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9 Simple Steps to Dye Hair Bundles: Salon Secrets Revealed

9 Simple Steps to Dye Hair Bundles: Salon Secrets Revealed

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Jan 14 2022

As you know, there are two types of hair bundles: synthetic bundles and real human hair bundles. Both of them can give you a natural-looking hair style and work effectively on adding hair volume. But, when it comes to dying hair bundles, we usually mean dying real human hair bundles. The reason lies behind the contents of the dye, which include ammonia or bleach that can weaken and damage the synthetic fiber. As a result, in this topic, we only let you know how to dye human hair bundles.

Step 1. Check the Hair Type Before You Dye Bundles

As I’ve mentioned before, only human hair bundles are advisable to dye. Does it mean you can dye all types of human hair? Absolutely, NO. Before dying your real human hair bundles, you have to consider important factors below:

- Natural Color Of Hair Bundles: The natural color of hair bundles plays such an important role when it comes to dying hair. It’s not too hard to dye a dark shade color in a light tone, but you will not get a light shade on dark tone without bleaching. So, Understanding your natural color of hair bundles is very important.

- Hair Porosity: The level of porosity measures how much moisture your hair can absorb. The higher level of porosity your hair is, the more moisture it will absorb. If your hair is high in porosity, the color will fade rapidly.

- Hair thickness: With thick hair, it will take more time to penetrate the surface of the strands. As a result, the application on thick hair is usually longer than normal and coarse hair.

Step 1. Check the Hair Type Before You Dye Bundles

Step 2. Choose the Best Hair Color 

When you dye bundles, make sure that you will not shock them by making a drastic color change. Instead, choose those colors that are close to the hair’s tone. This way, your hair bundles will get a lesser chance of breakage, damage, and dryness after dyeing them.

For example, if you dye bundles with darker hairs, you must choose a darker shade instead of a warmer color like red. In addition, if you want to highlight the bundles or bleach them, we highly suggest that you go to the salon for the bundles to be taken care of.

Step 2. Choose the Best Hair Color

Step 3. Prepare the Things That You Need 

Dyeing the bundles needs quality supplies from trusted stores or salons. Do not just pick one of those hair dyes from the display racks in one of the drugstores in your area unless they offer salon-quality hair dyes and developers. Otherwise, the dye will damage your bundle.

Before dyeing the bundles, make sure that you have all the supplies handy. Thus,  you need to prepare the following:

  • - Latex Gloves
  • - Hair Dye
  • - Developer
  • - Comb
  • - Bowl 

Step 3. Prepare the Things That You Need

Step 4. Prepare to Dye Bundles

First, you must wash the hair, especially if they have styling products. Once done, gently comb the hair to untangle them. The last step that you should do is to dry the bundles. But do not dry the hair using a hairdryer. Instead, allow the bundles to dry naturally before you dye them.

Step 5. Color Mixing

When you do this step, make sure you put on your gloves not to dye your hands. Also, read the label and the instructions first before you mix the hair dye and the developer. Though more is better, you must take note of the hair dye and developer’s ratio before mixing them into a bowl.

Be cautious when mixing the hair dye and the developer. To attain the desired tone, you must entirely follow the instructions indicated in the box. Take note of the mixture ratio and the allotted time to rinse off the dye.

Step 5. Color Mixing

Step 6: Strand Test

It’s very important to implement a strand test to see how the final result will look like. You can apply hair dye mixture on a small section of the bundle and wait for the advised time. After that, you should rinse and wash this section to remove the dye. Let it dry and see the result. If it doesn’t look like your desired color, you have to adjust the dye mixture or processing time or badly both of them.

Step 7. Start Dyeing the Bundles

If you get the desired color after the strand test, it’s time for you to proceed with the full bundles. Use a hair dye brush with comb to apply the hair dye on your bundles, then comb through those strands in order to make the color cover the whole strands. You have to set a timer the same as when you do in the strand test process to get the expected result.

Step 8. Wash and Condition Your Bundles

Lastly, rinse your hair bundles under lukewarm water until they’re clear. You should use special shampoos for color-treated hair to clean your hair without fading the color. Many hair experts advise using hair conditioner after dye to moisture the hair after dying. Moreover, some conditioners also help you protect your hair from damaging factors in the environment. 

Step 9. Take Good Care of Your Dyed Bundles

To ensure that the dyed bundles will last longer and the colors will stay vibrant, you must keep the bundles healthy. If you think dyed bundles are costly to maintain, you are wrong. Just like your natural hair, you can maintain its beauty by applying a moisturizer as often, and don't forget to use a hair mask to your newly dyed bundles.

Do not overdo it, though, as too much moisturizer may also damage the hair bundles. What is advisable to do is to apply a hair mask weekly or bi-weekly.

By following the suggested hair care above after you dye bundles, you can ensure that the characteristics of the hair will be maintained and the hair gets revitalized, making it look naturally glossy and vibrant.


After the 9 steps process I mentioned before, I’m sure that you have already known how to dye your hair bundles. Putting hair colors in your bundle at home may sound complex to some. But if you know the basics of how to dye bundles, you will learn that it is an easy task to do.



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