair fall instantly as it strengthens the roots, and with consistent use, the hair grows slowly from the roots, increasing the hair volume. Seeing your hair volume, everyone will be tempted to ask you how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally and you just smile away.

Green Gram Paste

- Split green gram - 1/2 cup

- Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon

- Gram soaked water - as required.

Soak Split green gram in lukewarm water for an hour and grind it to a fine paste of thick consistency. Add lemon juice and mix well. Use the lentil soaked water while grinding as well as to adjust consistency. Make sure the paste spreads quickly but does not drip after application. Apply this paste from the scalp to the end of the hair completely. Coat each hair and complete scalp thoroughly.

Let it soak in for an hour and wash it with warm water. You can shampoo as usual after applying this hair pack. This simple two-ingredient recipe will not only promote hair growth but also provide three other benefits. It helps in managing frizzy hair, controlling hair fall, and adding volume to hair strands.

You will observe instantaneous volume from the first use itself and excellent results upon consistent use. As the rich protein content in the green gram supplies your hair with ample nutrition, it helps the split ends heal, and the existing hair becomes stronger. How to make hair thicker and fuller naturally? Will never again be a question for you while using this remedy.


- Egg - 1

- Thick Curd - 2 tablespoons

- Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon

Blend all three ingredients and apply them all along the scalp and hair to its full length. Wash it off using cold water or lukewarm water as egg curdles if you use warm or hot water. Getting rid of the curdled egg lumps from the hair is tricky, and they look awkward on your hair. So, take care of the water temperature. 

This protein-rich bioactive mask helps in adding nutrition as well as improves the scalp health. Curd adds shine and conditioning, where egg adds nutrition and strength. Lemon helps in removing the dirt and dandruff, thus clearing the scalp from an unhealthy environment. 

All these ingredients together -clean, protect, nourish the hair, and support staying strong.


Oils such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, and similar oils, when applied in their pure form, impart several benefits to your hair. You need to warm the oil, apply it to the scalp, and slowly massage it into the scalp. As the blood flow increases, the hair follicles get stronger naturally.

Adding additives to oil help in enhancing the benefits of the oiling process. Simple ingredients such as dried curry leaves or hibiscus flowers soaked in the oil add extra strength to your hair. Also, applying it to the full length of the hair will help in conditioning the complete hair.


Maintaining a balanced diet is very important for keeping your hair growth at maximum. The below foods help in quick hair growth.

Seafood: Prawns, fish, and similar seafood is a rich source of protein

Eggs: Egg is loaded with several vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair

Flax seeds: Omega 3 acids are plenty in them

Stress Relievers

If you are overly stressed, you need to relax your senses; otherwise, you risk losing lots of hair. Yoga and meditation help in relieving the stress. Also, the morning and evening sunlight helps in fighting depressive thoughts and fills you with hope. Moreover, this sunlight also helps you produce vitamin D, which is also responsible for healthy hair.

Two ancient ways that help you in rejuvenating your hair growing ability are provided below.

Prasanna Mudra

Rubbing the nails of the four fingers with each other by placing your hands in front of your chest will help you achieve strong, shiny hair. You need to do this for 5 to 10 minutes every day, and the results are evident in 30 days. Your hair fall will reduce drastically, and you will see your hair is healthier than when you started.


Brushing your hair several times using a hairbrush by putting enough emphasis on your scalp to stimulate it will strengthen the roots. It also exfoliates the scalp regularly and adds shine to your hair.

Final Note

Now stop wondering how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally and start working on the given tips for confirmed results. Here the key for thicker and fuller hair is to retain the existing hair and to grow new hair. When you can control the hair fall, your half aim is achieved. Using the above remedies in combination will give you quicker results.

For instance, you can apply an onion juice mask every four days; in between, you can oil your hair once and apply an egg mask the next time. Continue taking a balanced diet as well as follow the mudra daily along with hair brushing. 

Generally, this might seem too much, but when you start doing and see the results, it seems nothing. If you think practically the mudra takes hardly 10 minutes and mask or oil application takes hardly 15 minutes of your time. As the diet gets incorporated into your daily food and washing hair is already your routine, it's 30 minutes every day for the gorgeous hair.

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