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How Long After A Perm Can You Color Your Hair?

How Long After A Perm Can You Color Your Hair?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Feb 17 2021

A hairstyle is one of the most notable factors that everybody checks on. Let it be a man or a woman; a stylish hairdo can make him/her look chic. These days people try out different styling techniques at a salon to make their hair look flawless. Perming is one such technique to create more volume and bring out the curls, making you look very fashionable. Hair smoothening, blow dry, coloring, etc., are other ways to give you a new appearance. Many people come up with doubts regarding how long after a perm can you color your hair. Go through this article to learn about perming and hair coloring.

Can I Perm And Color My Hair The Same Day?

Well, perming and hair coloring are two different methods, and they should never be done together. Preferably, you should wait for a minimum of seven days or up to two weeks to color your hair after perming. I would suggest waiting for about 15 days to color your hair after perming. It is always recommended to consult your hairstylist to get some advice on this. Since your stylist knows about the texture and condition of your hair very well, he/she will be able to give you proper guidance regarding the same.

When you do any type of treatment for your hair, it is essential to take good care. Otherwise, you may lose the normal texture of your hair, which may turn it dry and even cause split ends, making your hair look frizzy.

Can I Perm And Color My Hair The Same Day?

Which Treatment Should Be Done First – Perming Or Hair Coloring?

If you have a plan for perming your hair, I would always say, go ahead and do the perming first, and then wait for about 10–15 days to color your hair. Otherwise, perming might fade your hair color. Once the perming is complete, make sure to shampoo your hair at least once before coloring. If you want a good hair cut too, then do it before perming and coloring.

A haircut, for sure, can give you a new look, and the hair color will accentuate your hair cut. Always choose a perfect hair cut that suits your face structure, since a haircut can emphasize your features. When you color after perming, you can decide on the colors you choose for the crown area and the curls separately.

Tips To Look After Coloring And Perming Your Hair

Perming and hair coloring can damage your hair, as these styling techniques require various substances and appliances. But do not worry. Take decent care of your hair to avoid any damage it may cause.

For Permed Hair

  1. Do not tie or wash your hair for 48 hours.
  2. Cover your hair when you step out.
  3. Use shampoos and conditioners specially made for permed hair.
  4. Condition your hair without any failure to keep it smooth and silky.
  5. Get routine check-ups with your stylist as advised.
  6. Try not to brush your hair too much for about a week before it sets.

For Colored Hair

  1. Wash your hair with the conditioner provided in the kit.
  2. Do not shampoo immediately after coloring.
  3. Always try to use a color protectant shampoo for the color to stay longer.
  4. Deep conditioning is essential to keep your hair silky and smooth.
  5. Avoid contact with direct sun rays for a few days.
  6. Avoid coloring your hair frequently.

A hot oil treatment is perfect for healthy and shiny hair. Try to avoid using chlorinated water to wash your treated hair, as the chlorine can make your hair dry. Moreover, a healthy diet can also enhance the texture of your hair a lot. So, focus on including vitamins and fibers in your daily diet.

Tips To Look After Coloring And Perming Your Hair

Can I Color My Hair At Home?

Coloring hair is not rocket science. You can do it at home by yourself or with anybody’s help. I have personally colored my hair at home permanently. It is way cheaper, as you only have to buy your favorite color from the market. Read the instructions carefully first. Perform an allergy test as said in the instructions if you are coloring your hair for the first time. You can always check out any articles or any YouTube videos to understand different types of coloring techniques.

Mix the color and the developer as required, and apply them to your hair as you want. Make sure you do not spill the color on your face or skin. Always cover your shoulders with a cloth before applying the hair color. Once you have dyed your hair, you should wait for half an hour to an hour, depending on the brand of color.

How To Choose The Hair Color?

Once you have planned to color your hair, research the types and shades of hair colors available. If you want the hair color to stay longer, then choose permanent coloring. As your hair grows, the roots of your hair will have your original hair color. Temporary hair colors are also available, but they will fade out after a few washes.

The styles of hair coloring are numerous, so choose the one you like. Some of the coloring styles are highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, hair chalks, root colors, and many more. When choosing the shades, consider your skin tone too. You either check with your hairstylist or do research to check out the shades that will suit your skin color.

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I hope you have understood all the vital factors to look into when styling, perming, and coloring your hair. Take the advice I have shared in this article into consideration and never ignore looking after your hair, even when you are busy with your work. Once your hair is damaged, it will not be easy to bring it back to normal. Now that you have your doubts regarding how long a perm can color your hair, go ahead and visit a hairstylist. Bring out those beautiful curls by perming and walking with panache with your favorite hairstyle.



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