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What is hair extensions

What is hair extensions? What should you learn about it?

Fashion Blog Wed Feb 26 2020

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Hair extensions come in different shades and designs allowing you to have a customized look anytime. Now, doesn't that sound outstanding? And also allows not forget the size. You can currently obtain long hair you've always wanted virtually instantly with hair extensions. Michair supplies vivid I-tip, U-tip, Clip-in hair and also PU Skin hair extensions.

There exists a way to have extensions and not have hair damages or loss?

If you need a fast styling solution or do not have a lot of time to spend on preserving your hair, after that remy hair extensions are an ideal solution. And you must return to your stylist for upkeep at the very least when a month. The stylist will see to it to make sure that the expansions are on effectively.


Which hair extensions is the best for you?

Have you ever questioned the distinctions among the 4 types of hair extensions techniques? It has a variety of hair extension available so you can choose the one that's right for you and your client.




Tape-in extensions are little wefts with adhesive tape on one side. It is likewise called "sticker label hair" by some business. The application can be done without the use of any type of devices. Generally your very own hair is "sandwiched" in between 2 strips of tape with the adhesive tape glued together. For finer hair you can utilize a single sided tape application. With this application a tape extension as well as a solitary sided adhesive tape are glued together with your very own hair in between.


Keratin hair extensions


If you are establishing your first hair extension company, or are just seeking to acquire a set of pre-bonded hair extensions, it is most likely that you would certainly have come across the term keratin expansions hair. For many people, words keratin holds little significance aside from "the adhesive made use of to fit hair extensions", however what numerous do not know is that keratin is in reality not an adhesive in all.




U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and also are put on the customer by use of a hot hair extension iron. This sort of hair extension is also called "Combination." It is a special item because of the solidity. The keratin application should just be done by the professionals.




I tip hair is connected with a slip free laced bead. They are applied with out any kind of warm, glue or chemicals. The highlight with a hair by hair approach is the all natural like motion that it provides, since it is connected to the exact same quantity of hair that gets on the hair it drops naturally and also looks perfectly complete. You can wear it anyway you would certainly like up or down, because it is connected by beads that match perfectly to your root shade!




Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to attach as well as can be perfectly matched with your own hair. They provide you much longer hair, lowlights, highlights or included volume. All clip-in hair extensions been available in one or several pieces (wefts) of different sizes. These expansions can be clipped in or out in minutes and also are virtually undetected.

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