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Knotless Braids Vs Knot Braids: Everything You Need  To Know

Knotless Braids Vs Knot Braids: Everything You Need To Know

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Mar 04 2022

Regardless of their styles and techniques, braids are widely embraced by everyone. However, only a select few can braid perfectly. To create a naturally perfect look braid, we need to learn the fundamentals of braiding. Here are the differences between knotless braids and knot braids.

What is hair braiding?

Braiding may seem as simple as it looks, but it is a hairstyle with complex procedures. Braiding is not just interlacing at least three sections of hair. Though the various braids hairstyles that have existed since 3500 BC are comparable to the art of weaving, hair braiding has techniques that you need to consider to blend the artificial hair with your natural hair flawlessly.

Among the various ways to braid hair, the classic knotless braids and knot braids remain the most used technique these days. However, the two differ entirely from each other.

What is hair braiding?

What are Knotless Braids Hairstyles?

Knotless braids are one of the innovative ways to braid hair. Along with its aesthetic appeal, this type of braid also protects your hair and scalp from damage as these knotless braids are gentle to the hair and scalp. This type of braid is not knotted at the root of the hair. Instead, it uses modacrylic fibers made with Japan’s most advanced technology.

The fiber’s soft texture and sleeker look make it ideal for knotless braids. The modacrylic fiber hair, when used, adds more volume and length to your natural hair.

Now that you already know the basics of knotless braids hairstyles let us know more about the opposite type of braid - the Knot braids.

What are Knotless Braids Hairstyles?

What is Knot Braids?

If you want to go traditional hair braiding, a knot braid is for you. Knot braiding means that your synthetic hair will be secured by knotting it to the roots of your natural hair. This type of braid is a hit every summer. Its simple yet chic look is perfect for ladies who want a tidy hairstyle.

What is Knot Braids?

What’s The Difference Between Knotless and Knot Braids?

Before choosing which braids you will style, we will highlight the difference between knotless vs knot braids. 


Knotless braids are known for their natural-looking appearance. Moreover, knotless styles are becoming popular because of their comfort. With this style, the weight and tension will be reduced to prevent head skin from being damaged. In contrast, the traditional braids are very tight, as a result, you will feel uncomfortable.


Knotless braids triumph over traditional braids one more time. According to my customers, if they care properly, the knotless braids can last for 7-10 weeks. Although you maintain the traditional braids well, your hair will look bad after 5 weeks.

Complexity to style

With more advantages as I mentioned before, the knotless braids hairstyles require more than the traditional ones. You have to use intricate techniques and tools to style knotless braids hairstyles. In addition, Knotless styles require a skillful hairstylist who has experience in braiding and twisting.


It’s obvious that you have to pay more to get the better. Knotless braid hairstyles are more expensive because of the time and complex technique they require. However, the price you have to pay for the hairstylist to get a knotless braid is very worth it.

Knotless Braids Vs. Knot Braids Care Tips

Now that I’m sure you all knew what is a knotless braid hairstyle and a traditional one. Regardless of whether the knotless braid or knot braid is made up of natural hair or not, you need to know the basics of how to take good care of it. Giving proper care to braid hair helps you maintain your healthy scalp and the braid itself. Here are the tips on how to keep your scalp and the knotless braids and knot braids' form and texture.

Tip # 1. Washing 

Both knotless braids hairstyles and knot braids hairstyles can be washed like other regular hairstyles. To wash braid these braid hairstyles you have to dilute shampoo with water in a spray bottle. Before spraying this combination onto your hair, you should shake it to make suds. Your hairstylist might have told you not to rub on the braids to prevent them from unraveling. In my opinion, you shouldn’t wash the braid hairstyle over 5 times/month because if you wash it too much, the knot can be loosened over time.

Tip # 2. Moisturize your knotless vs knot braids hairstyles

Moisturizing your scalp has many benefits. One of these benefits is that the glands in your scalp will continue to produce oils that will help your scalp prevent dryness and flakes. Always remember, a healthy scalp means healthy hair! Moreover, moisturizing helps reduce the tension on your scalp and makes you feel comfortable to use.

Moisturizing your hair means keeping your hair moisture balanced which maintains the softness and glossiness of your hair. Applying moisturizer to your hair makes your hair look more natural, healthier, and soft.

Tip # 2. Moisturize your knotless vs knot braids hairstyles

Tip #3. Bedtime Routine

Do you know how to keep your braid hairstyles stay beautiful when sleeping? You can control your hair when you are awake. However, when you sleep, you cannot prevent your hair from tangling and frizz. So, you need thorough preparation before sleeping.

At first, you should tie your braids into a loose ponytail. Then you should cover your head with a satin scarf to make your hair fixed. The sleeping posture and the pillow case take effect on your braid hair very much. A comfortable posture lets you sleep quietly and not move your head too much.  If you have used a silk pillowcase, you will agree with this. As silk pillowcases give a posh vibe to your bed, it also prevents your hair from breakage and split ends. Unlike regular cotton pillowcases, the silk pillowcase allows your hair to move freely and glide smoothly without being pulled by the pillowcase’s woven fabric.

Tip #4. Use a bonnet

Bonnets are the widely used hair cover that protects your knotless and knot braids from tangling, breakage, and frizz while you are sleeping. If you wonder whether you can use the bonnet when your hair is wet, the answer is yes! However, make sure that your knotless braid is not soaking wet before covering it with a bonnet.

Tip #5. Protect your ‘baby hairs’

Do you see those fine hairs in your hairline? They are called “baby hairs.” To avoid damaging their follicle, these soft and brittle hairs must not be fused with your braids.

Thus, when your hairstylist is braiding along the hairline, advise your hairstylist to gently pull and braid your hair to prevent damaging your baby hair’s hair follicle.

How long do knotless braids and knot braids last?

The durability and life of your knotless and knot braids depend on their length and size. The longer the braids, the lesser they last. Smaller braids usually last around 12 weeks, medium braids last around eight weeks, while larger and longer braids last up to six weeks.

But bear in mind the style and technique used in knotless braids and knot braids depends on your hairstylist. Thus, make sure that the person who will handle your hair is a pro. Otherwise, your braids won’t last a month.

How long do knotless braids and knot braids last?


Without a doubt, beautifully installed braids give you a defined and specific look and vibe. But don’t get overwhelmed with braiding. Always give your hair a break that it deserves. This will allow your hair and scalp to breathe and maintain good health.

After this topic, MIC hair hopes you know the differences between knotless vs knot braids hairstyles. Whether you prefer the knotless braid over the knot braid, make sure that they are well taken care of. 


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