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Six Simple long Hair Quick Weave Hairstyles

Six Simple long Hair Quick Weave Hairstyles

Fashion Blog Tue Jun 21 2022

Most women dream of long, beautiful hair that they can braid or do any hairstyle. If it is your first time having long hair, especially a weave, and you are unsure how to style it, here are six simple long hair quick weave hairstyles that you may try for yourself.

What is a quick weave?

Weaving hair takes more than 4 hours to complete the installation. If you are in a hurry, you do not have that much time to look good. Luckily, you may install your hair extensions and wig easily. The process only takes an hour and a half, which is not even a half of the time consumed for sew-ins.

A quick weave is an installation process wherein, instead of sewing the wig or hair extension in your hair, you will glue it in a wig cap. The process is quick and simple, which is excellent for beginners. However, doing a quick weave will not ensure the durability of your hair as a sew-in does.

This installation is still worth the short time for casual dates, meetings, and other events. There are also various long hair quick weave hairstyles that you may try.

How to do a versatile, quick weave?

Installing your quick weave depends on the hairstyle you would like to wear. However, having a versatile, quick weave is the best process as it allows many long hair quick weave hairstyles, including buns and ponytails.

Have a generous amount of leave-out in the middle of your hair or where you would like your partings. Clip it away from the rest of your hair.

Section another leave out around your hair. The more leave out; the more versatile your hair will be.

Braid the leave-outs to ensure they stay out of the way when installing your weave.

Do your usual cornrow or protective hairstyle where you will be installing the weave. 

Wear caps above the protective hairstyle. You may glue it in your hair before gluing the tracks to the hair cap.

Cut the part of the cap where your leave-out hairs are. 

These steps will ensure that all your hairstyles will still look natural. The leave-out hairs around your head will hide the tracks. Once you have your hair extensions installed, it is time to do some long hair quick weave hairstyles.

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Long hair quick weave hairstyles

There are many long hair quick weave hairstyles that you may do, especially if you have a versatile, quick weave. Having long hair also means more styles than you can do. If you want something simple and fast, here are a few ideas.

Sleek Middle Part

The sleek middle part is the easiest and quickest style you may do among all the long hair quick weave hairstyles. There are no clips and ties needed. You will have to part your hair in a straight middle and flat iron your hair. You may also add a hairpin on both sides for something extra.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail with long hair is one of the most classy hairstyles that you may do, even when wearing a quick weave. Tie your hair in a typical high ponytail. Grab a small section and wrap it around the tie, and bobby pin it in place. Make sure you brush the leave-outs upward to hide the tracks.

Messy Bun

You may put your hair in a bun, and the quick weave will still look like your natural hair. For a messy bun that screams low maintenance, you will tie your hair on top of your head, but not all the way through. Wrap the tail around the tie and bobby pin it in place.

Off the Shoulder Braid

Braids can sometimes be challenging, but this hairstyle is effortless as the braids don’t have to be tight. Move your long hair to the side of your head. Lightly do a basic three-strand braid until you reach the end, and tie the tail. The looser your braid is, the better it looks.

Low Pigtails

Low pigtails will make you look adorable if you want to feel cute on a casual date with friends. You will have to section your hair in the middle. Tie both sides, and you are ready to go. You may also braid the tails for a gorgeous look or add ribbons on both sides.

Twists in a Bun

This hairstyle has a more formal look and has many steps, but it is easy to do. Tie your hair in the back. Split the tail into two and work with either first. Split the section into two and twist it. Wrap the twist into a bun and bobby pin it in place. Repeat the process in the next tail but rotate it opposite from the first one.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is quick weave better than sew-in weave?

Sew-in and glued weaves have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Sew-in hair is great if you want more durability and flexibility but takes time to apply. Meanwhile, glued weaves are simple and quick to install, but their versatility and hold are not as good as the sew-ins.

2. How long does a quick weave last?

A quick weave can last from four to five weeks, depending on how you take care of it. In this period, you can already do many long hair quick weave hairstyles. When you see a sign of shedding, it means that you have to remove your weave.

3. Is quick weave damaging to my hair? 

Because you will use bonding glue for a quick weave, it harms your hair. It is better not to do quick weaves often, but only when you need a fast solution to your hair. There is also bond protection that you may use to prevent further damage to your hair.


Wearing a quick weave has limitations on the hairstyle that you may do in your hair because you worry that the tracks that you’ve been hiding will show. However, if you have a versatile, quick weave, nothing can stop you from doing these six simple long hair quick weave hairstyles.

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