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Dye Your Hair Grey: Follow The Silver Trend To Go Grey In Style!

Dye Your Hair Grey: Follow The Silver Trend To Go Grey In Style!

Fashion Blog Thu Apr 15 2021

Why grey color? Let’s find out before you know more about how to dye hair grey without bleach. Grey hair was seen as a put-off earlier. Yet, now the grey color is a hot favorite among everyone. Hair colors and hairstyles will change in a heartbeat if you see the recent trends.

Modern hair trends are changing so fast that it is nearly impossible to maintain and keep up with them. What was in yesterday is not so much popular anymore, giving way to a lot more opportunities. 

Following such rapid upgrades and changes, no wonder it is impossible to keep up with the trends. Breaking the usual such trends is having your hair dye grey. Yup! The color is not anymore associated with only older people. Grey is becoming the color of the season, and many are following the trend on point. 

Coloring your hair grey with bleach can cause a lot of trouble and damage to your hair. Usually, this is why you must approach your fashionable advancement of playing with your hair a little carefully. How to dye hair grey without bleach is going to be popping in your head. But, it is possible to color your hair without bleach. Here is how you can do so. 

How To Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach?

To tell you the truth, it is impossible to color or dye your hair drastically without bleaching them. It all mainly depends on what type of hair color you have and how you want to dye them. Most of the salons will say that you can not color your hair without bleaching them. Especially when you have dark-colored hair, to begin with. You will have to specify to your salon that you do not want any bleach before coloring your hair. 

If you have lighter hair color, it should not be much of a problem. However, it might become trickier if you have a darker mane. Make sure you do thorough research before deciding on coloring your hair grey. You can color your hair grey without using bleach with more than one application color. Also, you can try other ways of coloring them grey as well. It is possible. 

Here are five different ways to get the trend when searching for how to dye hair grey without bleach. Pick an option to color your hair without damaging them with bleaching. 

1 - Sprays & Dyes

Pop open a box of dye and just apply the product to your hair without giving much thought to bleaching and treating. Yes, it is very much possible to try the grey trend by putting a hair color spray and trying out how it looks on you. Most of such grey color products, you can find in your local stores. 

Darker hair is also not an issue for putting the grey color on your mane as it works by layering on your hair. The most significant advantage is most such sprays are temporary and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Win-win for trying the silver hair color trend

2 - Chamomile Tea

Green teas are helping us become healthier and happier for ages. The miracle potions can do wonders for our internal as well as external body parts. Chamomile tea is one such miraculous tea that has more benefits in its ante than just soothing your gut. 

Applying chamomile green tea can help you achieve around 2-3 shades of lighter hair by regularly applying the tea concoction. It involves simple steps of steeping a few bags of chamomile in hot water. Let it cool off and apply all around your hair, or you directly soak your hair in it. Repeat it for several days to see results. 

3 - Honey, Oil, & Lemon

Inexpensive and easy is what you are going to call this method for coloring your hair grey. You can find these ingredients more easily around households when figuring how to dye hair grey without bleach. Honey, essential oils and lemon will be able to help you color your hair without having to go to a salon. You can color naturally without any need for chemical applications. 

Mixing lemon with some water and spraying it all over your hair can do the trick for you. Sit out in the sun while you have the lemon water in your hair to get faster results. You can also combine all these three ingredients to color your hair while going all-natural. If you have lighter hair, these ingredients will get you grey hair in no time.  

4 - Hair Mask

In this DIY era, it is more sought after to find ways and means to make your beauty products. DIY hair masks are going to do a fantastic job at coloring your hair without losing the texture and strength of your hair. DIY masks are not only a fun way to color but will also help improve your hair quality.

When choosing a DIY hair mask, make sure you choose one suitable for your hair type and texture. You can find out what works best for you by trying out several different types of hair masks. 

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5 - Keratin Conditioner

Sometimes it is better to leave the professional work on professionals themselves when messing up with hair. Hair professionals know what will work best for you, keeping in mind what color you want to achieve. Keratin conditioners can work great while looking for a grey color.

Professionals will be able to work some keratin conditioners into your hair to color and treat your hair simultaneously. You can ask your stylist to suggest ways to color without going for bleaching your hair. Chances are they would be offering similar alternatives to you to color your hair grey. 


Rocking a new trend will require a significant amount of work, specifically when you do not want a shortcut. Make sure to understand your hair type and hair color before you choose one way to color. Look for a healthy way to treat and color your hair without damaging the roots. 

How to dye hair grey without bleach will be a question of concern, especially if you have darker hair. Try these fun tricks and DIY masks to effortlessly rock the new trend. Make sure to maintain the color by consistent efforts and the right products. 

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