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Why Ombre Hair Extensions Is A Must-Have For Every Women

Why Ombre Hair Extensions Is A Must-Have For Every Women

Fashion Blog Sat Nov 21 2020

Ombre hair is all the rage in the style books, with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Olsen perfecting the graded semi-colored look. This hairstyle, however, is not too far from your reach and is easy to get your hands on. With a few simple steps, you too can flaunt this style with ombre clip in human hair extensions! Generally, this works exceptionally well on most types of hair since the magic highlights in an ombre style work seamlessly with both dark and light-colored hair. It is a quick and straightforward way to achieve a classy look!

Why Should You Choose An Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions?

Hair type is specific for everywoman, but it is best complimented by hair extensions if you’re looking for the iconic double tone ombre appearance.

The ombre look requires bleaching and dyeing of a portion of hair, which proves to be a specific challenge for natural hair. Also, it involves using strong chemicals and requires multiple sessions of treatment. Further, this exposes virgin hair to a lot of damage.This process may ruin the hair by making it brittle and prone to breakage.

The ombre clip in human hair extensions, however, provides a quick and easy solution. These extensions altogether avoid the hassle of bleaching and then dyeing your hair. Instead of going through this cumbersome process, hair extensions simply need a few minutes to be attached to your hair in a specific manner and then brushed through thoroughly.

Currently Trending Ombre Color Palette

Depending on your hair color check out the latest trending ombre color palette that can offer you some great ideas for your next updo. When you get to try out one of the right ombre clip in human hair extensions, it is sure to elicit attention wherever you go.

Dark brown hair ending with caramel highlights is the classic chic look that can never go wrong. Next comes the gorgeous combination of auburn color to the bright plum transition that is sure to turn heads. Though black hair is good to go with almost any color pairing it up with anywhere between smoky white to silver is the current hot look. Another elegant looking style is the brunette to cherry red. Walnut brown to blonde is another interesting transformation. These are subtle and less obvious but attractive ombre styles.

There are few attention grabbing ombre styles that add good contrast to your hair. You can pair with colors such as purple, lavender, teal, rainbow pastel colors, pink, blue, and similar bold or brilliant colors depending on your natural hair.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Ombre Hair Extensions

The ombre technique is known for adding a sophisticated and mature touch to a person’s appearance. The most popular colors used in ombre styles, thus, tend to be colored with warmer and more measured tones. Of course, if you want to turn heads, then there are trendier colors to choose from – like pink, violet, blue, and if you’re feeling brave enough, multiple shades in a rainbow ombre. If you’re a little apprehensive of bolder shades, you have no cause to fear since this ombre clip in hair extensions can simply be detached if the look is not to your liking!

Long Or Short?

While short hairstyles might be popular among current style trends, the clip-in hair extensions provide a perfect escape into the traditional long hairstyles. While in recent times, shorter haircuts are perceived to be best suited to modern living hustles, the traditional way to style hair has always been to keep it long and simple.

Clip-in hair extensions provide an easy and fast way to switch from short hair to long hairstyles in a matter of minutes. After you’re done, all you have to do is to remove the extension and revert to your shorter hair! Plus, the ombre technique, while used for shorter hair, is most appealing on longer hair. With more extended ombre clip in human hair extensions, the contrast and gradual shift from one color to the other will be mesmerizing and attractive.

How To Use Clip-In Extensions?

In any case, if you’re unsure about whether the ombre style or longer hair will suit you, there is minimal risk involved since all you have to do un-clip the hair extension to go back to your original hairstyle! Trying out a clip in extensions is a simple process.

The first step is to brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of any knots and tangles. The second step is to partition your hair into layers, beginning from the outer hair to the hair closer to your neck. Then, all that has to be done is to interlay your natural hair with the hair extensions, from inside to outside and from back to front, all around the circumference of your head. Finally, the last step is to brush your hair thoroughly, together with the hair extensions, to bring them all together!

Where To Buy Hair Extensions

You should not worry too much about looking for hair extensions. One of the most popular and coveted methods to buy hair extensions is online. Here manufacturers assure quality and provide value for money through their warranties and returns. During this pandemic, it is also a safe method to purchase. On the other hand, they are also readily available through reputed stores and dealers. Choose the right color ready to use ombre hair extensions that will blend seamlessly into your natural hair without leaving a trace!


The ombre clip in human hair extensions is the ideal solution for fashionable women looking for a quick change in hairstyle. Without the trouble of tedious repeated rounds of treatment, and without the risk of damaging your hair, you can quickly get the ombre look by investing in a few hair extensions! Perfect for switching between traditional long hair and your daily short hair, these hair extensions will certainly be a go-to pick for any special occasion!

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