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Do You Know: Winter Hair Extension Care Tips!

Fashion Blog Thu Nov 21 2019

If you live in a place where winter season weather exists, then you're likely all too familiar with the impacts that dry and cold winter season air conditions can have on your hair. If you do not pay additional attention to your day-to-day hair care regimen, your best hair weave may suffer irreversible damage when winter season is over.

So, how do you look after your hair, minimize these harsh winter season impacts and prevent damage? We've created our favorite winter hair care ideas and tricks below so you can attain healthy hair this winter season.


1. Change Your Shampoo


Our very first winter hair care pointer is to buy a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Specifically, for curly Vietnamese hair extensions, Cambodian hair extensions or other wavy hair extensions, stock up on hydrating hair shampoos and conditioners as part of your winter season hair care routine. These hair items are developed to instill moisture into your hair so it can preserve its natural shine and radiance even when the winter stripes away any type of wetness.


Our preferred is the Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, Argan oil and jojoba oil as they deeply nourish our hair whilst leaving it irresistibly smooth and shiny, favorite hair oils include.


2. Avoid frequent hair washes


If you're guilty of washing your hair everyday, it's time to make a change to your winter hair care regimen. Over washing your hair will strip it of its vital natural oils that keep the hair moisturized and protected. Cleaning your hair or Hair Extensions too often throughout winter season likewise strip off any wetness left on your virgin human hair.


If you find your hair is still lacking wetness, attempt every 3 days. To help this shift process, usage dry hair shampoo in between washes to keep your hair smelling and looking fresh.


Another tip for dry hair? If your roots aren't too oily, clean your hair with conditioner just and avoid the hair shampoo completely. You likewise can use dry hair shampoo, use a percentage at the roots, and zhuzh your hair. Dry shampoo opens up the hair shaft, keeping hair fuller, and reviving life to your hairdo.


3. Prevent heat styling tools


In winter, avoid exposing the extension to too much heat as that will lead to your virgin Vietnamese Remy hair, Cambodian human hair drying out and becoming breakable, leading to tangling and ultimate damage to your hair. If you are reliant on these tools on some other days, it is best to cut back on your usage during winter season to avoid causing more damage to your hair and Hair Weave.


The appropriate care is necessary when styling your weaving hair. You must not head out on the cold winter temperature level with your hair still wet. Or you will freeze your hair and make them susceptible to breaking.


4. Secure your Hair


If you live in an environment that frequently becomes bitterly cold, you know that you have no choice but to use a hat or some head covering to keep yourself warm. However, did you understand that they are in fact understood for causing damage and static hair? Fitted hats can trap oils at the roots, leave completions dry and vulnerable to damage.


Solution: cover your hair in a silk scarf before placing on your favorite relaxing hat. It will secure your hair from frizz and static, to help preserve your hair's moisture and decrease that dreadful hat hair.


5. Go To the Hair Salon Often


Winter season is the ideal excuse for a spot of indulging, and what much better way to help take the ease off our long suffering locks than with a hair treatment? Hair masks fast yet highly potent, effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health advantages in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair masks like high powered hair conditioners, giving your hair advantages like softening and hydrating, increasing growth, including shine, and even fighting off scalp infections.


A simple, budget friendly over night treatment is coconut oil, which you can apply to your scalp and hair from root to tip. Be sure to use the oil to dry hair, as the oil passes through the dry hair more quickly than damp hair. Put down a towel on your pillow prior to calling it a night to avoid a mess, then clean your hair in the early morning. You should see immediate outcomes.


And you should also visit the Hair Salon 1 time a week. The specialist at the hair extensions beauty salon will play a crucial function in guaranteeing that your hair is healthy. You will get advice on the very best items for your extension. A check-up will help evaluate and understand how finest to look after the extension.


6. Other Helpful Tips to Keep Your Extension frizz complimentary and Shiny

Use Hydrated shampoos and conditioners as they will instill your extensions with moisture.


Avoid going out with damp extensions as that will cause tangling and cause hair breakage.


Work with the hair stylist at the hair extensions beauty salon and create a program that will work for the kind of extension you are using.


Purchase high-quality items for your extension. Avoid hair shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or any active ingredient that will trigger your hair to dry. Talk to your hair extensions stylist on the best products for your hair.

It will trigger both your hair and extension to end up being dry and fragile leading to hair loss. Taking care of your extension is key to guaranteeing they last through the winter season, Visit the hair extensions beauty salon and let the stylist check on your hair and get the ideal items for your hair.


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