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All About Human Hair Weave - Which Is The Best Type Suited For You?

All About Human Hair Weave - Which Is The Best Type Suited For You?

Fashion Blog Fri Nov 13 2020

The hair care industry is taken by a storm called Human Hair Weaves. Wondering what they are? Well, a weave is a collection of hair stands used by the hairstylists to attach it against the customer’s hair along with the horizontal cornrows. People often buy or collect human hair and sew them into a weave or wig to attach it to the natural hair to add volume. The human hair weaves are attached by either clipping, gluing, or sewing them into the natural hair as an extension to provide volume, texture, and length to the overall hair. Generally, this gives users an attractive desired look without causing any damage to the hair. In this article, let’s discuss the types of Weave hair and the best human hair weave.

Types of Human Hair Weaves

We are going to concentrate on the top 6 human hair weaves.

1 - Vietnamese Hair Weave

The healthy, long, and thick hair collected from women in Vietnam makes up the Vietnamese Hair Weave. The reason for being so popular is the shine, texture, and health of the hair. The hair is very silky and soft and is often compared with Brazilian hair. The hair is mostly raw, virgin, and black, which is of the highest quality hair for weaving. It’s often referred to as the best human hair for sew in weave.

Vietnamese women have a very healthy lifestyle and use natural ingredients for hair washing, which stimulates healthy follicles for growth. The hair is mostly a little wavy or straight. They do not seem to use harsh chemicals or blow-dry, which gives the hair luster, elasticity, and strength.

2 - Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Brazilian is one of the best kind of hair texture, most popular amongst African American women. It is thick, naturally shiny and luxurious, and hands-down fabulous. As the name suggests, it originates in Brazil, and it is trendy worldwide due to its soft, thick texture and durability. 

As they are naturally dense and lustrous, you will need only a few strands to create a complete look. This hair can retain the style - curly or straight very well. They do not get entangled easily. Although it comes in a natural dark shade, you can bleach and color it as per your choice. Just weighing 95-105 grams, the Brazilian human hair can last up to 12 months, depending on the kind of use and maintenance. 

3 - Peruvian Human Hair Weave

As the name suggests, this human hair originates from Peru and is considered one of the sought after hair due to its multi-purpose appearance. This weaving is an excellent choice for African American women as it blends perfectly even though it has a medium-coarse texture and a relaxed, natural look and feel. 

It looks thick but is very light-weight, luxurious, and bouncy, giving you a free-flowing look. It has the best of both Brazilian and Indian hair texture, making it a more popular choice. Due to its thick texture, just a few strands can add fantastic volume to your hair. It naturally comes in dark brown, black, and light brown shades. But going by its versatility and multi-purpose texture, you can dye and bleach and style it as per your choice. 

4 - Malaysian Human Hair Weave

Hair for this weave comes from South-East Asia, precisely Malaysia. The hair is soft, thick, and airy and is an excellent choice for women with silky and fine hair texture. They are easy to manage and have a natural shine and luster to the hair. They are thicker, heavier, softer than Indian hair, and a few strands give you a complete look. 

The curly kind of Malaysian hair has a different texture and can easily hold up the curls for a long. This hair blends well with a more relaxed hair texture. It is also very economical due to its low maintenance. It may lose the shine after a few washes, but the thickness still prevails. It is available in black and brown. 

5 - Indian Human Hair Weave

The thickest of the lot is the Indian hair as it comes in a very natural texture, suitable for every woman worldwide. Indian hair is one of the best human hair weaves if you look for a versatile and flexible hair type for styling. It is mostly silky and coarse in texture and has a natural luster. 

The hair can be manipulated easily to give a wavy, curly, or straight look. People are fond of their bright colors. Native to India, this hair type is most common and readily available. They are naturally dense and has a bouncy feel. They are hands down one of the best long-lasting hair extensions. 

6 - Eurasian Human Hair Weave

Eurasian Hair comes from a mix of Asian and European origin. This kind of hair, although very rarely found, is thick, smooth, and best suited for fine relaxed hair. It has a natural luster and suits most African American hair types. 

Advantages of Weaving Hair

There are numerous advantages of weaved hair or hair extensions-

  • - This hair needs very little or maintenance.
  • - They are highly versatile and economical
  • - Weaved hair has a relatively long shelf life 
  • - They give away a very natural yet luxurious look and feel.
  • - They are easy to install by just cornrowing and pasting the extensions.
  • - As you do not need to apply heat or chemicals on your natural hair, protect your natural hair from abuse.
  • - They blend quite well with the natural texture and also gives enough scope for experimentation.

What Is The Difference Between Raw Hair And Virgin Hair?

Raw hair, as the name suggests, is entirely natural and not heat or chemically treated hair, coming from a single donor. It is 100% natural human hair. Generally, this is the purest form of hair extension available in the market. It will easily last you for years, and the quality is beyond comparison.

Virgin hair is not chemically treated, which implies that it is not treated with dye, color, bleach, or is relaxed. They are more readily available and wanted than raw hair.  

Similarities And Difference Between Vietnamese And Brazilian Hair

Vietnamese hair is one of the best quality hair native to Vietnam. The kind of diet and hair care that Vietnamese women practice reflects in the high-quality hair strands. It is a common practice amongst Vietnamese women to grow the hair long. The hair is silky, shiny, raw, and unprocessed like Brazilian hair. Brazilian hair is cheaper and thicker than Vietnamese hair But not as diverse in length as Vietnamese hair. So both types are one of the best human hair for sew in weave. 

Vietnamese hair is very rarely found due to its thick raw texture, but it can hold up all kinds of hairstyles. The hair is mostly healthy and durable, lasting up to 10-12 months. You can find thin Vietnamese hair, but that is rare. 


To simplify, one of the best human hair for sew in weave is the Vietnamese hair, due to its versatile and rich qualities. No matter which kind of hair extension you choose, you need to take good care of the hair to last long. Try and entangle the extensions gently, and never sleep with the wet hair on. You can condition it regularly to retain its natural texture and shine.

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