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What Is The Making Process Of Curly Hair Extensions?

What Is The Making Process Of Curly Hair Extensions?

Fashion Blog Tue Jul 14 2020

Human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are made of real, human natural hair from top the bottom. They are collected from hair donors everywhere in Vietnam. That is the defination of natural human hair extensions, what about the curly hair extensions? Is there any specific processes of making them that is different to the other types of hair extensions in general? Have you ever wondered about how to make your curly hair extensions that is applied on your head? This article will show you the detailed process of that.

1. Preparation of curly hair production process. 

Every process needs to be prepared. Well, you can not make a house without

having bricks, steel or building tools. Making curly weft is the same case.

Here are some necessary materials that we need to make curly hair extensions at factory:

Straight Hair Extensions

Curly Tubes

Neutralizer Lotion

Waving Lotion

Steaming Machine

The curly hair will not be a “real curly” hair without any of these elements.


2. Process: 4 steps to make curly hair extensions.

2.1. Shaping

Like what it’s called, shaping means twisting straight hair into curly shape

and remain it unchanged in the required style. There are many kinds of Curly Tubes with different sizes and what you need to do is choosing the right types of following the styles of the hair.

This is simple. Choosing the tube of which diameter matches that of a curly

roll of your wanted hair. Next, shaping it and using rubbers to tight it up. This is not a hard step, however, requiring skill full hands and experience. Michair employees are all high-trained with more than 10 years of experience. They will definitely bring you the most long-lasting curly extension ever.


2.2. Applying waving lotion

Waving lotion is a popular lotion in creating hairstyles. It helps stretch the hair for forming and providing moisture to protect hair from heat. This is the easiest step of all: Pouring Waving lotion on the shaped hair and waiting until the lotion takes effect. There is one tricky problem is how to choose the right one and apply it correctly. We recommend you to choose lotion that is high-quality and have clear origins, especially from the United States. Their products have suitable concentration and fast visible effects.


The last and also the most decisive factor of a perfect weft curly extension is the formula requiring extremely precise ratio. After applying lotion, wait for until 20-30 minutes so it can take effect.


2.3. Steaming process

The purpose of steaming is to use heat to keep the hair in shape for permanent. These are the steps that show the difference between a factory and a home-made weft curly hair extension. Our factory is well-equiped with high technology steaming machine. Normally, the time and temperature of steaming are based on the types of curly hair extensions. The smaller the roll of your hair, the longer it needs to steamed, usually about 1-2 hours in temperature varying from 100-200 degrees. The employees need to be extremely careful because over-heating can result in dried or even can burn your hair extensions. Occasionally, hair after steaming is quite wet. It will go through another process that is drying. The factory can use high power fans to dry it without using heat. We will use a fan to dry it instead of using heat to dry the curly hair extenesions.


2.4. Applying neutralizer lotion

Do you know neutralizer lotion? It is liquid medicine which is used for remaining the shape of the hair for years. This step can be regarded as the second step of applying neutralizer lotion. Time for this process to be completely finished will be 30-45 minutes. And final thing that you need to remember is that it is important to remove the rubbers, tubes to gain the great result.

The last thing you need to do is removing the rubbers, tubes and achieve the result.


3. Frequent asked questions about curly hair extensions

Q1: How long can your curly hair extensions last?

Our curly hair extensions, just like the other types of hair extensions, can last up to 3 years or more. It also depends on how you use the hair extensions and how you take care of it. But the average time will always be from one to two years.

Q2: Does black curly hair extensions can last longer than colored one?

That is right! To make curly hair, the employees need to create a mixture of waving lotion and color lotion. Adding a great amount of waving lotion will result in fading color or too much color lotion that will result in stretching fast. Therefore, colored curly hair extensions can not last as long as a natural color curly hair extensions such as black, dark black hair extensions.

Q3: Can I apply styles on the hair extensions?

Yes, you totally can. However, this hair has been styled once. Styling one more time will partly affect your hair. You should consider this carefully.


And that is it! I hope that we brought you useful tips and detailed information about how to make hair extensions in the right way. If you have more questions about hair extensions, just send us your questions and we are very pleased to answer you.


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