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7 Tips To Remove Static From Hair

7 Tips To Remove Static From Hair

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Aug 04 2021

Static hair can cause a plethora of problems like frizziness or hair breakage. Even if you layer your hair with lots of moisturizing products, you might face the problem of static hair. This is because multiple factors cause static hair, including the environment, the atmosphere around you, the clothes you wear, the tools you use for your hair, etc. To understand how to remove static from hair, firstly, you need to comprehend how hair static is caused.

What Causes Static In Hair?

Static hair occurs when each strand of your hair rubs together or it rubs on a dissimilar material surface. Take, for example, a hat or a helmet. Whenever the fabric of the hat brushes against the hair strands, they exchange electrons. A form of static charge builds up within your hair as a result of this switch.

Static hair seems to be easier to happen when there is a lack of moisture or humidity in your hair, such as on a cold night, the charge leads your tresses to resist each other in the same way as a magnet. Moreover, With low humidity in the air, the static of your hair may hard to be balance because it can not exchange the electron with water in the air.

In other words, your mane is practically brimming with electrons and cannot tolerate itself.  So, now that you understand what produces it let's discuss how to remove static from hair.

What Causes Static In Hair?

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

Now you know what the causes of static hair are, to have smooth hair without any frizziness you should know how to get rid of static hair too. There are some professor-recommended solutions:

1 - Use Hair Oil And Conditioner

Your hair may look shiny from the outside, but it is dry, especially during winters, which is the main reason for generating an electric current. Because of the absence of humidity in the atmosphere throughout the winter, hair strands might get dry. 

The harsh winter air and hot inside heat aren't doing your tresses any favors, admittedly. So, using hair oil is one of the simplest ways to save your hair. Further, try to condition your hair deeply using a good hair conditioner or hair mask.

Use Hair Oil And Conditioner

2 - Get A Ionic Blow Dryer

While drying your hair, use an ionic hairdryer to regulate your tresses' natural charge. These ionic dryers efficiently segregate water molecules while releasing negative ions. This method not only aids in the drying process but also reduces the damage from the heat that can cause dry hair.

Get A Ionic Blow Dryer

3 - Stay away from drying ingredient

Together with moisturizing your hair, avoiding using hair care products that contain drying ingredients is very important. Some drying ingredients that you can commonly find in hair care products:

Sulfates: Sulfates are the harsh cleansing ingredients that are commonly found in shampoos. Sulfates are very effective to get rid of excess oil from your hair. However, the other side of using sulfates in shampoos is causing your hair dry very hard. 

Denatured Alcohols: Denatured Alcohols are added to hair care products to soak up excess grease or sweat. However, with denatured alcohol, your hair is dry too fast, and your skin can be harmed

Silicones: Silicones are very commonly found in hair care product ingredients. They act like a seal that covers your hair and makes it look more silky and shiny. However, That seal causes your hair cannot absorb other moisture ingredients and makes your hair worse day to day.

Stay away from drying ingredient

4 - Apply A Moisturizing Cream

Use any lotion or cream that's already present in your bag. Use whatever you like, a little face cream, body lotion, or even hand cream! Your hair will be thankful for the extra hydration. 

Squeeze a pea-sized quantity into your palms, massage together, then run throughout your hair. However, don't apply too much of the product since it will make the hair greasy and weighed down, particularly if it is not meant for hair. 

To prevent appearing like you didn't wash your hair for a long time, apply most of the cream on the tips and very little on the scalp. Only a slight amount will suffice to keep your charged hair within control.

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5 - Use Water Or Ice

What if you do not even have cream in your purse? How to remove static from hair in that case? You can simply use water! Now, this is not the most preferred option, but it still can be a useful solution in difficult circumstances. If you can, then find some ice cubes and rub them on your tresses to tame the charge buildup in your hair. 

Try to locate where most static is present and only use water or ice on that specific region. You will only need a slight amount of water, as you don't want to look like you are just out of a shower. Use hair clips to pin up the strands which linger in front of your face as they generate a lot of static.

Another option is to use a hairbrush. Wet it in water or drizzle some water through a spray bottle and brush your hair with it. The hair will naturally get moisturized, and the charges will be balanced.

Use Water Or Ice

6 - Use Metal Or Wooden Comb

Go for a metal or wooden comb instead of a plastic hairbrush for a comb. Even if a plastic hairbrush seems like a harmless tool to comb and manage your hair, it can generate quite a lot of static in your hair because it is a non-conductive material. Moreover, you will be creating a positive impact on the environment by using non-plastic items. So, it is great in many ways.

Use Metal Or Wooden Comb

7 - Wear Natural Clothing Material

Polyester and nylon are very common clothing materials nowadays, but these synthetic materials can get charged up very quickly and cause static hair. So, always try to wear natural clothing materials like wool, cotton, and silk to eliminate this problem. 

There is something called a 'static guard', which protects the hairs from static during the winter. You need to spray it on the insides of your winter wear items that you wear on your head, like hats, scarves, and mufflers.


We hope you understood what causes hair static and how to remove static from hair. Dry air and environment are often the leading cause of static in hair. Maintaining a proper moisturizing routine and using some of the steps given above can help you minimize the buildup of static electricity in your hair and prevent frizziness and dryness.



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