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Best Tips To Make Coarse Hair Soft And Silky

Best Tips To Make Coarse Hair Soft And Silky

Last updated date Tue Aug 08 2023 By William Brown

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Coarse hair is a blessing because it holds most hairstyles well, which is why more individuals with coarser locks flaunt wavy hairdos and tighter curls. However, coarse hair is also prone to breakage and dryness, and that's why you may want to know how to make coarse hair soft and silky.

But what exactly is coarse hair? Coarse hair is not solely defined by its curliness or density, contrary to popular belief. The key characteristic is the thickness of each individual hair strand. You can determine if your hair is coarse by simply taking a single strand between your fingertips – if it feels notably thick, you likely have coarse hair.

One strand of hair may be compared to a string of a sewing thread. Your mane is coarse if it feels wider than a stitching thread. Coarseness has nothing to do with the hair type — whether it's curly or straight, the texture—whether it's silky or dry, or the volume. Now that you know if your hair is coarse, let’s see how to make coarse hair soft and silky.

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1 - Choose a Shampoo Formulated For Coarse Hair

There are tons of shampoo out there including both natural shampoo and chemical shampoo. However, choosing one that suits your hair condition and scalp-friendly is not that easy. You have to consider the important characteristics of coarse hair, dryness and stubbornness when buying a shampoo. I suggest you choose gentle hair shampoos which do not contain harsh cleaning substances such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Choose a Shampoo Formulated For Coarse Hair

2 - Only Washing When Needed

Does anyone tell you that overwashing causes your hair to become worse? Many women still misunderstand that washing hair daily makes it clean and stronger. That’s wrong! Although your hair is cleaner after washing, the cuticle will be opened and then the moisture will leave out. 

When we wash our hair too frequently, we strip away its natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to damage. This can lead to a vicious cycle where our scalps compensate for the lack of moisture by producing even more oil, causing us to feel the need to wash again.

So let's break free from the cycle of over-washing and embrace a more balanced approach to hair care. By only washing when truly necessary, we can achieve healthier, shinier hair that is less prone to damage and dryness.

Only Washing When Needed

3 - Conditioning

It’s very important to condition your hair after washing, especially with coarse hair. Hair conditioner allows you to get your hair softened and smoothened. Moreover, It can fix damaged strands from deep inside. 

Does that mean every conditioner is good? No. Manufacturers tend to add silicon into conditioner to improve the smoothness and silky of hair by filling the cuticles. On the other hand, it build-up on the scalp and the hair follicles that prevents your hair from absorbing nutrition. There is a list of chemicals you have to avoid in conditioner:

- Parabens

- Silicone

- Formaldehyde

- Ethanolamine compounds


4 - Moisturize

Since we are discussing how to make coarse hair soft and silky, we can't miss out on this amazing co-washing method. Conditioner-Washing is abbreviated as Co-washing. You do not require shampoo while co-washing. 

Conditioner can still extract debris and cleanse your hair. However, it does so in a milder manner, depositing moisture into your gorgeous locks rather than removing it.

Co-washing is an excellent option for extremely dry hair and hair that requires instant attention to revive it into full health. This technique is used full-time by some people, particularly those of African origin. 

However, one should proceed with caution when transitioning to co-washing completely full-time, as you could quickly go from dry hair to oily hair when you overdo it.

If you use many chemical and heat styling, co-washing may be a good option because your hair is more prone to be damaged and possess a greater need for protecting moisture.

You might co-wash by one or more conditioner rinses. If you're rinsing twice, do a fast rinse with the first one and then keep it on for a longer time during the other.

5 - Use Hair Masks 

It is perhaps the most simple step to obtain smooth and silky locks. Hair masks are a once-week extra step that adds deep hydration and other vital nutrients to your locks, based on the type of hair mask you apply.

Some of the most common ingredients for making a moisturizing hair mask are coconut oil, bananas, olive oil, milk, avocados, and eggs. These are probably already present in your country. If not, you can easily get them at a grocery store.

Before commercial hair care products were available, these natural products were often used by people to maintain their hair health.

Use Hair Masks

6 - Apply Natural Oils

Natural oils are good for any part of your body, be it hair or skin. Some of the most nourishing hair essential oils that can benefit coarse hair are Coconut oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil. 

Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains rich lauric acids that nourish the scalp and lock the moisture inside the strands.

Argan oil: Rich fatty acids such as vanillic acid, caffeic acid, and tocopherols in Argan oil are very good for coarse hair. Hair experts advise you to apply Argan oil after washing your hair properly.

Jojoba oil: You can find jojoba oil in most moisturizing hair cream. It contains vitamins and minerals that are very useful for coarse hair.

Olive oil: Olive oil is another magic potion. Not only nourishing and strengthening your hair, it also helps you to fasten hair growth.

But how to make coarse hair soft and silky with natural oils? It's simple; you can use these natural oils after washing and drying. First, warm the oil slightly to melt the oil (if it’s solid) and activate the nutrition of natural oil. Then, apply it on your hair and massage with your fingertips

Apply Natural Oils

7 - Have A Food Nourishment

As the old saying goes, "you are what you eat." To maintain soft and silky hair, you should eat nutritious food. Simply using lots and lots of hair care products may not give you the best results if your hair is not strong on the inside. 

Eat a lot of good food for your hair, including eggs, lentils, fatty fish, pumpkin, almonds, flaxseeds, etc. Foods rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids boost hair health and deliver natural shine and softness. 

Hydration is another key point to keep in mind while trying to achieve softer hair. If your body is dehydrated, how can you expect your hair to be soft and moisturized? So drink an adequate quantity of water daily. 

8- Sleep

Now, I will let you know how to make coarse hair soft and silky when you go to sleep. When you are sleeping, your hair will rub together and rub the pillow, which tends to make it tangle and shed. To treat your coarse hair well, I suggest you use a satin or silk pillowcase. Furthermore, using a hair cap can also help retain moisture in your hair by preventing it from rubbing against dry fabrics throughout the night. This is especially beneficial for individuals with dry or brittle hair types.



So these were some of the major tips on how to make coarse hair soft and silky. Obtaining softer hair requires effort in multiple ways, including using the right hair care products, washing techniques, eating the right food, drinking enough water, and using some DIY stuff.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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