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What Does Toner Do To Brown Hair With Highlights?

What Does Toner Do To Brown Hair With Highlights?

Last updated date Mon Apr 04 2022 By William Brown

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Anyone, who has ever thought about coloring their hair, most likely has heard of hair toner. Most manufacturers create toners, particularly for people with light hair. However, toners are used by brunettes also to add a finishing touch. Here, we will share with you all the details about using toner for brown hair. You will also learn what does toner do to brown hair.

What Is Hair Toner?

Hair toner can either be a demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. The product is used to minimize certain tones in color-treated hair. Compared to normal hair dyes, you won’t find much ammonia in toners to penetrate hair strands. The toner remains on the surface of hair strands. Thus, it gets washed away after a few weeks.

Hair toners are made to adjust the shade of your hair. However, it won’t change the hair color completely. You should not think that using hair toners can change brunettes to blonde shades. If you want to get rid of the bright orange shade of hair, then toner can surely create a better look.

Did bleaching turn your hair brassy red? Toner can help minimize the shade. If you choose the right product, the hair color will turn natural and softer. The best hair toner makes it impossible to guess whether the hair has a natural color or not. If you don’t use hair toners after coloring, people will immediately notice that you have used a hair dye.

Do You Need To Use Toner For Brown Hair?

It is not a necessity to use toner for brown hair. However, you will most likely love the results after using a toner. If you are perfectly happy with the color, then there is no need to use toner. Most people state that they should have used toners previously because the results are amazing. Hair dye products usually create a solid shade throughout the strands that don’t appear natural.

Hair Stylists know how to add highlights and lowlights. Thus, they are known to provide a more “born with it” look. Toners are known to minimize overly bright, less desirable, or brassy colors. Moreover, it can make the right shades of your hair pop. Using hair toner, you can maintain the look for almost 2 weeks.

What Does Toner Do To Brown Hair?

Most brown-haired people use toner to minimize red and orange undertones. Most people are not aware that the experts in salons apply hair toners before leaving them so that the color looks natural without any undesirable shade. Professional stylists usually refer to the toners as a gloss or a glaze.

You should buy a toner to apply when there is no time to get help from the hairstylists. Since, with time, the toners get washed away, you should have a toner at all times. Toners are best used to balance and neutralize the color for a natural look.

Toner Counteracts The Ammonia In Hair Dye

Hair dye contains ammonia, which swells the hair follicle and makes the shade permeate. Thus, each hair strand can easily absorb the color. Hair dyes don’t get washed away. Your hair has to grow to get rid of the color. Hence, hair dyes are popularly used to get the desired color. Some people don’t like the unnatural tones which they get after using hair dye.

You can use hair toner to counteract the ammonia and get rid of the undesirable tones. The ammonia, present in hair dyes, emphasizes all the orange pigments in the hair. Thus, hair dyes can make brown hair brassy and orange. People commonly use toner to minimize red, orange, and yellow undertones in brown hair.

Toner Helps Moisturize Your Hair

Most people, who wonder what does toner do to brown hair, will be amazed to know that toners can nourish the hair and improve its quality. When someone dyes their hair, it turns dry and brittle.

Since dry hair can absorb moisture more easily than normal hair, you should avoid dyeing dry hair. It can cause severe damage to hair strands. You should apply toner to moisturize the strands and neutralize the undesired shades.

Toner Corrects Color Changes From The Sun

We are aware that UV rays damage our hair. Some people might like the highlights it adds. The sun adds lovely highlights to the brunettes, particularly if their hair hasn’t been bleached.

Brunettes, who have dyed their hair, might find orange and red undertones due to the UV rays. Their hair can become brassy after getting sun exposure. You should use a hair toner to blend the rest of the color with brassy locks and make it appear natural.

Ash Toner Changes Color Quality

Although hair toners can’t be used to change the color completely, you can make a dramatic difference. You should use an ash toner for brown hair to improve the shade quality.

If you choose the right toner for brown hair, then the hair can turn pastel or neutral without making it blonde. You need to apply ash toner to neutralize all the warm undertones. Thus, you will get stylish ash-colored hair. After finding out what does toner do to brown hair, you need to buy the right product.

How To Choose A Toner For Brown Hair?

You are now aware of the benefits of using hair toner. Let’s discuss how to pick the right toner for brown hair.

Start With Your Stylist

A hairstylist most probably understands your hair needs better than anyone else. You surely trust the stylist who cuts and dyes the hair. In the same way, show trust when they recommend toner based on your hair color. They have a good idea about the toners and the results toner provides. Certain toners are made to enhance particular colors, and some toners are not created for your hair.

Even if you are looking to apply ash toner, first take some advice from the stylist to find out his opinion. If you have a certain shade of brown, you need to use a professional to get the desired color. Moreover, some shades of brown have to become light before applying a toner.  

What Toner Should You Get For Dark Brown Hair?

People with dark brown hair usually complain about brassiness. You should use a toner created for dark hair, like purple or blue shampoo. If you want to get rid of orange undertones or red highlights, use green shampoo twice every month.

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We hope you now understand what does toner do to brown hair. You should take recommendations from the hairstylist before using any toner. The toner is not created to change the color completely. Only use a toner after coloring your hair since it won’t make any difference to natural hair.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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