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What Is Cambodian Hair? All You Need To Know About It

Fashion Blog Thu Dec 12 2019

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The market which is worth millions of dollars has been controlled generally by India and China. Nevertheless, nowadays, people's attentions have actually been diverted by Cambodian hair. So what is Cambodian hair like and why clients are falling for them? Follow us to learn everything about this game changer!

What is raw Cambodian hair?


Cambodian hair is collected straight from Cambodia with 3 main textures, namely straight, wavy and curly. It is morally collected from human donors and you do not need to worry about its lifespan and its healthiness.


Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair. "Unprocessed" means the hair has not undergone any heat, steam, or chemical treatment prior to. With that being stated, raw hair is the purest and most reliable kind of hair, which has actually not been endured with human's disturbance.


To address the question "what is Cambodian hair like?", we would ensure you that Cambodian hair is long and has a natural wavy circulation. It is naturally and lusciously beautiful. At the same time, it is very lightweight, which allows you to include your natural hair with carefree.


2, Cambodian hair, Brazilian, Indian, and Vietnamese hair which one is much better?


- Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions are most likely the most flexible on the market, with options varying from straight to kinky to curly and everything in between. Indian hair is soft with a high appeal and very fine density, which does leave it vulnerable to frizzing in truly humid weather condition.


Indian hair is easily styled and can be corrected or curled without much issue. It mixes well with most hair textures and is excellent for adding volume to thinning or sporadic hair. Raw Indian hair has not been treated with any chemicals and uses a beautiful blank canvas for creating the hair style that you prefer.


- Brazilian Hair Extensions

Probably the most popular type of hair extension on the market, Brazilian hair offers a lot of diversity in terms of styling alternatives. Brazilian hair tends to be soft and thick with lots of body.


Brazilian hair is naturally diverse; some are naturally straight while others have more of a wave. This hair type is durable, can hold curls well, and is more resistant to frizz than Indian hair When coloring Brazilian hair, it's best to speak with an expert. While Brazilian hair is naturally long lasting, it can be prone to harm if specific products are utilized improperly.


- Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

The hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is all gathered from women who often use traditional hair By traditional hair, we suggest their common functions, which are strong and resilient.


Compared to Brazilian and Indian hair, Cambodian and Vietnamese hair tends to be more course in texture, that makes it the very best bet for mixing with relaxed African American hair. Cambodian and Vietnamese hair is lightweight with lots of body and bounce, and also tends to be the more low maintenance choice.


Cambodian and Vietna mese hair holds up extremely well to styling. It can hold a curl well and can withstand dyes and coloring without much damage to the quality of the hair. If you are looking for much softer and thinner hair extensions, Vietnamese hair is exceptional. If you want coarser and thicker ones, Cambodian is better.


If you're searching for hair extensions that look fantastic, feel fantastic and is rather easy to preserve, then Cambodian and Vietnamese hair is your best choice.


3, Why should you choose the Cambodian hair?


The abundant hair.

With it, you will delight in a fuller head of hair. You do not need to utilize many however just about one bundle or 2 if your hair is brief.


The lightweight hair.

Using it is an enjoyable experience. The reason is, the weight is light. You will not even find out you are putting the hair on, let alone other people who will not be also to inform whether you wear it or not/.


Superior quality and durability.

If you choose 100% human hair, it will not disappoint you. That is why the manufacturers take it just from human donors with exceptional hair. The majority of them feature the outright highest quality. Not all, their life-span is longer.




Buying quality hair at a favorable price is not easy. Still, the Cambodian hair at MicHair may be an exception. It offers you any wonderful worths that are suitable for your needs and wants. On the other hand, the expense is reasonable.


4, Hacks for Cambodian hair care

After you have invested a huge sum on Cambodian hair extensions, it is essential for you to understand ideas and hacks to look after your Cambodian hair. Only by caring properly will you increase its life expectancy.

For good care, you actually need to keep in mind the theory part about "Cambodian hair like". Attributes are the basement for pointers and hacks to take care of hair. A basic procedure of care includes 4 stages.


Cleaning pointers

Cleanness is the essential concept. Wearing human hair extensions needs clean natural hair and scalp. As lots of other types of human hair extensions, top-notched shampoo and conditioner are constantly motivated. Go to a beauty parlor and ask for suggestions!

Never forget to detangle from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Wash your hair gently in the reverse instructions (down). Dry it mild and say no to rubbing.


Styling tricks

Heat is one of your Cambodian hair's rival. Brush Cambodian hair extensions a couple of times a day in a down motion.

When you will color or perm your Cambodian hair and you do not have any experience in hair industry, do not do it yourself. All chemical treatments should be restricted and taken care by stylists.


Sleeping practices

Never sleep when your hair is still wet. It is extremely recommended that you connect your hair together in a ponytail to prevent tangles.


Hair treatments

For long lasting Cambodian hair extensions, wetness your hair as you finish with your skin, which makes best sense. After activities like swimming and exercises, clean the hair immediately as dirt and sweat accumulation may end up being beyond our control. Keep in mind to use a swim cap made of latex to safeguard your glamorous Cambodian hair.

This short article presents all domains you need to learn about Cambodian hair, from "what is Cambodian hair like" to how to take excellent care of it. We hope that after this long "essay", you will not be puzzled any longer since from users' perspective, we understand your trouble in the market whose items are too abundant and various.

Cambodian hair, in our viewpoint, is an option which deserves your factor to consider. What we have written in the part "Cambodian hair like?" is truly its bonus offer points. It seems that it does not have minus point at all. If there is, it needs to be when compared to other products, it is not as good as them.


5, Where and How to buy it?

How do you buy the Cambodian hair package? The fastest method you can do is to take a seat in front of your computer and order online through hair vendors' sites. The deliverers will bring the Cambodian hair bundles to your address.


The price of Cambodian hair packages will alter a lot if you order in a big amount and the type of hair (Big order, Big discount rate!). Inexpensive Cambodian hair packages are readily available.


You can refer the most suitable price on the other website and specifically examine the quality of hair bundles prior to getting packages.


6, MicHair - the best Cambodian hair provider.


MicHair prides available our clients the finest quality virgin human hair. We are dedicated to using the products and supporting clients to have the best possible experience.


Unlike the others, MicHair Wholesale and manufacturers hair supplier supplies bundles in which all cuticles are the same direction from the root to the bottom. By utilizing them, the client will feel comfortable and convenient every wearing.


We are willing to deal with your needs of products and make you feel comfy. With many years of experience in the field of hair extensions, we always wait you to help you have a complete understanding of the high quality, rates.


Besides, MicHair likewise produces numerous items made from Cambodian hair such as complete lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, hair toppers and toupee, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and so on.


We likewise make discounts for special customers and battle to make products be shipped on time. We always try my best to attract and keep decent customers getting back.

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