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All The Truth about Virgin Hair Extensions

What Is Virgin Hair?

Fashion Blog Fri Jan 17 2020

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What is Virgin Hair?(All The Truth about Virgin Hair Extensions)

111.   What Is Virgin Hair And Why Does It Matter?


Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, also known as Pure virgin hair, it has to be 100% pure.


- It can not have gone through any sort of chemical processing, so when you purchase this hair, it has actually not been permed, colored dealt with, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, gone through any other chemical processing.


- It's from one single donor so each bundle you purchase should from the same donors( the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). This has actually not been exposed to any sort of harsh representatives and the cuticles all still have to be undamaged and running the very same direction.


If these things are not so, this is not real virgin hair


Here's why virgin hair is chosen: The Highest Quality Hair( But Most Expensive), Last Longer than any other kinds of hair extension.


2. What Is Remy Hair?


Remy hair: the cuticle is still undamaged and all the hair is running in the very same direction from root to suggestion.


- Remember: Remy hair perhaps come from numerous donor.


- If your hair is Remy human hair, you can dye it, you can wash it, and with excellent care, it should last over 6 months( if correct care).


- Remember: Hair vendors frequently misguide the client. In fact, Remy hair simply indicates the direction of the cuticle of the hair.


Remy hair is thought about to be the great quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, unlike in most other non-remy hair extensions. Remy hair is

NOT the best grade of hair.


Please read below short article explaining What is Remy hair.


233.   What's The Difference Between Virgin Hair And Remy Hair?


To specify as virgin hair, it must the following strict standards: not been permed, colored, colored, bleached and chemically processed in any way, originates from one single person.


1. The best thing of virgin hair weave is that it can last no less than a year with appropriate care and upkeep.

2. With Virgin hair, you need to take care of it similar to your own natural hair, since virgin human hair is lace of these processes, the cuticles are intact. This likewise implies that more work is required in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair.

3. The color that appears in the hair weave is natural, which is why you see only this color offered when virgin hair packages are offered.


Keep in mind: Remy hair is most likely the most misinterpreted and excessive used expression in the hair market.


Remy hair is accomplished when the cuticles are still undamaged and not stripped, and most importantly it's bundled so that the cuticle lays in the very same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor. Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates hair extensions that are entirely natural in look.


Any other product does not fit the expense. The fact is, 98.99% of all human hair out there has been chemically dealt with in one form or another.


4. How To Tell The Difference Between Virgin Hair And Remy Hair?


1. One basic way to tell if a hair weave has chemicals is by smelling it, as chemically processed hair will have that appeal supply odor or a severe, strong chemical fragrance.

2. You can see the color to differentiate. You ought to also understand that most virgin weave hair offered in beauty parlors are dark.


5. Is Virgin Hair Better Than Remy Hair?


The answer is according to your own need.

1. Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair utilized to dye, perm or bleach his or her hair while the donor of 100 virgin human hair doesn't use any chemical products. And Remy hair needs to be rearranged but unprocessed virgin hair always comes as it is.

2. Virgin hair is more precious and expensive, and it's the best item among all the hair extensions. However both of the virgin and Remy hairs are smooth, healthy with ideal shape and quality.


3. Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension on the market due to the quality and price.You will also get that natural appearance since the hair is going the direction it is expected to (unlike other non remy hair bundles or weaves).


6. What Is No-Remy Hair?


Non-Remy hair is hair that does not have its roots aligned (Roots and ideas not traveling in the same direction).


Given that the cuticle runs in both instructions it requires a higher concentration of acid. Ultimately leading to hair with really low wetness, leading to dry straw-like hair.


7. What Is The Difference Between Remy And Non-Remy Hair?


The greatest distinction is to inspect whether the cuticles are kept undamaged and not stripped.


One way you can test it is to make certain that if you damp your hand, dip it in some water, you go down, it is gon na feel really truly smooth. You dip your hand back in the water, you're gon na go up, it is gon na type of feel rough and that's what you want.


If it feels smooth decreasing and smoothes going up that means that the cuticle has actually been eliminated.


8. So What Side Are You On? Virgin, Remy Or Non-Remy Hair?


Generally speaking, natural virgin hair collected is remy hair because it was never blended with other hair or straightened.


This helps explain why remy hair is typically much cheaper than virgin - it's mixed with many individuals' hair.


Some customers reveal that remy is softer/shinier and for that reason much better; it's more than likely been chemically treated (think dipped in acid or silicon) and will not last long after its very first number of dyes and perms.


Virgin Hair vs Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair, Which is Best?


Have you got it? You can see the chart below:


1. Virgin hair is the best item amongst all the hair extensions, it is more valuable and costly.

2. Virgin hair weave is from one donor, and what I imply from one donor is that one person of the hair that you are giving.Remy hair is from numerous donors with slightly processed. No Remy hair is originating from numerous donors, the hair is going to various direction, are not going in the exact same instructions.

3. Virgin and Remy hair: the cuticle is still intact and all the hair is running in the same instructions from root to tip.While,non-remy hair has both the roots and the tips blended. Properly matting and inversion will happen.

4. Virgin hair packages are going to be the a few of the most expensive hair that you can purchase but it lasts longer than any other kinds of hair extension.


 Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. Both of them are smooth, healthy with perfect shape and quality.

 Remy hair extensions are used by ladies who love style all over the world and remain in high need, and it can blends well with their own hair. Besides, compared the higher price of virgin human hair, I choose Remy hair weaves.

 You can read more about the distinction among virgin hair vs remy hair and non remy hair here.


9. What Are The Benefits Of Virgin Hair Weaves?

1. Good virgin hair can give you more options.You can select various hairdos to reveal your appeal greatly. For special events such as a wedding, you may attempt lavish styles.

2. Another significant advantage of virgin hair is that it is low upkeep.

3. One concern about women hair is shedding, virgin hair consists of thick and strong strands which do not break quickly.

4. The truth that natural hair enables you to design it however you desire makes it a great choice for any female. Whether you want to use clip-in extensions or you have an interest in hair weaves, with real virgin hair extensions you ought to have the ability to look best at any time of the day.


Frequently Asked Questions About Virgin Hair


Can Virgin Weave Hair Be Bleached/Dyed?


Yes.Virgin hair extensions are the very best kind of weaves for dying. Due to the fact that this hair has actually not been chemically processed in any way, they can be colored with very little damage to the hair. While it's finest to prevent overly harsh chemicals, virgin hair extensions can be lightened or darkened as natural hair.


The Length Of Time Does Virgin Human Hair Last?


It can last as much as 1 year if proper upkeep.


Does Virgin Hair Tangle, Shed?

Virgin hair does not tangle or matte (if correctly taken care of). Hair that has actually been sewn on a weft will have some shedding, which is regular. However, shedding is very minimal when the wefts are intact and have actually not been cut.

To reduce shedding, a lot more, we HIGHLY suggest sealing your wefts


Can I Color Virgin Hair Extensions?


Yes. The hair extensions can be colored. As a basic rule it is much easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair.


We extremely suggest having your hair stylist color the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them yourself constantly postures a high danger of not coming out the shade you want. If you can not get to a beauty salon, always utilize a good quality hair dye and evaluate a small sample first.


Can the Virgin hair be straightened or curled?


Yes, it is 100% human hair, like your own hair. You can curl and correct the alignment of the hair as preferred.


You have the ability to utilize a thermal (hot) tool to correct, curl, crimp, and so on. Bear in mind the hair does not have all the nutrients that a hair growing from your scalp will.


Heat damage can cause damage and dryness. It is important that you utilize a heat-protecting product, constantly co-wash your hair, and safeguard it during sleep hours.


How to Care for Virgin Hair Extensions?

You ought to treat your extensions as you would your real hair. Avoid using excessive quantities of heat and products. A non-sulfate hair shampoo and conditioner are advised.


100% virgin hair can last longer than any other types of hair extension if it's correctly made sure of.In this video, here are some virgin remy hair care suggestions for you, hope you can take care your hair better and last longer.

read more: What’s the Difference Between Remy Hair and Non-remy Hair.


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