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What are the best ways to treat the weave hair after coloring?

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 14 2020

In this article, we will give you 5 ways to keep your weave hair color as long as it is possible! Your weave hair after being colored, they are always sensitive and fragile. They will be faded out easily if you don’t take a good care of them. With the affect of the chemical procedures that goes along the time you color your weave hair, your hair can be damaged. Please don’t miss out these ways down here to have the durable glamorous weave hair.

1. Choose the right shampoo for your weave hair color

One of the important reasons that helps keeping the right color after you dye your hair is: Choosing the right shampoo and hair conditioner for your hair. The normal products will make your hair in this period more rough and courser. To clean your weave hair, just using the products that doesn’t contain the amoniac, peroxide and alcohol elements. Therefore, to clean your weave hair after dyeing, we advice you to use the products that has the “color protective” which is written on the label.  

2. Protect your weave hair from the sunshine

Everyone loves the sunshine, but our weave hair will be the most vulnerable when we expose them to the sun for too long time. Especially when your weave hair is still wet! To avoid this cause, don’t forget to bundle up your hair or apply an extra layer of suncream onto your weave hair. Wearing a lovely hat or cover your hair with a scarf with the thick fabric is very important too. 


3. Protect your hair from the seawater

Going out for the beach seems very interesting to us, while enjoying the relaxing time and nature. Now it might seem difficult to stay away from the sea, but it is essential to save your weave hair. The salt concentration in the seawater is harmful for our weave hair. If we do not clarify the residual salt in our weave hair, for a long time, these substances will quickly erode the dye layer. So the best solution when you still want to take a swim or sun-bathing: Let your weave hair stay at home.


4. Not dyeing your weave hair when they are dirty 

The dirty hair can help the dyeing process work out faster and easier. It is true but this is the reason that makes your weave hair faded out quickly and also will lead to so many problems in the long run.


5. Not dyeing your weave hair right after you had washed them

We shouldn’t dye your hair right after we had washed our hair because this is the moment when your hair become very weak. Besides, your weave hair will have no effect and it is difficult to color up and the color will be quite different with what you had expected. So please make sure to clean your hair at least 24 hours before dyeing.


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