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Wedding Hairstyles Extensions - A Bride’s Best Friend

Wedding Hairstyles Extensions - A Bride’s Best Friend

Fashion Blog Fri Jan 22 2021

On the most memorable days of their life, one makes sure that she looks like a princess with the wedding gown that fits like a glove and the perfect hairstyle. For the ideal wedding hairstyle, extensions are the absolute accessory to achieve the hair of your dreams. Whether it’s the classic curls, an elegant updo, or the bohemian loose waves, extensions provide a better look to your hair and help you feel your best when you walk down the aisle. Most bride natural hair doesn’t behave the way she wants. We believe that no bride should have to compromise on this day. So, with the newfound added volume and length, all the stunning hairstyles are achievable. Wedding hairstyle extensions are designed to help you achieve the fairy hairstyle on occasion. Read the article below to know the reasons, tips, etc., to wear extensions on the wedding day.

Why You Should Wear Extensions on The Wedding Day?

Since childhood, every girl has dreamt of this day and imagines herself in a beautiful outfit along with a fairy hairstyle. Bridal hairstyles are intricate, and they need voluminous as well as thick hair. Apart from the length and volume, extensions also serve as a helping hand in enhancing your hairstyle's beauty. Let us know the three main reasons for wearing extensions on the wedding day. 


No bride would wish to have flat hair on her special day. Wedding hairstyles extensions bring locks to your life, add thickness, and give them a new appearance. They are a beautiful enhancement. Adding the extensions will boost the thickness of your limp hair.


Some of you might like to have long hair on your special day, but it takes ages to grow your hair to the desired length. The good news is, you don’t have to wait for so long because extensions will provide you the long hair and make you feel like a princess. 


Thin or short hair is difficult to style in different hairstyles.  They can be challenging to work with at certain times. But with extensions, you get several choices and ideas to design the bride’s hair. It’s just that she should not have to compromise due to her thin hair. 

Wedding Hairstyles with Extensions 

The 6 prominent hairstyles that can be made with the help of extensions are as under.

Messy Up-Do

This look with messy hair works well along with a hairpiece. It blends in so well and appears to be a part of your natural hair. Don’t forget to use hairspray at the roots that add volume and texture to the hair.

Classic, Chic Bun 

The hair tied in a bun looks simple and allows your gown and makeup to out-speak. Moreover, it is comfortable and keeps the hair out of reach from the face. You can add the accessory to highlight the bun.

Bridal Braids 

Bridal braids are in wide trend these days. The simplicity of this hairstyle is the leading cause of its popularity. 

Waterfall Braid 

For a romantic and sweet look, a waterfall braid is perfect. This style goes well with a traditional wedding gown. 

Soft Curls

Wedding hairstyles extensions work well with soft curls. These extensions light up the extra body and merge into this gorgeous look. This style will accompany you to your last dance. The natural hair holds ringlets less well than the extensions. 

Side-Swept Ponytail

Brides who tend to wear their hair often down can opt for this wedding hairstyle. The side-swept, curly romantic style works fabulously with a lace gown. This side ponytail is still down around the bride’s face bit in a more formal way. 

3 Tips For Wearing Wedding Hairstyles Extensions 

Wearing extensions on your wedding day is necessary to complete the outlook and achieve your dream wedding. Before wearing these extensions, you need to follow some tips that will enhance the length, fullness, and versatility of your hair.  

  • - The first one is to avoid using synthetic hair extensions and use extensions made with real human hair. Artificial extension melts with the heat of the curling iron and thus spoils the beauty of the hairstyle. 
  • - Secondly, don’t forget to color your extensions with the match of your hair color at your final appointment. 
  • - Last but not least, test your wedding hairstyles extensions before your wedding day and make sure that you are pleased with your look or not. 

If you are going to wear your hair up, use the hair shop skinny clips-ins that add volume and fullness to your hair. It won’t be noticeable as the clips are thin, and the pieces lay flat and nice. Three different lengths with 15 shades are available, including a beautiful array of blonde options. To add more thickness to your hair, you can go for hidden crown clips-ins. Not only adds length, but it also increases the volume of your final bridal hairstyle. 

The possible combinations with 61 colors and six different lengths are genuinely endless. Glam seamless clip-in extensions made of Remy’s hair offers you several options to change your look on the wedding day. If we talk about Winsky clip-in hair extensions, they fit nicely into your pocket. Made from 100% Remy’s hair, this extension is available in various densities and lengths. Then there are Cashmere hair clip-in extensions that boast a unique feature of offering you the same color as your natural hair. 


As you scroll the Instagram and Facebook pages for bridal hair inspiration, all those fantastic styles have just one thing in common – clip-in hair extensions. These extensions are ideal for bridal hairstyle, allowing clipping them in style and care for them. You can choose between a wide variety of extensions and find the right color that matches your hair. 

Wedding hairstyles extensions have small clips that hide perfectly with your natural hair without damaging the texture. So, don’t be afraid of your fragile hair and opt for the hairstyle that you dreamt of for this special day. Clip-in the best hair extensions and be ready to walk down the aisle with a glamorous look.

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