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Difference Between Curly Hair and Wavy Hair and Essential Care Tips While You Sleep

Difference Between Curly Hair and Wavy Hair and Essential Care Tips While You Sleep

Fashion Blog Thu Nov 07 2019

Curly vs Wavy Hair, the two terms often used together to describe hair type, "Curly hair" and "Wavy hair" are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between curly hair and wavy hair weave. What is the difference between curly and wavy hair? In this blog we will talk about this question, just keep on reading.

Wavy Hair

Wavy human hair weave has a tendency to develop in a loosened S-shape, yet the hair type can possess comparable characteristics to straight hair which has a minor, smooth wave and curly hair which has a tighter S-shape.


The advantages of wavy hair

- Wavy hair is easy to switch between stylesWavy hair is incredibly easy to style into straight or curly. Because its not too stubborn, it will easily hold styles. You don't have to dedicate hours to tame and straighten curly hair, or have curls falls back into naturally straight hair within hours.


- Hair products actually work with wavy hairHair products seem to work the best with wavy hair types. For that same reason, it's easy to style. Wavy hair seems to absorb the products well, too, so it only requires a little product to go a long way. You don't have to buy and use large amounts of products, or use them every day in order for them to do their job well.


- Wavy hair can create natural beach wavesYou don’t need to try too much to have a beach waves that many people want to have. Just a little hair product, twist, hold to dry and there you have got a natural beautifu; waves.


- Wavy hair can fit any lengthFinally, the great advantages of having wavy hair: wavy hair can be perfect with any length of hair. Even that it is short or long, wavy hair will always bring a fabulous look. When it comes to a straight hair and curly hair, not always that these two types of hair gives a great appearance when you cut it shortly or keep it too long. But the wavy hair really can! 


Curly Hair

Curly virgin hair is sexy and thick. The shapes of curly hair is determined as “S-shaped”, meaning that they have two bends.



The advantages of curly hair

- Curly hair can give a lively look: It often tends to have tighter curls, so the hair would be a lot livelier. Curly weft hair is a lot more curly than wavy. Curly has swirls, wavy has waves. Swirls curl right around while waves don't. Moreover, curly all-natural hair is often taken coarse in structure, but it is in fact soft.

- Curly hair has plenty of volume and textureWe know a lot of people use things like hairspray and dry shampoo to try and add more texture in to their hair whereas curly girls don't need to do that because the poof comes naturally.

- Curly hair blend very well with African womenThe hair textures of curly hair really fit the natural hair texture of African women. Not much things to use or care for, it really blend well with your hair and there you will gain a natural beautiful appearance.

Drawbacks of curly hair 

- Curly hair may look bold and fierce, but it's actually quite fragile. Curly hair, whether fine, medium or coarse, is more prone to breakage than straight or wavy. Every point where curly hair bends or twists is a weak point in the strand, so being gentle with curly locks is the best way to tame your mane. 


- Curly hair has a lot of volume and bounce, and tends to poof away from the face instead of falling straight down. Due to this type’s raised cuticles, it’s more susceptible to frizz, and curls can look dull without proper nourishing care. Conditioning products are essential.


- With very curly hair, hair strands are densely packed, spiralled and elastic. The same problems associated with curly hair are amplified, as the coarser, porous hair is likely to frizz and tangle with greater frequency.


Distinction between curly and wavy hair extensions

Although curly hair and wavy hair hairstyles are thought by many people to be the same, wavy hair is actually a type of curly hair.Curly types and wavy types of hair differ in curl tightness, thickness and textures.The difference between wavy and curly is that usually to me if someone says curly hair I think really curly. With wavy its not bunched up or anything. And its pretty straight at the top but at the end sort of like it flows. 


And it's beautiful right on top yet at the end sort of like it streams.

- Curly hair is kinky having close curls like that in the springtime.

- Wavy hair hinges on between straight and curly hair and does not have curls but has zigzag pasterns that make them wavy.

- Curly black hairstyles are difficult to tame yet lots of people go for curls in hair as they like them

- Curls begin appropriate alongside the scalp, and such hair is thick and rugged whereas wavy hair is straighter and softer. The texture of wavy hair is thin.

- It is challenging to brush curly hair when they are dry


Curly extensions will stay really curly throughout about 2 days-3 days, wavy hair simply sorta drifts in these little contours ... likewise, curly hair is generally alot thicker than wavy hair, which has a tendency to be great.

Curly hair stitch in has even more tight spiral like swirls while wavy hair has simply a tip of curl. In other words wavy hair is not straight but it is not curly either.

Wavy hair remains in between curly and straight hair. Rather than being very tight curls, wavy hair is looser however still has some roundness to it.


Your weave hair is processed by curling before you buy it. This type of curling is the same that is done to our natural hair when we go to the hair salon. So the durability of this curly weave hair really depends much on our caring. We surely don't want to wake up each morning and see that our weave hair is loosing its curl. To end up this situation, we will show you some useful sleep care tips for your curly and wavy weave hair.

The essential care tips for your curly and wavy weave hair while you sleep

Don't forget to use a satin pillowcase

The texture of our sleeping pillows play an important role in keeping the hair in place when we are sleeping. For rough or lumpy pillows, the weave hair will get too much friction with the fabric, causing our curly and wavy weave hair to not only loosen its shape, but also to damage its quality. Besides, your real hair will also shed and produce more oil to protect itself. Therefore, a satin pillowcase are a perfect solution to protect both of our weave hair and real hair.


Wrap your weave hair with a satin scarf

If you don't have a satin pillowcase, you can alternatively wrap your hair with a satin scarf. Not only a satin pillowcase but a satin scarf can also help to protect your curly weave hair. When you go to bed with a satin scarf, your bundle of weave hair will not be suffer from rough surface of your pillow cover or your bed sheet. One note when using a satin scarf to wrap your weave hair is to wrap it in the opposite direction to the direction of the hair and use hair clips to keep the hair.


Moisturize your weave hair with essential oils

When you have prevented your hair from the outside, it is also important to take care of your hair from the inside. Keeping your hair moisturized is crucial for both of your weave and real hair. These essentialoils do not only moisturize and soften hair, but also help to keep your weave hair shiny and looking healthy. How to use hair oil is extremely simple. You just need to apply a small amount of esential oil to your hand and use your hand to touch your weave hair gently so that the oil can penetrate easily into your wavy and curly weave hair. You might need to use a styling brush to keep your curl to be in shape easily. Remember to not use a hair dryer and let your curly weave hair dry naturally.


Using a wide-toothed brush to detangle your weave hair

This is an easiest and the most popular way to care for our weave hair before falling asleep. This will help preparing your hair for wrapping or braiding and will get rid of any knots that have formed throughout the day. Because sleeping on already tangled hair only makes the situation worse and will take up more of your time in the long run. When combing your hair, just choose a suitable wide-toothed brush so you don't loose the curls of your weave hair. We hope with these tips, you can wake up every morning with fresh and comfortable mind, avoid all the kinks and tangles that you had.

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The difference of wavy hair and curly has been shown in this article, is these distinctions useful for you? We all know that Knowing the differences between the curly and wavy weave hair, we will find it easy to choose the right weave hair shape that match our hair. 

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