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Global Bundle Hair Length Chart

Global Bundle Hair Length Chart

Fashion Blog Mon Jul 24 2023

Nowadays, hair extensions are part of women's fashion. A hair bundle is a kind of hair extension that is very popular in Africa and America. To get the best hair bundle, you have to know how to choose the right length for yourself. In this topic, we will let you know how to measure bundle hair length and bundle hair length chart.

How to Measure Bundle Hair Length

To use a bundle hair length chart in an effective way, you have to know how we measure your hair first. Each type of hair has a special method to measure it.

Straight Hair

For straight hair, the process is relatively straightforward as it naturally flows in a straight line from the root to the tip. To measure the length using a hair length chart, simply lay your bundle flat or hang it from the root, and then proceed to measure using a measuring tape. This method ensures precise measurement of straight hair bundles.

Curly/ Wavy Hair

Unlike straight hair, Curly or Wavy hair has another method to measure. If you measure they like straight hair, you will miss the length. To measure wavy or curly hair accurately, you have to stretch your hair from the root to the top. Now, your hair is like straight hair, so the next step is the same as you do with straight hair.

By following these specific measurement techniques, you can ensure accurate and reliable results when referring to a hair bundle length chart.

Hair Bundle Length Chart

As you know, there are many types of hair. Based on its texture, we classify hair length charts into 3 length charts for straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. With this bundles hair length chart, we hope you know the exact length you need to get the hairstyle you want. By choosing the right length, you will save your money and time when style it.

Straight Hair Bundle Length Chart

Straight hair bundles are among the most commonly used hair extensions worldwide, available in a range of lengths from 10 inches to 26 inches. At MIC Hair, we go above and beyond to cater to the unique needs of our customers, providing an extensive selection of straight hair bundles that span from 6 inches to 32 inches. This wide variety ensures that you can find the perfect length to complement your natural hair or create the style you envision.

Straight Hair Bundle Length Chart

Wavy Hair Bundle Length Chart

As we mention at the preceding, the method that we use to measure the length of wavy hair is different from a straight bundle. As a result, If you compare side-by-side a straight bundle with a wavy bundle, you can see that 10 inches straight hair is longer than 10 inches wavy hair. A global wavy bundle hair length chart is from 10 inches to 26 inches. However, if you want to get longer wavy hair, you can contact MIC Hair and we will show you a maximum up to 32 inches.

Wavy Hair Bundle Length Chart

Curly Hair Bundle Length Chart

Like a wavy hair bundle, a curly hair bundle looks much shorter than a straight one with the same length. Especially, the tighter the curly are, the shorter it is. In particular, deep wave curly hair is the tightest curl. To get 10 inches deep curly hair, you may need to style 14 inches straight hair. There are no special hair length charts for each type of curly texture. To see exactly what a curly length is, you can contact MIC hair immediately. This photo is a common curly bundle hair length chart used widely.

Curly Hair Bundle Length Chart

Tips for Choosing the Right Length for Your Desired Hairstyle

When you want to choose the right length for your desired hairstyle, you should refer to our bundle hair length chart. However, there are some factors that take effect directly to your final result.

Know your hair type and texture: Each type of hair and its texture work better with different lengths. For example, thick and voluminous hair needs a longer length to show all its beauty. On the other hand, fine or thin hair needs a shorter length to protect your scalp by reducing tension.

Consider your desired hairstyle goals: A low-maintenance style has to be made from short hair bundles. In contrast, you cannot get a voluminous hairstyle with them. Understanding what you want to achieve with your hairstyle will help guide you in selecting the appropriate length.


Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, we provide specific measurement techniques to ensure precise results. Discover the three distinct bundle hair length charts tailored for straight, wavy, and curly hair types. From understanding the differences in length between straight and wavy hair to navigating the varying tightness of curly hair, our guide helps you choose the perfect length to achieve your desired hairstyle. Save time and money by referencing our hair bundle length chart and embrace your ideal look with confidence.

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