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20 Trending Types of Curly Weave Hair

20 Trending Types of Curly Weave Hair

Fashion Blog Thu Jun 15 2023

For people who wish to add depth and height to their naturally wavy or straight hair, curly woven hair is an increasingly common choice. There are so many types of curly weave hair to pick from it might take a lot of work to figure out the correct one. Have you ever realized exactly how many different types of curly weave are there?

Different Types of Curly Weave Hair

Body Wave

The body waves are low-amplitude, explosive signals that travel through the core and mantle over various routes at teleseismic distances. Direct crests, surface, and inner reflections provide various pathways for testing the mantle's interior.

body wave

Deep Wave

Deep wave hair features a more defined and tighter wave structure than body waves in hairstyle. It is ideal for people seeking a more theatrical and expansive appearance. The waves are more apparent, providing a bouncing and substantial impression for achieving a glamorous and striking look. 

Curly Weave

Curly weave hair features a more noticeable and bouncy curling pattern, giving it an extensive and generous appearance. It's ideal for anybody looking to add volume and lift to their hair. The curls are clear and bouncy, giving the image of being energetic and fun. 

curly weave

Kinky Curly

Kinky curly hair displays a tight curled curl pattern, giving it an intense and dramatic appearance. It is excellent for people who wish to appreciate their natural roughness and develop a distinct style. The firm and small provide a massive ideal for a forward-looking image. 

Water wave curly weave  hair

Water wave hair is one of the best types of curly weave hair, which resembles the ripples in the water. It creates a soft and natural look that is perfect for everyday life. 

Water wave curly weave  hair

Jerry Curl

Jerry curl hair has a tight, spiral structure that produces a full, bouncy appearance. It is ideal for folks who desire a provocative and assured look. 

Jerry Curl

Afro Kinky Curly

The stiff and curled curl pattern of Afro kinky curly locks produces a striking and dramatic image. It is ideal for people who wish to appreciate its inherent texture and develop a distinct style. 

Afro Kinky Curly

Loose Weave

Loose wave hair displays a natural, loose ripple pattern that produces a soft, delicate appearance. It is ideal for giving thickness and motion to hair that is not too curled.

Loose Weave

Italian Curl

The curl pattern on Italian curl hair is tighter and more pronounced than loose waves. It gives a springy and expansive effect ideal for a beautiful and daring image.

italian curl

Fumi Curl

Fumi Curl is a black Vietnamese human hair weighing approximately 100 gm per bundle. Fumi Curl is heat resistant and can be re-colored to lighter shades too. It is unprocessed and has no shedding.

funmi curl

Romance Curl

Romance curl has a soft and shiny touch, creating a feminine and romantic look. It's a perfect style who want to appear gentle. 

romance curl

Spanish Curl 

Spanish Curl creates a bouncy look because of its voluminous and bulkiness in hairstyle. It looks good for people who want a gentle and delicate hairstyle.

spanish curl

Kinky Straight

A kinky straight hairstyle creates a bold and confident look due to its natural and coarse texture. It looks perfect for those who embrace the natural hairstyle and create a unique style.

kinky curl

Bohemian Curl

The hairstyle has an irregular and loose pattern that creates a carefree look. Usually, this looks best for people who like relaxed and natural hairstyles. 

bohemian curl

Body Wave Perm

The hair has a natural pattern created by a chemical process that is best for people who like low maintenance.  

body wave perm

Deep Kinky Curl

The hair resembles natural African-American hair, tight hair, and is bouncy, which can be styled in various ways.

deep kinky curl

Peruvian Curl

The Peruvian Curl hair creates a soft and subtle look. It is perfect for adding volume to your hair, which looks more bulky than ever.

peruvian curl

Mongolian Curl

The hair creates a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for someone who needs an excellent, kind, polished, and elegant hairstyle. 

mongolian curl

Malaysian Curl

Malaysian Curl creates a natural and carefree look suited for those who want an effortless hairstyle. 

malaysian curl

Afro Curl

The hairstyle has a coiled curl pattern that resembles natural African hair. It looks perfect for natural texture and creates a unique style. 

afro curl

Spring Curl

The hair creates a bouncy and tight look. Generally, this looks perfect for the one who needs a clear, bold, and alluring style. 

spring curl

Spiral Curl

A spiral Curl hairstyle creates a tight and uniform hair look. The one who wants a glamorous style must try this. 

spiral curl

Brazilian Curl

Brazilian curl Hair has a bouncy, well-defined curl pattern that creates a full and voluminous look. Usually, this looks nice for those who desire a glamorous hairstyle. 

brazilian curl

How To Choose The Right Types Of Curly Weave Hair

Choosing the appropriate weave is a vital decision that may greatly influence your appearance and style. With so many alternatives on the market, including various curly hair weave types, selecting the best one for you might take time. Here are some pointers on choosing the best weave for your style. 

Consider Your Natural Hair Type And Texture

When selecting a weave, you ought to think about the situation and the look you desire to achieve. Body waves or loose waves could be the most suitable choice if you desire a natural and relaxed look. The deep wave or kinky curly weaves might be the best choice for an additional beautiful and striking style. 

Select A Hair Kind That Suits Your Way Of Life And Maintenance Requirements

The kind of hair you pick should also be compatible with your lifestyle and upkeep requirements. If you live a busy existence or have a hectic schedule, consider an easy-to-maintain weave that requires little styling and upkeep. Types of curly hair weaves, such as artificial hair weaves, are less challenging to care for than human scalp weaves. These weaves can provide a stylish look without demanding too much time and effort in maintenance. 

Before Making A Purchase, Speak With A Stylist Or Conduct Research

It is usually a good idea to talk with a stylist or investigate various kinds of weaves before making a purchase. A stylist can assist you in selecting the ideal weave to match your hair's natural color and suit your style. They may also offer helpful tips for taking care of and preserving the weave. 

Choosing The Correct Length

The total length of a weave should be determined by your preferences and the kind of hair you're utilizing. If you're using artificial hair, for example, it might not be accessible in extremely long lengths. On the other hand, human hair weaves come in a range of dimensions, from little to very long. Unlike natural hair, you may trim it to any length you select. 

Keep in mind that the longer your hair, the more significant amount of maintenance it will require. 

Think Of Your Budget

Weave prices might range from less than $100 to over $1,000. The pricing is determined by the type of hair you select and the total length of your weave. Artificial hair is typically the most affordable alternative if you're on a tight budget. Human hair is more costly, but if properly cared for, it will last longer. 

Keep in mind that you receive what you decide to pay for. Less expensive weaves may seem less natural or endure as long as more expensive ones. 

Consider Maintenance 

What amount of time were you prepared to devote to hair care? Synthetic hair is typically the best choice if you want a low-maintenance solution. It only requires a little style or maintenance. 

On the other hand, human hair weaves need more upkeep, but they may be extra work. Human hair weaves may endure for months if properly cared for. 

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Select The Proper Texture

Your mesh should have the same texture as your hair. For instance, if you're blessed with curly hair, you'll need a curly weave. You'll need a straight weave if you have straight hair.


Learning about the types of curly weave hair, you've got many different textures to pick from. Therefore, take some time and select one that suits you. Further on, you can also play with other patterns. 

Remember that a good weave should appear natural and smooth, feel comfortable, and complement your style and preferences.

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