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3 Curly Half Up Half Down Weave

Last updated date Fri Jun 14 2024 By William Brown

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Hair is one of the best assets of a person, as it is the crown they constantly wear. And if you are not confident with how it looks, you may always add hair extensions to create unique hairdos, just like these three curly half up half down weave hairstyles.

What is a hair weave?

Hair weave is one of the various hair extension methods. It gained popularity due to the versatility and durability of these wigs. Sew-ins will secure the weave better, but glued ones are easier to do, especially when alone. Natural hair with a protective hairstyle will be the foundation of the hair extension.  

Many people weave their hair to acquire the texture or style they want while appearing natural. You might have seen many women rocking a curly half up half down weave. It is one of the most common hair weaves that people wear, where the styles focus on the hair's half-up. Meanwhile, it gives the rear of their hair more volume and length.

Unlike the other hair weave styles that secure the hair extension before styling, curly half up half down weave requires you to add in the extension while doing your hair. If this style of weave interests you, here are three curly half up half down weave hairstyles that you may try for yourself. 

What is a hair weave?

Quick weave curly half up and half down

This hairstyle is perfect if you look for a quick curly half up half down weave to pull off. It has a wrapped weave on the half-up that you can put in a bun with a laid-out kinky hair at the half down.

Do a horizontal braid that will separate your half-down section. It will be a leave-out to blend the weave. Meanwhile, braid all the bottom hair down.

Cover the whole section with a wig cap, except the horizontal braid, and sew it to secure it. Cut the excess cloth before gluing your hair weaves to the wig cap.

Put your half-up section on a tight bun.

Take a little hair on the edge of the weave and wrap it around the base of your bun before you cover the whole weave around it. 

Once you reach the end of the weave, take another portion of hair by the edge of the extension. Wrap it around your bun to secure the weave. 

Untie the leave-out hair and style it to match the hair extension.

You may use a bobby pin to secure everything in place. However, it is unnecessary as the wrapped portion of the hair weave on the start and end will ensure your extension. You may also tie the hair extension to a bun for another hairstyle.

Quick weave curly half up and half down

Half up half down ponytail weave

This curly half up half down weave hairstyle is the most common among the other styles. It gorgeously volumizes your hair and is very easy to do. 

Use a wig cap on the braided half-down hair and spray a got2b glue or any hair glue to secure the net.

Glue the hair extensions on the half down where you glued the hair cap before cutting the excess cloth.

Gather little sections of hair from the half-up on the side to serve as they leave out.

Apply edge control to the half up and put it in a sleek ponytail. Wrap a paper sheet around the ponytail base where you will glue your hair extension and secure it with a tie. 

Put glue on the paper sheet and wrap your weave around it, starting at the top and down. 

Gather a small amount of the hair to wrap around your ponytail and spray it with a got2b spray.

You do not need to leave hair at the back of your head as your ponytail will cover it. The ponytail can be placed on either side of your head, the back, or evenly distributed around your head.

Half up half down ponytail weave

Curly half up half down weave with swoop bang

It is nice to have sleek hair, but having a swoop bang makes it even better. This hairstyle has light curls rather than tight or kinky, making it light and perfect for a night out with friends.

Sew a wig cap on the half-down part of your hair to protect your hair from the glue and secure the weave.

Section your bang from the half-up and braid it.

Put the rest of your half-up into a sleek ponytail before braiding it.

Secure the hair extension by tying one edge to the end of your braid. Wrap the rest of the weave going to the base of your ponytail. Spray glue on the ponytail base or use a bobby pin to hold the hair extension.

Detangle your braid and part it into three sections, where you will glue a weave on your scalp between each section.

Style your bang to a swoop bang going to either side of your head and spray it in place.

This style takes a lot of time and effort, but the final look will be worth it as it takes the curly half up half down weave hair to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I sleep with curly half up half down weave?

Although you can sleep with them on, you must protect the curls. Use a silk pillowcase to avoid too much friction that causes frizz. Tie your hair up with a satin scrunchie. You may braid your hair and cover it with a silk scarf to protect your curls and weave. 

2. How long can half up half down sew-in last?

The sew-in method makes the weave stay on your head longer than glued ones and is more durable. It can stay up to two months, but it still depends on how fast your hair grows. The braids will be bulky and loose, which will affect the appearance of the weave.

3. Why do I need to have leave-out hair? 

Leave-out hair is not a requirement but is highly recommended to make the weaves appear more natural. It will conceal the end of the hair extension, making the strands look like they are growing from your scalp. The amount of leave-out depends on the style you want to achieve.


The best thing about hair extension is it allows you to wear your hair in any style you like. Try any of these three curly half up half down weave hairdos that will add volume and bounce to your hair.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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