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How To Fix Lace Frontal Hairline And Make Them Look Natural?

How to fix lace frontal hairline And Make Them Look Natural?

Fashion Blog Thu Dec 02 2021

Are you facing a problem while making a lace frontal look natural? After wearing a hairpiece, every woman wants it to be undetectable by others. You can easily learn how to fix lace frontal hairline without taking any help from the experts. In this article, we will share useful tips and tricks that can assist you in wearing lace frontals without making any common mistakes.

Nowadays, a lace front wig is considered a must-have hairpiece in the women’s closet. Generally, to this hairpiece, the woman ties her hair by hand to a sheer lace base. Then, they wear the hairpiece over their scalp.

Although these hairpieces are best for women, wearing them can be a bit of a challenge. When women wear lace frontal in the wrong manner, it looks unnatural. Hence, you must find out the best tips on wearing lace front wigs properly.

Invest In A High-Quality Lace Frontal

Firstly, those who want the hairpiece to appear natural should get a high-quality lace frontal. Before learning how to fix lace frontal hairline, you need to search for a reputable hair clinic, toupee, or wig shop. These days, most people shop for hairpieces directly from online shops instead of looking in local shops.

They have started trusting the sites that provide reviews of previous customers about the high-quality hairpiece. Generally, you find better lace frontal online because the websites include all the necessary details. You need to remember a good hairpiece doesn’t shed like poor-quality toupees or wigs.

Flatten Your Hair

After getting a hairpiece, you will most likely want to put it on. However, before putting on the hairpiece, you should ensure the hair is as flat as possible. Many people wear their frontal lace without flattening their hair.

Hence, their hair doesn’t look natural. You can put the hair into cane rows to flatten it. Then, wear a wig on top of your hair to make the lace frontal look natural and smooth. This process will decrease the volume of normal hair to flatten it out.

Bleach The Knots

Bleaching the knots is another important thing people should learn before understanding how to fix lace frontal hairline. Those who find their hairpiece with darker knots have to bleach them to make the hair look natural.

During the bleaching process of their knots, they might notice that the hair is coming out from their scalp. This effect is important because it gives an illusion of a natural hairpiece.

Pluck Some Hair Off

Sometimes wigs appear too perfect. However, when these hairpieces get such an appearance, they often end up looking unnatural. One way of making them look natural is to pluck the front hairline of the wig.

When the hairpiece starts appearing jagged, people will consider the natural hair. You can check the natural hairline to understand the hair is not even. Although the process can take some time and effort, you will get a realistic-looking hairpiece.

Loose Frontal

If your natural hair is showing with the frontal part, then the problem is loose frontal. You can quickly fix the issue by using a hair gel that has a great hold on the hair strands and will protect the hairstyle even on a windy day. Since you want to learn how to fix lace frontal hairline, check the hair gel application process to protect the edges.

Firstly, those finding the edges are becoming damaged due to the frontals should stop using them. You need to lift the complete perimeter when the frontal is loose. Right after your edges, dab the hair gel gently in scattered spots. Avoid spreading it across. You simply need to spread it about scattered dots along with the hairline.

Gently press the lace frontal hairline back in its place. However, you should be cautious, protect the edges and avoid placing it right on them. You can use a blow dryer to dry the gel. Then, the loose frontal won’t create any issue because they are no longer loose.

Itchy Frontal

A woman usually pats their head the entire day because their hair is dry. Most people deal with irritation after wearing frontals. Since hair irritation can cause dandruff and other issues, you need to fix the itchy frontal quickly. If you wear extensions, then give special importance to real hair. Just like the extensions, real hair and scalp need regular care.

Firstly, you need to get a stocking cap. Either buy a new cap from the local store or use an old pair of stockings. Then, take the thread with a needle and start sewing the stocking cap to the frontal’s bottom. This process can protect the scalp from lace material. However, you should only use the thread that matches the hair or scalp so that everything perfectly blends.

Alternatively, you can start sewing an elastic band onto the hairpiece. Other than removing irritation, this process can flatten the hair, and you can get a natural look. Moreover, your extensions can become more secure.

Tips For Women Who Wear Lace Frontals

1 - Make Your Lace Frontal Last

You can apply the hair gel, particularly to the top of the frontal. Leave the sides of the lace frontal hairline as they are. Always keep in mind that lace frontals are extremely fragile and require proper maintenance.

2 - Be Versatile

Since frontal hairlines can be expensive, you need to ensure they are used for creating different hairstyles. Generally, women leave their hair open after wearing frontals.

However, you can create several different hairstyles and braids using the lace frontal hairpiece. You can switch the style up. Change the parts and create high buns using the wigs. Those who don’t want to create different hairstyles should stick with closure pieces instead of frontals.


We hope now you understand how to fix lace frontal hairline. You should see the natural hair before wearing frontal so that the hairpiece doesn’t become detectable. After wearing frontals, you should not make common mistakes that can cause the hair to look unnatural.

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