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What is 10 Inches Weave Hair?

Fashion Blog Sat May 30 2020

We always feel we didn’t have hair length and type the media industry wanted that can make us feel disappointed. A hair weave is a great solution for that, the beauty of a hair weave, and the reason why it is such a popular method, is how undetectable it is. One type of weave hair that is very popular nowadays is 10-inch weave hair. 10-inch weave hair is very popular because it will take you just a few hours and for some hair types a few minutes to alter your look completely. At Michair, we have the 10-inch straight weave, 10-inch curly weave, with various colors. You can choose whatever you want. All of our hair is made of 100% natural human hair which has a very silky and beautiful texture. Now let’s talk about everything that goes along with the 10-inch weave hair.

Now, let’s dive deep into some characteristics of the 10-inch sew-in weave hair. One thing is very cool about this type of weave hair is: it will make you feel confident and looks glamorous. Walking out on street with this short weave hair definitely attracts much attentions more than you think.


1. It is made from 100% natural human hair.

Because it is virgin hair so you can put the trust into the product. Different with the synthetic hair, the 100% virgin human hair is what it is called. It means that the hair is real human hair which is not mixed with other low-quality hair.


2. It is 100% the remy hair

Comparing with the Non-remy hair – which does not have it’s roots aligned (that means all roots and tips not traveling in the same direction). Remy hair is collected in a method in which holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting (top at top, and ends at ends) as it grew. It is easy for you to comb with your finger, special after washing it. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair. In contrary, non-remy hair is collected simply shear hair from the head, and put it in a bag without regard to the way the cuticle layers of the hair line up. Remy hair is expensive and looks more natural due to the tedious process that the hair goes through to not damage the cuticle. Non- Remy hair is readily available and is cheaper than remy human hair. Remy hair lasts up to a year or more with proper care. Non-remy hair doesn’t last long and cannot be reused.


3. It has a perfect density

They all come with the right density to make sure the hair looks healthy, colorful, and voluminous. 10-inch sew-in weave hair has no split ends that can go on to cause hair damage. Understand that our weaves are the easiest to maintain since they are easy to clean up. Just remember to follow the instruction when washing it and, most importantly, don’t use toxic products. You will get what you see on here, and as you can see, all of the weaves we have are smooth and sleek looking. This is true for the human hair types too.


All of the characteristics above leads to some reasons why we need to buy a brand new 10-inch weave hair right now. Now, let’s discuss about some benefits of having the 10-inch weave hair.


1. It offers a different style

Assuming, for example, you have long hair, using the 10 inch weave or wig will change your style. Besides, you may use the hair to try out different hair textures as well as length. Do you have the type 4 hair that shrinks and therefore, the hair remains shorter? Use the 10 inch straight hair for a different style.


 2. It looks natural

Whenever you search for the 10 inch weave, we know that you are searching for the most natural-looking hair you can ever have. Well, many women have natural 10 inch hair. Not many people will, therefore, tell that you are wearing a weave. Depending on what you are buying the weave for, a 10 inch weave is more natural-looking, especially if you naturally have short to medium length hair. With such a length, you will have most people believing it’s your natural hair.

All those questions of whether the hair is your natural hair won’t occur if you use the same hair texture as yours. People will go on believing it’s your natural hair.


3. It’s easy to maintain

We are talking about just 10 inch weave. The time it takes you to wash it, for example, and the time it takes to wash the 28-inch one is quite different. It takes a shorter time to clean it and style it even combing it to place. Depending on the texture you choose, you won’t need to spend a lot of time in hair care.


If you happen to be someone who wants to change length, styles of your hair appearance, 10-inch weave is right for you. Whichever best fits your hair circumstances you can feel comfortable knowing you have so many options to choose. So shop around and make your request. Your new 10-inch sew-in weave hair is waiting for you.


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