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Which Hair Is Better Peruvian or Brazilian? Differentiating Between The Two

Which Hair Is Better Peruvian or Brazilian? Differentiating Between The Two

Last updated date Tue Jan 19 2021 By William Brown

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These days virgin human hair is becoming more and more popular among black women. When people go shopping for hair weaves, they usually get confused about the number of colors, textures, quantities, lengths, etc. Nowadays, the two most popular Remy hair in the market are- Peruvian and Brazilian hair. Here, the question arises- which hair is better Peruvian or Brazilian? Both of them have certain similarities and dissimilarities. They are famous due to their outstanding quality. You will notice a change after some weeks of using it. Peruvian or Brazilian hair differs in reaction to water, air, dying, or heat.


Among Peruvian or Brazilian hair, some similarities give each other a tough fight in the market and make it challenging to choose one of the best between them. All virgin Remy hair has minimum tangling and shedding and has natural movement. You can dye and bleach them as they are 100% unprocessed virgin hair. Like our natural hair, you will notice a few strands of different colors in bulk. Both are very hot selling curly human hair in the market

Differences Between Peruvian And Brazilian Hair

From the question- which hair is better Peruvian or Brazilian? One can conclude that some differences lead to fair competition among them. Let’s find out what they are. 

Peruvian Virgin Hair 

If we compare Peruvian virgin hair to Brazilian hair, then the former is a little coarser and thicker in texture than the latter one. The hair weave of this type is slightly wavy and blends well with the normal relaxed hair texture of African-American women. Peruvian hair is lightweight, thick, and provides more volume to give a natural look. Moreover, it is known for its durability as well as versatility.

People are getting attracted more towards this type of hair, and it is an excellent choice to opt for. You can make amazing hairstyles with Peruvian virgin hair as it has a soft and silky texture. Apart from this, it is easy to color them. The thick volume yet lightweight of the virgin hair make it better amongst others. That means you have 5 bundles of hair, and yet you feel lightweight. The hair feels soft and shiny and is also easy to color.

Brazilian Virgin Hair 

Unlike the other types, Brazilian virgin hair is one of the most selling hairs around the market. It is not only beautiful but also has a shiny look. You can keep this type of hair with good maintenance and for a longer time. With a beautiful bounce and texture, Brazilian virgin hair comes from the Pacific of Brazil.

They can be offered in 3 different textures. One is wavy, the second is straight, and the third one is curly. The straight texture is not entirely straight but has some light waves in it. You don’t need to devote extra time to the maintenance of this type of hair. It is popular in most West-African countries. Moreover, this hair can hold curls beautifully

The above information might have an answer to your question- which hair is better Peruvian or Brazilian? But for those who are still not satisfied with the similarities and differences provided, let us read about the differences in the textures of the virgin hair.

- Among Brazilian straight hair and Peruvian straight hair, the former features a beautiful medium or high luster and is typically thick from root to end. While the Peruvian straight hair is silky and does not frizz in humid temperatures. Brazilian hair may be slightly wavy, depending on the source. You can wear them straight, curl them, or dye them. 

Afro-Caribbean blends well with this type of hair texture. When wet, Peruvian straight hair may curl a little and may require straightening. The texture of this type of hair blends well with all other types of hair.   

- For the Brazilian curly hair and Peruvian curly hair, the overall rating is good. Brazilian curly hair has a texture similar to that of Native Indian and African descent. Generally, they are naturally curly and are nearly dark brown. Moreover, this type of virgin hair is bouncy and durable as well. It is a fabulous choice to opt for in heat and humidity.  

For developing the tight wavy pattern, Peruvian virgin hair is often steam curled. The durable texture of this type allows it to maintain the curls in hot and humid conditions. Apart from this, it suits well with Afro-Caribbean hair texture and is resistant to heat damage. Keep in mind to wash and moisturize your hair investment regularly. 

- With a soft wavy texture, Brazilian curly hair is one of the most common types of hair in the market. This texture is familiar with donors of Native Indian, mixed Spanish, and African ancestry. It has a lot of bounce and is dark brown. Known for its versatility, Brazilian curly hair is an excellent choice for many celebrities who want bouncy curls that lasts for a year. 

Also growing in popularity, Peruvian curly hair features a fabulous loose wave while maintaining a medium luster. The hair is light, airy, and soft that falls quickly without losing the body. 

After reading this, you might have a clear idea in your mind about- which hair is better Peruvian or Brazilian?

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Whichever may be the type, both Brazilian and Peruvian hair is best in their way. It can be tough to choose one among them, but differences in their features make it easy for us to recognize the best one. You can opt for either of them and then further go for a particular texture. Make sure to moisturize and wash them regularly. Before going out on a sunny day, check whether the hair texture can hold up in hot and humid conditions or not. 

You can style them in the way you want with a different length and color. People who like bouncy hair should choose Peruvian hair, and others who like curly one should opt for Brazilian hair. So, if someone asks you this question- which hair is better Peruvian or Brazilian? Show them the right path, and do let them know about the above information. 


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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