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Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Thu Apr 22 2021

You can find numerous hairstyles these days that vary in styles and patterns. Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs is one of the common discussions between ladies who love curls and waves. In this guide on hairstyles, we will give you more information regarding the Braid Outs and Twist Outs and how to make them.

I am sure many ladies love these styles, and these two are very popular hairstyles. Both braid outs and twist outs have a unique style, and these styles offer a natural look. Moreover, these two hairstyles are easy to do and do not require any styling equipment.

What Are Braid Outs?

Braid out can enhance your natural curls so beautifully, and it provides a wavy texture to your hair. Usually, this is a very easy-to-do hairstyle for curly hairs. Even if you have done braid-outs to your hair, you can still style your braid-outs in any way you like, such as high or low pugs, half-down, and half styles. 

You can also tie a bun with a braid-out style. Braid-outs can stretch your hair and do not need to heat or iron your hair to make it look longer.

What Are Twist-Outs?

Twist-outs are made to get a beautiful wavy pattern to your naturally curly hair. It is done by installing twists throughout your hair. You need to allow the twists to set so that you can do it overnight. Next morning you can undo the installation, and there you have amazing twist-outs.

Steps To Make Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs

Some things you need to make braid outs and twist outs include a leave-in conditioner of your choice, moisturizer/hair gel, oil, small hairbands, spray bottle, and a scarf. You must wet your hair first using the spray bottle and apply the gel, oil, or any other product all over your hair. 

Now make small partitions if you have voluminous hair and start braiding your hair with two or three strands. Using the hair bands you have kept aside, tie the braids at the end. Cover your head with the scarf and leave it overnight and undo your braids the next day.

Steps to make a twist-out start with sectioning your hair. You can use either section your hair as quarters or tie them into small buns. Now using the water spray bottle wet your hair.  Then you can use oil, a leave-in conditioner, or any hair gel. Apply all over your hair and detangle your hair if there are any knots. Untie each bun you have made and start twisting them.

 You can choose a single strand twist, flat twist, or a two-strand twist. If your hair is too wet, the curls will not set properly. Cover your head with the scarf and leave the twists overnight and untie them the next day.

Advantages Of Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs

Some of the pros of Braid Outs can be seen here. It may vary between people and the type of hair as well. One of the main advantages of doing braid outs is that it can give more stretch to your natural hair and will look elongated. This style is less frizzy when compared to the twist-outs. To get the best tighter curls, braid out is a perfect choice. It can also give more definition as the hair is tightly packed with the process of braiding.

Twist-outs are easy to make when compared to braid-outs. It only requires less maintenance as well. As said earlier, twist out needs installation of twists, and you can even go out the twists on your hair as it will not look weird. Doing twist-outs can give you two different hairstyles, one with twists on and one when you remove the twists. Besides, you can also try twisting out with either two or three strands, giving different results.

Disadvantages Of Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs

For everything, there will be both positive and negative sides. Now let us see some of the cons of braid-outs. Usually, people do a braid-out style when the hair is wet. So the drying time required for a braid-out style is very long. It is a time-consuming process to do the brain outs. When you take down your braids, you must be gentle to avoid any damage and fizziness to your hair.

Twist outs hairstyle has a lot of shrinkages, and many people might not like it. You have to be careful when taking off the twist to avoid frizziness. When you install twist, you might need to leave it overnight, so you will have to learn how to sleep properly with the twists on your hair.

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Which Is Better – Braid Outs Or Twist Outs?

Both hairstyles have pros and cons, and you cannot blindly say that one is better than the other. It depends on various people. It can also depend on the type and texture of your hair as well. Some people like to have braid-outs more than twist-outs. But some may like twist-outs style. You can always try both hairstyles once so that you will know which style suits best for you.

Which Style Lasts Longer – Braid Outs Vs. Twist Outs?

When you compare both styles, braid outs can stay much longer than twist outs. In the braid outs, the hair is braided tightly, and it will have more definition, as said earlier. So many people have found that braid-outs last longer for them.  The number of days these styles last is based on how well you have done it. But yes, these styles can last for about 5 to 7 days if you maintain them well.

It is your choice to select the style you want. Both braid-outs and twist-outs can look beautiful on your hair. Once you have become experts in doing these two styles, it will last longer, and at the same time, it will look more neat and natural.


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