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List of 5 Famous Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam

List of 5 Famous Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam

Fashion Blog Sat Jun 13 2020

Vietnamese hair was searched for so much these time lately. Vietnamese hair was well-known by its beautifully amazing texture and it is very interesting to know more about the top 4 famous brands of hair suppliers in Vietnam. To save your time and money, not to buy wrong products that has the low quality of hair or took a lot of time to find a company that sell good products for you, we will show you some here in this topic!

Overview about Vietnamese hair vendors.

The origin of Vietnamese hair vendors is from women who live in the countryside with many lengths. Some hair vendors import hair from other suppliers who have cheaper hair. In general, most vendors use Vietnamese donor hair and virgin hair.

Characteristics of their hair are very special. Most Vietnamese hair vendors sell real Vietnamese human hair, so the hair extensions are very beautiful. They are smooth, strong, and healthy. You will have natural-looking hair with their material.

Why should you choose Vietnamese hair vendors?

Vietnamese hair vendors have a lot of experience in the hair industry. Many hair vendors supply hair more than 10 years, such as MIC hair and K hair. Moreover, They are known for their hair quality.

The price of Vietnamese hair is very affordable. There are many types of hair with various colors, length, and texture. You can buy hair with many prices depending on the quality of it. Business buyers are always highly recommended.

Moreover, you will love their quality. Their hair is very smooth and suitable for you to make wigs or directly wear on. Millions of women use real Vietnamese human hair everydays because of its beauty and comfort.

How to buy hair from Vietnamese hair vendors.

Step 1: Find reliable Vietnamese hair vendors.

There are many hair vendors in Vietnam. Your duty is to find reliable vendors with guarantees and customer services. 

Step 2: Compare the price and quality.

Compare the price and quality to ensure that you are purchasing with the best hair vendor. Some vendors offer high-quality hair at higher prices and others offer lower quality at a more affordable price. You have to choose depending on your needs.

Step 3: Notice the shipping and payment method. 

In some countries, global shipping agents do not supply their services. Therefore, hair vendors can not deliver their hair to you. And they do not allow to pay through some special methods.

Step 4: Place a small order.

You should place a small order first to check their quality. The recommended MOQ is 500g-3kg.

Top 5 Vietnamese hair vendors.

Michair Company

MICVIET Investment Company Limited is the first company which export and selling hair extensions worldwide. Starting out in …, Michair become one of the top companies of Vietnam which specializes in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair and human hair of Asian human with many countries in the world. They gained lots of experience over the past years with hair business and research. The company can understand the demands and expectations of our customers all too well.

During the 10 years of operating, the company always tries the best to bring absolute satisfaction for the clients. They had already built a brand name for themselves and a solid position in the international market with major partners from many countries such as Germany, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil and so on…

Last but not least, the prices of our products are very suitable and have fairly high competition with other companies.

Their products have a wide range of colors and sizes. The texture is always at its high quality and hair can blend very well with women. The shipping time and delivery methods are very simple and fast:

Choose product - Send an inquiry - Confirm all - details by Whatsapp - Email or Skype - Payment received and finally, delivery. Come to see so many other products at Michair. 

 Beequeenhair Company

Beequeenhair focuses its own business on supplying natural hair to the domestic and international markets. Beequeenhair supplies hair with different colors, lengths, thickness, and textures. In particular, the company specializes in supplying wholesale weft and bulk hair extensions hair. Customers can choose weft hair, bulk hair, tips hair, tape hair and clip-in hair extensions with the length from 6 to 32 inches. Furthermore, Beequeenhair also supplies a variety of other hair products like ponytails, hair closure, and wigs.

Aspiring to become one of the biggest hair extension suppliers in the world, they aim to bring the best products to all the countries. Beequeenhair has a goal to become a multinational corporation which possesses a valuable brand. Moreover, they establish branches in many countries so customers can purchase their hair extensions more easily. The hair use is 100% remy hair with the highest quality. They use Vietnamese women’s hair which is extremely soft and smooth.

 Lewigs Hair Company

Another name to mention in the list of best weave brands is Lewigs. Different from other vendors that sell mostly hair extensions, Lewigs provides the solution to hair loss problems in both men and women. Simply speaking, their main products are human hair toupee, hair topper, and wig. While the products of other human hair weave brands in Vietnam are for women, the ones in Lewigs serve both of them. They work hard to offer the perfect hairpieces to people who are suffering from hair shedding and baldness. They have a firm foundation in the field of hair loss, thus understanding well how to help people cover their shortcomings. Lewigs have top-notch men’s toupee, which other Vietnamese hair companies fail to supply.

And importantly, their hair replacement systems are custom-made up to client’s sizes and requests. They do have in-stock items made of the regular sizes, yet it is still preferable to contact them directly for a customized hairpiece.

Of course, wigs are available to shop at Lewigs. You can search for their pre-made human hair wigs, or buy lace fronts, closures with good human hair weave to make the wigs yourself. Last but not least, in case you want to order hair extensions, you can feel free to request them. Their staff is experienced in making extensions, so rest assured about the quality.

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Apohair Company

APO Import Export Joint Stock Company, established on 2011, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam operating in the field of exporting hair to the international market. They are constantly enhancing our vision and mission to develop more and become the leading hair exporter in the worldwide hair market. They always do business with slogan: “Reputation is more valuable than gold”, in which we improve our products quality continuously to keep in customer’s faith.

The expansion in the scale of our factory is a solid foundation for us to produce lots of hair products which are various in designs, styles, sizes and colors. More than 250 workers, with their skillful hands, are always working hard to make the best hair products with the best quality. The expansion in the scale of our factory is a solid foundation for them to produce lots of hair products which are various in designs, styles, sizes and colors.

 McSara Company

MCSARA, one of the Vietnam leading companies which exports various types of Vietnamese hair to foreign customers all over world. They started their business since 2014. Since then, they have been growing to be the leading company which supplies Vietnam remy hair products. From a company which works with mostly European customers, they now have clients in all over the world, especially in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and so on.

The products are given in detail as: 100% Human Hair, no being soaked in chemical, no dyed. They have various types for customers to choose: straight, curly, wavy, etc. with different levels of colors. The hair is unprocessed, without nits, lice and insects. Length of McSara hair is from 6 inches to 32 inches.

 Today, the hair market is increasingly vibrant. Many hair businesses have been established. However, with the noble mission of providing the most beautiful and most affordable products to consumers, every brands of making hair products in Vietnam always had its outstanding position in the customer's heart.

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