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Which Curly Hair Extension One Will Look The Best On You?

Which Curly Hair Extension One Will Look The Best On You?

Fashion Blog Mon Dec 21 2020

The demand for wigs had gained an increase over the years. The main reason for this is rising in hair loss problems and baldness irrespective of gender and age. Hair wigs are also used to enhance style and fashion. If you want a change in your hairstyle and hair color without damaging the natural hair, wigs are always the best option. Hair wigs are much convenient and can be styled in limitless ways maintaining a natural look. Vietnam is one of the top countries that exports wigs and hair extensions all over the world. There are many prominent wholesale, retail, and customized wig manufacturers in Vietnam. The article focuses mainly on the top wholesale wig suppliers in Vietnam.

Types Of Curly Hair Extensions

Before we go into hair extensions, you should understand that the best type of hair extensions is raw hair. 

Loose Curly

These curls are relaxed and open and form a deeper S shape. These curls look very natural and have three different types - body wave, deep wave, and deep curly. They are perfect for people who do not have their hair too curly but want a texture and bounce. 

- Deep Wave hair has tight and compact voluptuous curls. They give a healthy and beautiful appearance with a sheen. Many celebrities adorn these deep and luxurious curls on the red carpet. All the hair strands are equally thick, smooth and feature a deep spiral and wavy texture that makes your hair look bouncy and full. To retain their structure and texture, you will have to maintain them well. 

- Deep Curly hair has more natural-looking curls and adds a lot of volume and thickness to the hair. Usually, this is for women who have deep curls but lack in volume and length. They are tighter curls than deep wave hair and have a natural shine and texture. 

- Body wave, as the name suggests, has a wavy and effortless curly look. They are a relaxed version of deep wave, with a slightly elongated S pattern. They look seamlessly attractive and sultry, giving away a fabulous look and feel. The best part is they do not tangle easily, therefore are very easy to maintain. 

Aunty Funmi Hair

Also, popularly known as Spiral, bouncy curly hair is one of the most popular curly hair extensions amongst women, especially black women. As the name suggests, they have a deep spiral and bouncy feel and add a lot of volume to your natural curls. The curl grabs a lot of attention with its texture and shine. The hair is a little straight from the roots and then forms thick beautiful curls. They are also straightforward to maintain. 

Kinky Curls

Just to add volume to your hair, the ideal curly hair extension is kinky curls. It is very versatile and can be blended easily with all kinds of hair types. They have a lot of fluff and deep acute coils. The hair is bouncy and makes your hair stand out by adding a lot of structure and personality.  

Pixie Curls

The smooth and soft texture of this curly hair gives a luxurious and bouncy texture. They are available in both long and short extensions. It is a great hair extension for elegant yet comfortable looking hair. 

Baby Curls

As the name suggests, these hair extensions have the look of baby hair. When attached to your hair, they give away the look of baby hair with extensive curls. They are another popular choice amongst women as they have a shiny, fluffy, and smooth texture. 

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair Extensions

Below are a few steps that will help you keep the hair extension healthy and soft. 

Use A Moisturizer

You will have to treat your hair extensions with extra care and attention. The first and the most crucial step you can take is properly moisturizing the hair extensions. You can choose sulfate-free products that will keep the hair soft and smooth and give away a shine. 

Wash The Extensions With A Neutralizing Shampoo

Curly hair extensions are high maintenance and need a proper care regime to keep the texture and curls intact. You will have to wash them at least once or twice a week, depending on the kind of hair extension you have chosen. To wash the hair, you must not use a harsh shampoo, instead use a neutralizing shampoo. 

Use A Leave-In-Conditioner

As mentioned above, curly hair extensions need an extensive hair care routine. Unlike your curly hair that gets natural oils from your scalp, you will have to nourish your hair extensions externally. The leave-in conditioner will help keep the hair hydrated and make the detangling process easy. It will also give a shine without making the hair heavy. 

Detangle The Extensions

It’s essential to detangle the hair extension to avoid breakage. And the best way to do that is to detangle when your extensions are wet and well moisturized. You must try to use a wide-tooth comb and start detangling from the bottom and move upwards. 

Let The Extensions Air Dry

It is not a good idea to blow-dry your extensions. To retain the luster and shine of the hair, you need to air dry them under cold natural air. 

Less Usage Of A Heat-Styling Tool

It is again a bad idea to apply hear-styling tools to add curls to your hair extensions, as they make it very dry. Instead, you can use Flexi-rods, sponge rollers, and perm rods to extra curl your extensions. 

Keep Is Protected While Sleeping

Generally, this is only applicable if you have sewn-in-extensions. The cotton pillow may entangle your hair and make it rough. To protect your extensions, you can sleep with your hair wrapped in a satin/silk scarf or cover it with a silk bonnet. And to ensure your curls are well defined, you can pineapple the hair while sleeping. 


Curly hair extensions are hard to find. The best ones are Brazilian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Malaysian hair. They are considered the finest of human hair extensions. They need a lot of maintenance and a proper hair care regime to keep the extensions healthy-looking, voluminous, and shiny. Now that you know the kinds of curly hair extensions available, you can easily find the one that will suit you the best. 

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