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5 Simple DIY Steps on How to Dye Bundles Without Damaging Them

5 Simple DIY Steps on How to Dye Bundles Without Damaging Them

Fashion Blog Fri Jan 14 2022

Don’t you know that adding colors to your hair gives you a gorgeous brand-new look? However, constant dyeing of your natural hair will damage its strands and roots. What’s the fix? Learn to dye bundles!

Dyeing the bundle will spare you from going to an expensive salon. You might be hesitant to dye the bundles or be afraid that the chemicals will damage them. So, we prepared and simplified the steps to dye a hair bundle. Follow these 5 Simple DIY Steps on How to Dye Bundles Without Damaging Them.

Step 1. Check the Hair Type Before You Dye Bundles

There are two common artificial hair bundles that you can use and dye. One is the technology-advanced synthetic hair. Bundles made up of synthetic hair used manufactured or artificial fibers.

Though the composition of a synthetic hair bundle is not similar to natural hair, the artificial fibers and polymers give the bundle a natural look. Unfortunately, it is not advisable to dye bundles made up of synthetic hair. The reason lies behind the contents of the dye, which include ammonia or bleach that can weaken and damage the bundle.

The second type of hair you must check before you dye bundles should be made up of human hair. Human hair is composed of keratin, and its soft and lustrous characteristics make it the best type to choose from when you dye bundles.

Since this bundle is composed of natural hair, it can last longer than the synthetic hair bundle.

Step 2. Choose the Best Hair Color 

When you dye bundles, make sure that you will not shock them by making a drastic color change. Instead, choose those colors that are close to the hair’s tone. This way, your hair bundles will get a lesser chance of breakage, damage, and dryness after dyeing them.

For example, if you dye bundles with darker hairs, you must choose a darker shade instead of a warmer color like red. In addition, if you want to highlight the bundles or bleach them, we highly suggest that you go to the salon for the bundles to be taken care of.

Step 3. Prepare the Things That You Need 

Dyeing the bundles needs quality supplies from trusted stores or salons. Do not just pick one of those hair dyes from the display racks in one of the drugstores in your area unless they offer salon-quality hair dyes and developers. Otherwise, the dye will damage your bundle.

Before dyeing the bundles, make sure that you have all the supplies handy. Thus,  you need to prepare the following:

  • - Latex Gloves
  • - Hair Dye
  • - Developer
  • - Comb
  • - Bowl 

Step 4. Prepare to Dye Bundles

First, you must wash the hair, especially if they have styling products. Once done, gently comb the hair to untangle them. The last step that you should do is to dry the bundles. But do not dry the hair using a hairdryer. Instead, allow the bundles to dry naturally before you dye them.

Step 5. Prepare the Hair Color Mixture 

When you do this step, make sure you put on your gloves not to dye your hands. Also, read the label and the instructions first before you mix the hair dye and the developer. Though more is better, you must take note of the hair dye and developer’s ratio before mixing them into a bowl.

Be cautious when mixing the hair dye and the developer. To attain the desired tone, you must entirely follow the instructions indicated in the box. Take note of the mixture ratio and the allotted time to rinse off the dye.

Step 6. Start Dyeing the Bundles

Finally, we can now start dyeing those hairs! But don’t get too excited yet, do a quick test first before you completely dye all the bundles. This way, we will know if the hair dye adversely affects the hair.

Usually, the quick test instruction is also included in the hair dye box. Mix the hair dye and the developer thoroughly. If it doesn't contain any quick test instruction, follow the 1:1 rule. Then, apply the mixture at the tip of the bundle and leave it according to the time stated in the hair dye instruction.

Wash the part you dyed with shampoo and conditioner before drying them naturally.

Step 7. Take Good Care of Your Dyed Bundles

To ensure that the dyed bundles will last longer and the colors will stay vibrant, you must keep the bundles healthy. If you think dyed bundles are costly to maintain, you are wrong. Just like your natural hair, you can maintain its beauty by applying a moisturizer as often, and don't forget to use a hair mask to your newly dyed bundles.

Do not overdo it, though, as too much moisturizer may also damage the hair bundles. What is advisable to do is to apply a hair mask weekly or bi-weekly.

By following the suggested hair care above after you dye bundles, you can ensure that the characteristics of the hair will be maintained and the hair gets revitalized, making it look naturally glossy and vibrant.


Putting hair colors in your bundle at home may sound complex to some. But if you know the basics of how to dye bundles, you will learn that it is an easy task to do. Also, it will help if you will remember these three things that you need to consider when you dye bundles.

1.     Choosing the correct type of hair bundle.

When choosing the bundle to dye, always select those made up of human hair. However, do not easily pick a human hair bundle that you see anywhere. Instead, look for finely cut hair where the cuticles face in one direction. This will give your hair a cleaner look after you dye the bundles.

2.    Choosing the right hair color to use when you dye bundles.

Always remember, work with the colors or tones closer to the bundles’ original color. If the bundle is jet black, choose a dark or darker tone from the color palette to prevent damage to the hair strands.

3.    Dyed bundles aftercare. 

Lastly, ensure that the dyed bundles are well-taken care of. When needed, always wash it with shampoo and conditioner and mask it at least once a week.



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