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What Is Ombre Weave Hair? How To Care For Ombre Weave Hair Properly?

Fashion Blog Tue Jun 16 2020

Today, ombre hair is not too strange for everyone. You can go on many fashion magazines and we can see different hairstyles of beautiful ombre hair. It happens with the weave hair too, ombre weave hair has the darker colored hairs close to the scalp and light-colored hairs towards the lower portion of the hairs, it soon became one of the top-caring products by our customers. What makes it so special? Discover now with us!

What is ombre weave hair?

Ombre dye is also known as dye staining. This is a technique of dyeing two or more colors of the same tone in a bold or fading direction. Ombre itself (French: Ombré) is also used to indicate that the color changes from light to dark or vice versa. Ombre hair color is popular not only for its novelty, but also for its ability to combine with many different tones and hairstyles; skin color; face and highlight the individuality of us.

Usually, a hair-dyeing specialist will know how to mix bleach with the correct proportions so that the dye can go as expected and not reveal any "abnormal" areas. Ombre dye usually has light color on the tail, dark hairline. Usually, people often dye one color, or at most dye only 1-2 lines to increase the personality for yourself. However, Ombre dyeing is different. It is the interference of dyed blocks together.


Texture of ombre weave hair

All of our weave ombre weave hair is virgin hair. That means it is made from 100% human natural hair. This is the hair that has never been chemically processed. The virgin hair has a higher quality than the non-virgin hair (also known as the synthetic hair). Also, it is Remy hair. Remy is hair that is collected by a hair collector from a hair donor. The Remy hair is tied into a ponytail to make all the hairs flowing in the same direction.  The natural hair is then cut and preserved in that state. The cuticles are not remained aligned and stripped in one direction.

Comparing with the Non-remy hair – which does not have it’s roots aligned (that means all roots and tips not traveling in the same direction). Remy hair is collected in a method in which holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting (top at top, and ends at ends) as it grew. It is easy for you to comb with your finger, special after washing it. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair. In contrary, non-remy hair is collected simply shear hair from the head, and put it in a bag without regard to the way the cuticle layers of the hair line up. Remy hair is expensive and looks more natural due to the tedious process that the hair goes through to not damage the cuticle. Non- Remy hair is readily available and is cheaper than remy human hair. Remy hair lasts up to a year or more with proper care. Non-remy hair doesn’t last long and cannot be reused.


Types of ombre weave hair

As the other weave hair products, we also arrange ombre weave hair into 3 types. They are: Single ombre weave hair, double ombre weave hair and super double ombre weave hair. First, let’s talk about the single ombre weave hair. It is the thinnest hair types of weave hair and it contains more baby hair than the double and super double ombre weave hair. Double drawn bulk hair have less baby hair than the single drawn bulk hair. It has approcimately about 60-85% amount of hair strands that are in the same length. Compared single and double drawn hair, super double drawn human hair is the thickest hair. It has approx 85-90% amount of hair strands that are in the same length. Skilled craftsmen have to pluck the hair by hand only, no use machine. The hair creates an illusion that looks like our natural hair. Women who want to own thick tresses, this hair extension is the best solution. In the market now, there are different textures of hair extension, such as super double drawn curly hair, super double drawn straight hair, etc.


How to care for Ombre weave hair?

Are there any different when caring for other types of weave hair with the ombre weave hair? We will have the answer in this article!


Use specialized products for coloring for your ombre weave hair

This one can also be applied for your ombre weave hair. There are some ombre weave hair that had to be bleached many time to have the right color, then this process can greatly affect the health of weave hair. Especially for light-colored hairstyles like dyed brown, pink or platinum.

Therefore, you need to use specialized products of coloring for your ombre weave hair. These products don’t contain as much chemical detergent as conventional shampoo products. So the color can last longer and this process of using the hair products for coloring also helps restore damaged hair, hair dry and hair condition will gradually improve. These products also treat your hair color well and you won’t be worry about how to keep your weave hair color. Beautiful and stylish ombre dyed hair will keep the color for a long time, helping your hair color as beautiful as the first day.


Restricted to use heating and styling hair tools

Stay away from the hair heating and styling machine as much as possible. The reasons for this are very simple. Because the heat, also known as the "bad heat" will severely affect the hair, causing it to become dry, fibrous, and quickly fade. Your hair is in the process of recovery after dyeing ombre, you should keep your hair "away" from heat, electricity, styling tools, hair dryers.

Then, you should limited to use these heating tools for protecting your ombre weave hair. Only use it when it is severely needed and remember to spray the thermal insulation spray before conditioning. Use only when absolutely necessary and remember to use thermal insulation spray before conditioning. To taking care of your weave hair, and use the hair products in the right way, we believe that you can achieve a great look on your ombre weave.


Not using the hair condition for too long

We often think that using a long conditioner will make the conditioner penetrate deeper into the hair, caring for the hair. This is a misconception, accidentally making your hair color affected and fade faster. Experts say that only 2 to 3 minutes is enough to nourish and penetrate your hair.

Please remember to keep in mind that hair conditiner is needed but do not use it for too long.


Ombre hair weave can create a great harmonious appeal to weave hair wearers. With its multicolored styles, you definitely have a hot hairstyle as you always want once trying it on. Let’s find a suitable ombre hair weave for you at Michar now, you will definitely be surprised with what you had chosen.



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