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Which hairstyle is perfect for your face shape?

Which hairstyle is perfect for your face shape?

Fashion Blog Mon Apr 05 2021

We all are blessed with different features and shapes of our body parts. Every feature and shape is beautiful in its own way. But there is always a way to enhance your natural beauty. If you feel chubby in your round face shape, then you must be getting the wrong hairstyle or the wrong haircut. There is always a solution to a problem. And we have a solution for you. Yes! You heard it right. We will help you to determine your face shape and then will suggest a perfect hairstyle for your face that will help you slay at the farewell party.

How to determine your beautiful face shape?

Before analyzing our natural features, always keep in your mind that you are beautiful the way you are. Never feel discouraged or sad by the beauty standards of this society. Just enhance your beauty and cheer it up. So here are some steps to measure your facial features and determine which face shape do you have:

- Pick a measuring tape:

The first step you need to do is take a measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror.

- Measure your face length:

Measure your face length by placing a measuring tape from the center of your hairline to the tip of the chin.

- Measure your forehead:

Measure the width of your forehead by placing a measuring tape from one eyebrow arch to the other eyebrow arch.

- Measure your cheekbone:

Measure the width of your face by placing a measuring tape from the one cheekbone corner to the opposite cheekbone corner.

- Measure your jawline:

Measure your jawline by placing a measuring tape from the jawline angle under your ear to the tip of the chin. Repeat this step to the other side of your jawline to get a full length.

- Give a wide smile:

After knowing the length and width of your facial features, give a wide smile and feel blessed.

Types of Face Shape:

Usually, there are six face shapes we see in our daily life. All are amazing in their own way. Let’s discuss all the shapes in detail:

Round Face:

A round face shape spreads lovely vibes and is also called a babyface. A round face has equal width and length. People with round faces mostly have complaints that their faces look chubby in every hairstyle or they look fat when they dress up like that. Maybe it’s not the fault of their dress or their face shape, they surely carried the wrong hairstyle.

Hairstyle for Round Face

To cover the broad face spectrum, you need a haircut that covers your face as much as possible. Pixie haircuts with high volume at the top and long bangs in the front look slaying on round faces. It gives your face a sexy yet sleek look. A High sleek ponytail is also an ideal hairstyle for a face as it tightens your forehead and sharpens your cheekbones. Your daily school hairstyle should be this high ponytail to make your friends jealous. Asymmetrical lob hairstyle flatters a round face in late-night parties and weddings. A Variety of long bobs also look slaying on a round face. You can check different styles of bobs that fits your face perfectly.

 8 Unique And Trendy Hairstyles That Best Suit Round Face 

Oval Face:

The Oval face length is longer than width. It has a sharp narrow  elegant with dark shimmery makeup, a deep side part is a perfect hairstyle for that look.

Square Face:

A Square face has a wide sharp jawline with a broad forehead and cheekbones angle. This shape can enjoy all types of hairstyles except the curls because curls add extra volume to your broad face spectrum. 

Hairstyles for Square Face

Straight-long layers are a simple yet chic hairstyle. This sleek hairstyle adds a sharp boundary to your face. Soft side bangs with a length of cheekbone spread a perfect messy vibe to your square face. Make a high ponytail or a messy bun, everything looks great with side bangs on a square face. Middle part hairstyles do not look very great on a square face. But yes if you add messy waves to your hair or do a little backcombing, it will be a perfect hairstyle. 

Long Face

The Long face shape is almost similar to the oval shape but long faces have a more pointed and longer chin. So the one thing is clear that people having long faces should not try those hairstyles that add more length to their face.

Hairstyles for long face

 Loose curls that start close to the cheekbone adds perfect shape to your face. Curls make your face look chubby and broader. Middle Part open hair, buns, and ponytails look super hot on a long face. An Inverted bob with short front bangs should be the go-to hairstyle for a girl having a long face. It is easy to style, needs less effort and time.

Heart Face

Heart face has a wider forehead, narrow chin, and sharp cheekbones. This face shape says welcome to every hairstyle just like a square shape. 

Hairstyles for heart face

Short layers that start close to the ear are an ideal hairstyle for this shape because short layers cover the broad forehead and make a sharp boundary around the sharp chin. Messy Baby bangs are super cute and sexy at the same time. These messy baby bangs hide the broad forehead and give the finest shape to your personality.

Diamond Face:

This face shape has prominent and sharp cheekbones. The length of the forehead and chin in this shape is almost the same. This shape needs hairstyles that cover the sharp cheeks and make the forehead more prominent. People with this shape get confused about their face shape and unable to find the perfect hairstyle. We have told you above how to determine your face shape. So it's good news for diamond faces. 

Hairstyles for diamond face

Sleek middle part hairstyles enhance your face shape by covering the sharp cheeks and showing off the forehead with a sleek boundary.

A Top knot bun looks super cute on this face shape. It is a perfect way to tie your hair with style. This hairstyle adds a little length to your face which is not bad at all. Lob with a knot Adds volume to your thin hair, adds length to your face, and makes you look super cool.

You are beautiful the way you are

Try to appreciate your natural beauty but also enjoy the perks of trendy fashion and makeup. And you can enjoy every little thing If you are happy and satisfied with yourself. No matter which face shape you have got, try to enhance your beauty with the perfect hair styling.  Michair will help you determine your face shape and guide you the best hairstyle according to the shape. If you are struggling with round face hairstyles, check this link to get amazing weave ideas for round hair. 

8 Contemporary Weave Hairstyles Ideas For Round Face

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