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For The Love Of Natural Weaves For Black Hair!

For The Love Of Natural Weaves For Black Hair!

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Dec 04 2020

Weaves have been in existence since the era of Cleopatra. Ages and ages later, the celebrities modernized their look every time with trendsetter hairstyles. Gorgeous celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Beyonce, or JLo, are often seen experimenting with their hair. The sultry and shiny look of their hair is enough to fall in love with them.

Gone are the days when getting a chic hairstyle was a costly affair. Today, weaves and wigs have made it possible for every woman to look fabulous and glamorous. But are you one of the women who just fancy their natural black hair, don’t want to experiment with other colors, and yet try on some trendy hairstyles? 

Then, we are going to open the treasure box of some incredible natural weaves for black hair! Weaves are here to give you a look you have always dreamed of, irrespective of the length, texture, and color of the hair. And for your love of black hair, the ocean of options is still vast. 

Let’s Weave the Magic!

Forget the bad hair days! Moreover, if you are off relaxers, then we have a list of stylish hairstyles of natural weaves for black hair. And what’s more, it also protects your hair from being damaged by heat and humidity. 

We present to you 15 weave styles for your black hair. Let’s begin the journey.

1. Long Weaves

The diva look is the look of long weaves. The luscious bangs and locks are not to be missed. Little down from the shoulder, the weaves cascade perfectly and make your black hair super gorgeous! This weave never goes out of style, be it at the party or a picnic in the day time. 

2. Sew-in Weaves

The stunning hair of Lauren London is the perfect example of sew-in weaves. Just parted from the center, the weaves fall gorgeously to the sides. First, your natural black hair is braided. Then, it is made up into a big round to be clipped on to the scalp. Now the weaves are directly sown into the braids. And voila! You are ready to rock on with your lovely hair! A lot of care is required to maintain this weave, and it lasts for three weeks. 

3. Corkscrew Curls

One of the most popular natural weaves for black hair is corkscrew curls. Be ready to increase your glam factor with these voluptuous curls. Corkscrew curls are perfect for those seeking a voluminous hairstyle. The weaves are created by sewing them into long crochet braids. Needless to say, the strong, tight curls are bound to be taken care of. 

4. Side-parted Curly Weave

Don a youthful look with side-parted curly weaves! Unlike the tight corkscrew curls, side-parted curly weaves have a more natural look to it. To give it a more free look, style it with some random braids. 

5. Barrel Curls

Simple and stylish. Barrel curls add a ravishing look to your natural black hair. Add weaves to your hair, and then just apply curling iron for long curls, and you are ready to shine.

6. Sia-inspired Bangs

We love our favorite celebrities and their styles! Do a quick weave bob and have the bangs that you have always loved. We know that you love your shiny black hair; with this hairstyle, you can spin different colors. 

7. Stylish Asymmetrical Bob Weave 

If you have fuller hair, then this is the best style for you to try. The edgy look of the weave adds a smart and stylish look. The layers on the longer side are sharp and perfect. Walk-in style with a zazzy look and feel confident.

8. Long Feminine Weave

Planning for a night party? Decided on the dress but not sure about the hairstyle? Put faith in the long feminine weave and rock the party! The perfect combination of long and short weaves, the cascading curls adds to the volume, and the best part suits all faces! Try, and you won’t be disappointed. 

9. A-line Bob Weave

Imagine the stylish bob weave. Now add waves through the weaves and make it more stylish. A balance between short and long hair; for those who love short hair but not so long. The waves create a chic look with the style of a traditional bob.

10. Angled Bob Weave

This one is a dramatic weave! Tapering down from the jawline, this weave is known for its graphic shape and long bangs. 

11. Side part Weave

Who wouldn’t love this? It’s cute; it’s voluminous, it’s sultry, it’s everything! A natural weaves for black hair, it is one weave to desire for. Give a nice touch to your weave by a blow-dry and a curling iron, and you won’t be able to keep your hand off it!

12. Pixie Cut Weave

The Wow Weave! Pixie cut weave for your black hair is the stylish weave of all the time. If you have to go to a meeting or lunch with friends or a party at night, pixie cut weave will make you feel happy, smart, and confident. The edgy looks and no fuss is the theme of pixie cut weave. 

13. Black Curly Pixie Weave

The art in the pixie cut is here. The long curls in the short cut are the signature of black curly pixie weave. The crown has undisturbed curls, and the temples have soft tapering. And there is no trade-off with the volume. If you want to try something hot and new with the pixie, try this!

14. Fringes

Want a zesty look with black hair? Then might we suggest fringes weaves with red or copper color? The hair falls on one side, thus concealing one eye to give a bewitching look. 

15. Curly Weaves Bohemian Style

A cute style of weaves! It starts sleekly, and through the middle, the weaves are curled up in the bohemian style. The sheer brilliance of this weave is suited to every outfit and every face. From professional set-up to the fun time, this weave rocks every single time. 

So, here we are with the treasure box to present to you. All the natural weaves for black hair will give you a stylish look you have always desired for. So what are you waiting for? Give a new life to your hair and style!



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