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How to Twist Dreads on Your Own? The Easiest Ways to Pursue!

How to Twist Dreads on Your Own? The Easiest Ways to Pursue!

Fashion Blog Wed Aug 25 2021

There is no reason to visit a neighboring hair salon to get your hair twisted; instead, spend some time twisting your hair yourself. Even though dreadlocks have long been popular globally, few people understand what they are, how to create them, and how to maintain them properly. Therefore we've covered the topic, How to twist dreads & also the essentials of dreaded hair in this article to ensure that you're well prepared for a new hairstyle.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself At Home?

Twisting is perhaps the simplest approach for forming your dreads. Whether you have long or short hair, this technique may work well. So let's get started with our basic instructions for twisting dreads!

Twisting, combined with backcombing, is a simple method of forming locks. Indeed, two easy, distinct twisting hairstyles to consider: Twist & Pin & Twist & Rip.

How To Twist Dreads Using Twist & Pin Method 

To create dreadlocks using the twist and pin method, you'll need the following items;

  • - Residue-free Shampoo
  • - Dread Wax
  • - Fine-toothed comb
  • - Additional items like rubber bands, clips, etc.

Wash Your Hair Using A Residue-Free Shampoo

To begin, gently wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo. As with any other hairstyle or hairdo, you must ensure that your hair is clean since natural oil on the hair makes twisting difficult.

Remember to utilize residue-free washes to assist your hair in retaining the intensive styling procedure. Add no more conditioner or products since the shampoo is more than enough. Allow your hair to air dry before proceeding to the next stage.

Your Hair Should Be Divided Into Small Section

Section your hair into small squares using a wide-tooth comb. Each square should be 1 inch by 1 inch (2.5 cm by 2.5 cm). As a result, the locks will be of medium size, approximately 0.5 inches in diameter.

When sectioning the rest of the hair, use clips to secure the squares.

Twist Together To Make Locks

After sectioning, pull each segment apart and begin twisting back and forth. Apply the dread wax to the part and twist it continuously until the locks form perfectly on your head.

How To Twist Dreads Using The Twist And Rip Method

No matter what texture your hair is, the Twist & Rip method allows you to develop dreadlocks simply.

The preparation is identical to the previous way of twisting dreadlocks.

Allow Your Hair To Naturally Section For Weeks

Allow your hair to fall naturally into sections for a few weeks before sectioning it into squares. Of course, it should not be left unwashed. Keep your hair clean by washing it twice a week with a residue-free clarifying shampoo.

Make Sections In Your Hair

To be honest, sectioning hair into squares would require time and effort. Doing it alone may cause your arms to ache, so have a friend or relative assist you. This process might take hours or days to finish, so stay cool and don't rush. Rubber bands might be useful for keeping the sections together.

It Is Time To Wash Your Hair

This approach, too, necessitates the use of residue-free shampoo. Wash the hair again after sectioning it. While shampooing, remember to rub your head in a clockwise or anticlockwise manner. When the hair is totally dry, pull it apart in the previous areas where the rubber bands are still in place.

Sections Should Be Twisted And Ripped One At A Time

Start twisting and rip each part one at a time. You can use a sponge or a hair clip to keep other portions of your hair away from the part you're twisting. Take hold of the portion and pull the strands apart. 

Repeat for each segment 3-4 times. The portion should then be divided in half and twisted. Repeat this procedure throughout the whole length of each segment. While palm rolling, apply dread wax to each area. To minimize irritability, avoid doing it too forcefully or starting too near to the scalp.

How To Care For Locs

After learning the technique, how to twist dreads, let’s find out how to take care of the dreads.

Residue-Free Shampooing

-    Keep dreadlocks unwashed for the first week to avoid damaging them. Letting them touch water may inadvertently loosen and unravel them. So, put your dreads in the shower cap while showering.

-    A non-sticky shampoo is essential. Wash the locks twice a week. Do not use this shampoo since it might promote mold growth in dreadlocks. Never use regular shampoo as it may loosen your locs in minutes.

-    Dry them fully, either naturally or with a hairdryer. Wet hair may stink.

-    Wax and palm roll regularly. Apply dread wax, and pall rolls your dreadlocks to tighten them up. 

-    This task should be done weekly for the best results.

Conditioning Spray

Invest in a decent dread conditioning spray. It will add moisture and soothe inflammation from locs.’

When Sleeping, Cover Your Head With A Scarf

This is to prevent them from ingesting any lint or fluff off your pillow as you sleep. It is recommended to wear a leather headscarf.

Tighten New Growth At Roots

When hair continues to grow, it is inescapable that it will get loosened. Apply dread wax and roll the hair clockwise to strengthen the new hair at the roots.

Head Massage Using Organic Hair Products

Whatever type of hair you have, natural hair care products are always preferable. It will keep your head and hair healthy. Give your dreads a gentle massage if they get itchy or inflamed. Even a 5- to 10-minute massage would be beneficial.


Dreadlocks are not a passing hairstyle that becomes popular for a night and then fades away over time. It is also a fact of world history. Dreadlocks or Braided hair appear to be an extremely difficult hairstyle to master. However, dreadlocks may be created at home with tips and tricks given in this guide and with little more than residue-free shampoo, dreadlock wax, and patience.

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